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  • In the last article I reviewed Shieldlord (with crossbow) which I received as an award at my local tournament.

    Now is the time for the second part of the review: MOM Miniatures Kankros Devoramundos

    First of all let me tell you a little story about MOM and how they got instantly popular in our (Croatia) community.
    So last year buddy that is organising a local tournament decided to contact "3rd party companies" that are little known in our community but that were doing a lot to promote 9th Age project and our hobby in general. MOM also accepted our offer and they weren't just "one of the sponsor" , MOM was the sponsor. It is enough to say that after the tournament there was a really huge part of our community that started buying from MOM.

    But I didn't. I simply didn't like what I saw on the picture and wasn't that super excited like everyone else. But eventually I "bit my tongue".

    Kankros Devoramundos is really really great monster. Game-wise I am planning to use him as a Bloodbeast or Vortex Fiend for my Warriors of the Dark Gods army. Looking forward to painting him and playing it aswell!

    But enough whit sh*t talk, let's talk review!

    So the product came, of course, in plastic bag... BUT it's super HEAVY! And I am talking heavy as you could actually cause some serious injuries with that thing! :D
    (Even though the product description states it's "only" 0,26 kg heavy , it is a lot more then that)

    First thing I notice after opening the bag is that some stuff isn't casted in the same resin.

    For example body parts, right hand and left horn are casted in black resin which is the more quality one.

    After that I see one major mistake , the body parts doesn't seem to fit.
    Notice the HUUUUGE gape in beetween!

    That's a shame...

    But here are the rest of the parts:

    Upper body part

    The "portal" + tail

    Left hand and horns...

    All in all I am really pleased with the model and it certainly looks great. But there will be a lot of pinning and also I am slightly concerned over that gap in the middle... [Read More]
  • Hello everyone!

    As I said in my latest article I wouldn't be writing here for a while because of my University obligations and a lot of stuff I had to do hobby-wise.

    So I said I was preparing my UD army for Novi Sad and my Ogre Khans army for Allied tournament in Samobor.

    Unfortunately I didn't go to Novi Sad because there was last-minute stuff I had to do...

    So I painted Sand Scorpion (metal) model and started to do a Sphinx too.

    Here are some of the pics:

    I was enjoying painting those minis and I really like UD. But unfortunately , due to lack of spare time I will probably have to sell them since I have 2 more armies (WoDG and OK) waiting for their paintjob aswell...

    So later on I had to paint 25 Ogre Khan models in less then a week. Now I do now that doesn't sound so awfull but for the person who literally HATES painting and it is not very good at it... It was drama.
    Everything was going smooth first few days.
    I've painted 10x Ogre Tribesmen and I said to myself "Oh God, this is going great, I will finally have all miniatures painted on the tournament" (before that, I had to borrow minis or just spray paint them in 3 colours the night before...). And I was super excited! So this is what I have done 4 days before deadline:

    And after that, I had to paint 7 Bombardiers and Great Khan and Khan (BSB).

    2 days befor the tournament I've painted this so far:

    And then.... I don't know what happened. But the last day I had some jobe I had to do and I was finished by the afternoon. And I was painting from 10 pm until 4 am... And my friend was picking me up in 8 am! So it was crazy.... But I didn't make it. I didn't paint them and base them as I wished and hoped I would do. But I will do it for the next event in a few months , since I don't have a lot of job with them :D

    So the tournament itself;
    It was (as I said earliear) allies tournament. So you and your "partner" have 3000 points each to make your army lists. Characters cannot enter the partner unit even if they're are the same army but there was full Ld range from generals (each player has to have one in its army) and BSB's and you could buff your partner's units with magic spells. It is played on 1 table , 2vs2. Super interesting event since it's only one in this region and the hosts are great! €0 fee entry + free drinks and food + loads of awards for everyone. Does it get any better?
    Me and mate went with WoDG and OK allied armies and finished 3rd. This is the lists we had:


    @Great Khan General Heart Ripper Yeti Furs Sprout of Rebirth Spinsplitter
    @Khan BSB Great Weapon Iron Fist Ogre Crossbow Dragonscale Helm Talisman of Shielding Skull of Qenghet Hoardmaster
    @10x Tribesman Full Command Iron Fist Banner of Speed
    @6x Bombardiers
    @5x Bombardiers
    @Frost Mammoth

    @Daemon Prince of Pestilence General Dragon Mantle
    @20x Warriors of Wrath Full Command Paired Weapons
    @24x Chosen of Wrath Full Command Paired Weapons Rending Banner
    @Wasteland Chariot
    @Wasteland Chariot
    @Hellscream Cannon

    Since I don't rember it much now (well not the details) I will just write our opponents armies and result we did against them.
    1. vs. Daemon Legions/WoDG 0:20 (tabled...)
    2. vs. Vermin Swarm/Dread Elves 16:4
    3. vs. Orcs and Goblins/Orcs and Goblins 20:0
    4. vs. Saurian Ancients/Highborn Elves 13:7

    As I said, very interesting and "different" event and it was pleasure playing it!

