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  • North of the Equitainian fields, where the River Gewache meets the sea lies the Fritziklan islands. Once a dukedom of great power and influence, the walls were crushed and the castles sacked in the Seventh Age and ever since the islands have been inhabited by evil men turned away from the Lady towards the Dark Gods.

    Fearing the influence of these ungodly men, Baron de Celeste set forth to expel them from Vetia for good, assembling his force and sailing across the sea. What met him there was the incarnation of the Deamon prince him self taking on a real form for once.
    The list that Baron de Celeste brought across the sea:

    KoE: Baron de Celeste:

    WDG: The Deamon Prince and his lakeis (I can't remember all of this so this is approximate)

    Before the battle, even the Deamon Prince have the courtesy to ride out and meet his opponent. The deals negotiated were Frontline Clash and Hold the Ground.

    Both armies armies after arranging their units and moving their vanguard forward:

    The Warriors of the Dark gods shuffled uneasy forward. Even within their shiny, white and cursed armour they did not want to get charged by the mighty knights and paladins of the lady. Urged by their knightly commanders the Yemen moved bravely on, knowing that they would be sacrificed for the Baron to get in position, but nonetheless fearlessly pushed their horses in the face of their enemies. Atrophia draw first blood by picking out two Chosen and sending them to the afterworld.

    Unwanting to charge the Yeomen, the Crusher knight tried to restrain their beast but could not because of the frenzy they were in and ran the horses and men straight over:

    And seizing the opportunity the Baron took the Crusher knights from behind, killing two and letting the last one flee to tell the battlefield:

    It should be noted that the Baron might have been a bit lucky when the Crusher knights tried to hit him:

    The other flank however did not fare as well. The Grail Knights were bold and stupid and tried to charge the Fallen ones within range but they fled, causing them to shuffle just within charge range of the Chariot. The Deamon Prince just flew past everyone and aimed his horns pointedly at the Aspirants running around in the fields.

    And the Chariots and Grail Knights got charged as expected:

    And was broken and ran as expected:

    At this point the remaining knights and the Baron (with one wound left) turned against the other big block of infantry left on the table and ran full speed into them, crushing them on impact and forcing the few last one of them to flee. And seeing them run, the baron followed them and let Buckbeak have his dinner while the knights turned around to face the music:

    At this point (round 4) it would probably be better to focus on securing the objective, but fueled by the angers of their mistreated forefathers, the knights and the Baron decided to try and make a run for it, saving their unworthly allies, manning the now broken Atrophia:

    It ended with only Buckbeak and the Baron reaching him, while the knights stood back watching him run into the certain death. Then after a bit of shuffling this is what the battlefield looked like in the end:

    Losing the general in the last turn was not a very good idea, but a very fun one. The Deamon Prince won 17-3 but at least the Baron had some better tactical dispositions this time around.

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  • Here goes. Two newbie battle reports, KoE vs EoS. KoE was massacred in both.

    KoE: Baron de Celeste:


    The Massacre of Aschau

    The valiant knights of Equitaine moved deep into the Imperial territory to settle old debts. The Baron deployed bravely, but forgot his flanks:

    So the Reiters moved up on both flanks and had free shooting at everyone. In a desperate attempt to kill the Reiters threatening the Trebuchet, the Lady moved out of her protective knights.

    That didn't work and instead the Reiters came around and shot her. Devastated by their lady dying, the knights fled the table and the game was in practice over after round 2.

    The Slaughter of River Gewache

    Pursuing the Baron across the river towards safer lands, the Baron was able to gather enough troops and support to yet again make a stand.
    This time protecting his flank, he turtled in and made sure no Reiters would get around his flanks.

    The Aspirants were sent forward to tease the Knights of the Empire

    While the valiant Baron led the other flank towards the Reiters. This actually turned out to be a good combo against chaff like Reiters, because the Baron would just brush off a charge from the Reiters, while he can charge-fly out of the way on the next turn and leave the Aspirants to deal with the Reiters.

    The Knights moved forward towards the Steam Tank in an effort to tarpit it until help (the Baron with Dragon Lance) arrives, and the Knights of the Grail rolled a lucky charge towards the Flailmasters of the Empire and closed the gap.

    When the Imperial Knights charged, the Aspirants fled in an effort to escape. This is a bad idea if the gap is just 4 inches. I didn't really think this through. IN the background the Grail Knights have decimated the Flail Infantry, but due to Unbreakable they held with just one guy left, opening the flank for another set of idiots with flails.

    Life is hard for a Reiter riding in the mountains. Especially if you're not glued to your horse.

    The Flaildudes of course decimated and routed the last Knight of the Grail.

    And he ran straight of the table.

    And then the clustercombat started. The knights held the Steam Tank in position while the General charged in. This did not have the effect he was aiming for, as the Dragon Lance just glanced of the polished steel without even hitting. So they were all stuck in combat when reinforcement from the Empire arrived and took all the fun out of the fighting.

    The peasants in the back manned their machine till the bitter end, but these guys became a little too strong.

    The last two heroes fighting valiantly side by side.

    But in the end they could not bear seeing their friends mowed down by steel and gunpowder and left.

    The Baron managed to escape however and rumours are being whispered that he's already assembling a force to expel the fallen warriors worshipping the Dark Gods out of their small stronghold on the islands north of Vetia, where Gewache meets the sea.

    Originally posted over here: MrMossevig's newbie KoE blog [Read More]
  • After three months now of noobing around as an up-n-coming wargamer I've been defeated time and again by the models and my equipment. I've documented it all over on MrMossevig's newbie KoE blog, but as a warning to other starting players I thought I'd share the most basic and stupid learnings I've gathered so far.

    I only got as far as 9, so please fill in the last one if you got some:)

    1) Always shake your wash/ink bottles properly. The anti-shine medium sits at the bottom of the pot and your wash will shine if you don't do this.

    2) Use proper tools for working with miniatures:

    3) F**k yellow:

    4) Always open wash bottles with both hands. Unless you want your floor to look like this:

    5) Aspirants on the charge can't do a post-combat reform and will put you into ugly situations:

    6) You can't use regular plastic glue on resin:

    7) Pencil care!
    7a) Clean the brushes properly.
    7b) Don't use them to stir your paint or they will become ruined quite fast:

    8) Don't cut big metal pieces with cutters made for plastic:

    9) Don't touch the plastic models with glue on your hand:

    Or you'll have a solid 15 minutes of sanding in front of you to get it back into good condition:
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