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  • Servants of the Great Green Gods! Toestompa and his rowdy mob of undesirable hooligans are back, to bring fungal justice to the Sylvan Elves and the nature spirits! You can read the battle report here:

    Welcome to the forest of doom! Orc & Goblins vs Sylvan Elves 2500pts

    (ive done it this way as i can separate the batrep across three posts and show loads more pictures! Good idea me!)



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  • Hi Guys,

    I am back with a battle report – actually 3 shorter battle reports and some info on the event in general: The tournament was held in Wargames workshop in Milton Keynes which had space for 7 tables (just about) but was nice and clean and airy. We had 14 players exactly with a couple of late additions and everyone arrived on time to begin the first game just after 9am.

    I was rocking what I considered to be a reasonable, but not completely filthy monster mash list, it didn’t feature a block of feral orc Eadbashers and two of the monsters were giants, so c’mon! its not as bad as it gets, but I did feel it had a nice shooting phase – the way I had managed this was by playing very low magic. Only 2 level 1 goblin mages with evil eye and a fireball ring. Here is my list once more:

    Lords & Heroes

    Orc Warlord - 120, Iron orc – 20, Wyvern – 120, Plate 20, Dragon scale helm – 10, shield - 5, Sprout of Rebirth - 50, Blessed sword – 20, potion of swiftness – 5 – 370

    Goblin chief – 35, Huntsman spider – 25, poison attacks – 5, Armour of Fortune – 25, shield – free, Hero’s sword - 20, Dragonfire gem – 5 - 115

    Goblin Chief, Forest Goblin, BSB, Mithril Mail, Poisoned attacks, Courage banner, shield – 95

    Goblin Shaman, Cave Goblin, level 1, dispel scroll - 95

    Goblin Shaman, Cave Goblin, level 1, ruby ring - 85


    20 x Common Orc crossbows, Standard – 180

    20 x Cave Goblins with short bows, Standard, Musician, 2 x Mad gits – 140

    48 x Cave Goblins - 138, Veteran Standard (War Banner) - 25, Musician - 10, Champ - 10, Shields - 48, 3 Mad gits – 90 – 321


    Giant - 140

    Giant - 140

    5 x Gnasher Dashers – 60

    Greenhide Catapult – Git Launcher – 90

    Greenhide Catapult – Git Launcher – 90

    Greenhide Catapult – Splatterer – 90


    Gargantula – Web launcher - 255

    Gargantula – 225

    There was a random draw done a week before the event, and although there were some people from the same team, no switches were necessary. The event featured a good mix of different armies but it seemed to be a bit like noah’s ark, with armies appearing two by two.

    • 2 beast herds
    • 2 dwarf holds
    • 2 orcs and goblins
    • 2 highborn elves
    • 2 saurian ancients
    • 1 warrior of the dark gods
    • 1 Undying dynasties
    GAME ONE was vs Tony Hayle’s undying legions. I had played Tony before on occasions at other tournaments, and I believe I was well up after destroying his Empire with an old 8th edition Mangler going right through his empire knights bus and causing utter carnage.

    Unfortunately, the Pharoah and his construct heavy army were to prove a very difficult challenge, especially so as he had such magical dominance. I have found the Undying legions to be a really tough match up for me in general but especially so with loads of high strength attack monstrous infantry to destroy my monsters. Tony’s list in brief:

    • A stone shaper general
    • A hierophant on path of sands
    • Another wizard on path of sands
    • Another wizard on lore of death
    • Six Shabti in core with paired weapons
    • Six Shabti in special with paired weapons
    • 3 chariots
    • 3 chariots
    • 2 bunkers of skeleton archers for his nefarious wizards to hide in
    • 4 winged reapers with paired weapons
    • An ambushing scorpion
    • An Ambushing unit of 3 stalkers
    • A dread sphynx
    All games were battle line, but each had a different secondary objective, this one was hold the ground where the most standards near the centre could claim an extra 3 TP (we were playing the event under rules set 99.2 even though 99.4 had come out the night before).

    I deployed everything first, with a mind to getting first turn and shooting something off with my artillery, xbows and 3 magic missiles before Tony could raise them back. That was the plan. Tony deployed in the distant corner and played the longer game, this had the effect of making the battle spin on the axis of the centre point. It was a good plan as he was waiting for his ambushers to appear and cause havoc in my back lines. I kept my gnasher dashers back to try and be guards while I pushed everything else up.

    We joined combat around turn 2 or 3, and his ambushers had arrived by then. The stalkers using their laser eyes to take my git launchers off, his scorpion eating crew and any goblin that got in range.

    Meanwhile on my front lines I pushed aggressively and Tony fed me his chariots, so that he could then counter charge in the following turn with his Winged Reapers and Shabti. He used his generals regen ability carefully to buff whatever construct unit was under the most threat and this plus his magical dominance worked really well. I was losing monsters and he had lost only 2 small units of chariots. In the baggage train my softer units were getting mauled, and only finally did the gnasher dashers get a charge off on the stalkers to kill them, but it was too little and too late. The game would have been closer I think when at about turn 4, I had an 8 inch charge to get my warboss riding a wyvern in on his bunker that had 2 wizards and his general in it. I rolled 7 on 3 dice. Failed the… [Read More]
  • Hello everyone! I am back with another of my infrequent series of battle reports. This week Toestompa leads his green tide against a worthy and powerful foe, another Greenskin warboss had arrived to challenge for dominance. With a growl and swinging his battle axe above his head, he fell back on deep movie knowledge to give a suitable highlander quote "There can be only one!"

    you can find the battle report here in the battle report section:

    There can be only one.. (Orc warboss)

    I hope you enjoy! Feedback welcomed.

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