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  • BACK TO TABLETOP BABY!!! Been a while since we posted up on the blog, but what a way to start - we revisit a recent video that started the trend back to real life battles!

    Well, well, well! Our week of dedication to the Hobgoblins continues with a battle using the new book! Not only that though folks, it's a REAL LIFE BATTLE! So excited to bring you this, as the folks from PTG do battle across a table once again. There will be dice rolling...

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  • Hi guys some really exciting news as a channel that we want to share with you, which will be bringing you lovely people some AMAZING hobby content in the very near future!!!

    Please leave comments, and the usual like/share/subscribe to keep up to date with all of our videos and hobby content. Make sure you hit that notification button too so you get every video coming as i have a feeling your gonna wanna see this stuff! Also, Twitter/Facebook/Instagram links are now available so check us out!!! [Read More]
  • Here we go!

    Let's take a sneak preview of the Infernal Dwarves Book released imminently! Some would say the ID team are on FIRE with this one!!! ;)

    Get comfy and settle in as we take a look at the best and worst of the ID book in all it's fire and glory. Enjoy!

    This is the first of a 3 part series with an ID focus. This one looks at the book in detail, while the next one will look specifically at some example army lists - AND THEN WE FIGHT!!! We will end with a livestream "Battle & Beer" session at some point next week putting 2 lists against each other in an all out blazing battle royale! See you there... [Read More]
  • We are releasing battles left, right and centre - and rightfully so as we have a HUGE backlog to get through before getting truly up to date. So lets gets straight into round number 2 for both of us shall we...

    I get paired up against my own club-mate and player who i managed to 20 in our last meeting with these exact armies, while Hyper-G is matched up in an all Greenskins tie for a possible early indicator to see who has the best chance in Best of Race. Two completely different, yet exciting battles for their own reasons. Could Tony get redemption against me and could Hyper-G stamp down his authority on another Orc general? Too many questions, such little time... well actually the videos are available to be watched in your own time at your own pace but you get the picture!!! GO!

    Highborn Elves vs Undying Dynasties

    Orcs & Goblins vs Orcs & Goblins

    P.S. we hope you are enjoying our delve into new graphics and (slightly) new set up for battle report viewing. Please comment to let us know if this is a positive change and what we can do in the future to improve your viewing experience. PTG is looking to increase the quality of our videos and we need your help!!!

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  • Hey guys!

    While we are fully on board the hype train for Bristol Art of War 3, there is still time to take a look back at the tourney's been and gone. And just before christmas, @PTG - Hyper-G and I were able to get away for the weekend for a fantastic 3,500 point tournament at Board in Brum. The mdeium sized tournament (30 players strong) boasted 6 games over the 2 days and a challenging 2hr game time for each round. Could not have enjoyed ourselves more, and with the videos coming out, thought it best to share with you guys our endeavors!

    But first here are our lists:

    Lucky Sixes Fire Elves

    Hyper-Gs Troll Fest

    And without further ado we go balls deep into round #1. I end up on a table 1 livestream with a grudge match against anti-fire warriors (D'oh), and Hyper-G takes on the dinosaurs - both in search of an early victory. Enjoy!

    HBE vs WDG

    OnG vs SA
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  • Hey guys! Its that time again where we go full blown into tournament mode as we help to support Bristol Ninjas in the way we do best - talk utter rubbish! But for those that are interested here is a quick sneaky peek at the lists. Enjoy yourselves - but not too much as we have plenty more list/draw content to come...