    So for the award I received Shieldlord with Crossbow from @Shieldwolf Miniatures

    The mini itself looks stunning! Great mini and I absolutely love it. But the problem is with the cast, it turned out slightly bad (chunks of resin on the croosbow, thin resin on the cloak + bend sword). But besides that, it is great. It made me thinking of buying box of Shieldmaiden and making a unit of Shieldmaiden / Barbarians for my WoDG army.

    So , that's that for now. Hope you enjoyed reading this.

    Will talk to you again soon, probably in a week or two. I will come back with the news for 9th Age BR project I will do.

    Cheers :beer: [Read More]
  • So after 10 days here comes the #3 article from Grumpy guy! :sleeping: :thumbup:

    First of all I want to wish Happy Easter and happy holidays to all of you.

    As far as me and my hobbying, I played some games, painted some stuff... Did enough for the time being. :D

    Even though I am painting WoDG, I am actually preparing my Undying Dynasties army for tournaments in Novi Sad(serbia) and Samobor(Croatia).

    The list I am training with and the games I play against my buddies(and their lists) you can find here: Grumpy guy's skeletons

    So, firstly I did some painting on my Annointed Mark of Wrath BSB

    That is the last thing from WoDG I am gonna do in a while now.

    Afther that I started preparing some bases for my UD army so I can paint and finish stuff I have.

    And with some paint on:

    I have quite few stuff to paint for my list(Pharaoh, Architect, Harbinger, 40x Skeletons, 20x Archers, 6x Shabti, Sphinx... Well the whole list.). But instead I decided to paint Colossus, because why not.

    Cute looking fella. Took me about 3 hours to paint it.
    After that I started painting Sphinx,Shabti's and Archers... I probably won't write any articles in about 10 to 14 days until I finish stuff I wrote about.
    That's it for now, hope you like it.

    Talk to you soon, cheers :sand: :UD: :drunk: [Read More]
  • After breaking the ice in my "pilot" article here is another one from Grumpy Guy :D

    So after I painted EDC and Hellscream Cannon and told you some stuff about me and my buddy today I'm speaking few words about our YT channel and BR we're going to do. And also I'm posting some pictures of stuff I painted in the last few days.


    So this is a channel my friend initally started as his own for Warhammer 40,000 battlereports and to present to community the stuff he painted. After a shortwile I decided to start recording 9th Age battlereports and was thinking of starting my own channel. So we decided that wouldn't be such a good idea because there is more chance we will get more subscribers and views as one channel so we decided to go in this long-term project together.

    I've just checked the channel and there are no 9th Age BR, why is that?

    Simply because I am busy and lazy bastard. We want our channel to have some standards like playing on nice battlefield with nice terrains, table and most important with armies painted. The last one I don't yet have. I can't say when can you expect the 9th Age BR's. I simply plan to finish my UD army (4500 points atleast) and start going on tournaments in my region. Plan is to go to I. T9A ETC Bootcamp Team Austria(Wien) with painted UD army so I could say I'm planning to start battlereports somewhere at the start of May.
    After I do my "pilot" episode I will do a pool here on my blog so everyone can suggest me what to improve and so on. Also plan is to publish one episode every week, for now.

    That is all for that matter now to switch of to models I painted.

    Chimera :WDG:

    Wasteland Steed Chariot (old metal model) :WDG:

    There are few more things I have to do before I can tell the model is finished (base for Chimera, base for Chariot, pinn the crewman, etc..)
    Simple but effective(I think).

    Hope you enjoyed #2 of Grumpy Guy blog, talk to you again next week with finished Colossus for UD and some really nice bases for UD. :UD: :sand:
    :charge: :drunk: [Read More]
  • Hello to everyone this is my first blog article on 9th Age page.

    So who am I and what do I do?

    Fellow hobist doing various hobby stuff.

    Firstly, I am currenlty in project of finishing two armies; Warriors of the Dark Gods and Undying Dynasties.
    So I will post pictures of stuff I finish and paint.
    Planning to post stuff every 2 or 3 days, depends on the spare time I have and the things I get done.

    Plan is to finish Undying Dynasties by the end of April so I can start recording 9th Age BR's and attend most tournaments as possible.

    Here and there I will also post stuff that my friend does as he is Pro-painter and his miniatures and stuff he do is simply amazing.

    Also, I will post the stuff we do for our local gaming club ( like terrains, scenic stuff or finishing some army or maybe organizing some 9th Age event.

    In my "pilot" post I will post few pictures of what I painted last few weeks for my Warriors of the Dark Gods army, before switching to Undying Dynasties.

    Elder Dragon Centaur - EDC

    Hellscream Cannon

    I would say I'm not much of a painter but I'm getting better with every miniature :D
    So here it is, the first post to "break the ice".

    Talk to you soon, in few days to be precise. With more WoDG models and bunch of other stuff coming, so stay tuned! [Read More]