    Also, don't forget about our TTS competition that runs out on Valentines Day! For more information see HERE [Read More]
  • Hi guys, it's that time of year again where we review our previous 12 months and looks ahead at what could be in store for us in 2020. Lots to discuss and go through, with even more exciting news - and maybe some surprises - awaiting us in the new year. After a pretty successful 2019, we cant thank you guys enough for your continuous support, comments, likes, shares, etc. You guys are so great! It means so much to us and really motivates us to carry on doing what we are doing and delivering the nerdy content that we do! THANK YOU! :love:

    2019 Review / 2020 Preview


    However, what we can do is try and repay the favour by offering up a competition to get stuck into - mentioned in the video - and reward you lucky guys with a lifetime subscription to Table Top Simulator (TTS) so you can take your geeky interests to the next level! We have teamed up with TTS and "Veil of the Ages" to offer you the chance to get involved with their free T9A video game, coming out in March, to play with all your beautiful models online as well as in the real world! Crazy right!

    For those of you that don't know TTS you can read all about what it offers and how it can improve your gaming/hobbying world HERE. In a nutshell, it offers you a chance to find players online for more traditional games (I.E. boardgames), while also being a sandbox for players to create their own functions and games (D&D anybody???). Furthermore, it has become a revolutionary access point to more forward thinking games, such as @piteglios Veil of the Ages arena.

    We are offering several ways to enter the competition via Youtube, Twitter and the forum itself - SO GET INVOLVED PEEPS! Here's how you can enter:
    • YouTube - Simply add a comment on any of our YouTube videos (including the 2019 review) with the abbreviation "[TTS]" beforehand. That will automatically enter you into the pot & we will draw one lucky person out at random & get in touch with you to sort out the deets.
    • Twitter - I have tweeted about the competition HERE. Simply like and re-tweet the post to be automatically entered into the draw. Again we will pick one name out at random and get in touch with you through those channels.
    • Forum - Now here's the cheeky one! All you have to do is shout about us and spread the love of PTG on the forum - and tag either me or @PTG - Hyper-G in the same post where you mention PTG or our channel (or just about how lovely and funny we are :D ). We will get the notification automatically in our Notifications tab and that automatically enters you into the draw, for which (once again) we will pick someone out at random and get in touch with you to sort out getting you that wonderful lifetime subscription
    Now, there is no restriction on how many times you enter and you can enter on all three mediums to triple your odds of getting this wonderful prize... so what the hell are you waiting for folks, get cracking! And just to show you how much this competition is about the love we have for you & your support, the deadline for the competition is Friday 14th February - yep you guessed it, valentines day!!! Oh we do spoil you...

    WARNING - You will need a STEAM account to access TTS. However, this is free & easy to obtain and we can talk you through it if you don't already have one, so don't let this stop you from joining in the fun with all of us! 2020 is gonna be a good year...

    And here is some pictures of what you could be gaining access to with the TTS prize!!!

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  • Hey guys! Long time since I have updated the ol' blog so thought i'd come back in style!!! We have finished all the bat reps for all 5 rounds and so, without further ado, I present to you all 5 battle in one crazy MEGA blog post! Had a fantastic time all weekend and it was really well ran. Also, only went and got "best painted single model" for my general too (Picture below). Very happy with that and pretty pleased with the overall results, but i wont spoil too much here. Get on and bloody watch the videos you cheeky SOBs!!!

    Game #1 vs Mark Borland (Warriors of the Dark Gods)

    Game #2 vs Warren Brewster (Saurian Ancients)

    Game #3 vs John Turner (Ogre Kingdoms)

    Game #4 vs Adam "Tanka" Jones (Warriors of the Dark Gods)

    Game #5 vs Luke Tranter (Beast Herds)

    If you are more inclined to written reports please see my thread detailing all the battles too:…ire-brotherhood/&pageNo=6

    Also, WATCH THIS SPACE! As there we will be holding a competition so if your new years spirits aren't already high, they may just well be soon... :thumbup: [Read More]
  • Hello all!

    It gives me great joy to pass on the information that the Avras campaign will continue on! Yippee! And to celebrate I thought i'd put all my battle reports detailing the "Journey to Avras" with Darius and his troops. This series of reports follows Darius and co, as they get prepared to go to save their beloved Queen. However, they have to overcome several challenges/obstacles on the way so the road is not as simple as they would have hoped...

    :popcorn: Enjoy! :popcorn: [Read More]