Axel Vicious' Warriors at the UK GT Final - Game 2

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  • With the loss from Game 1 i was going to be up against someone else who lost and this time I was drawn against the Saurian Ancients, not an army I’m enamoured with, mostly due to their cold blooded making all leadership checks utterly pointless for them most of time. My opponents list:

    Cuatl Lord, General, Alchemy, Battle Standard Bearer, Unconquerable Will, Wisdom of the Ancients, Ring of Fire, Book of Arcane Power

    Firstborn Warlord, Raptor, Flesh Render, Amour of Destiny, Divine icon, Lucky Shield

    Firstborn Veteran, Raptor, Sword of Strength, Duskstone, Hardend Shield

    2x10 Saurian Warriors

    31 Skinks, 3 Caimen, Musician

    2x1 Spearbacks

    2x10 Skink Hunter, Vanguard, Blowpipes

    7 Skink Chameleons


    Taurosaur, Engine of the Gods

    So a couple of big monsters to tackle in the Taurosaurs and despite their points costing they are fantastic monsters. Similar stats to an Elder Dragon Centaur but less WS, Leadership 6 (but cold blooded so who cares) and one less attack and in exchange they get Impact Hits, Stubborn and a Skink crew to provide some stand and shoot reaction which is nothing to sniffed at. I know which monster I’d rather have.

    Nice to see some Caimens on the field, never fought them in ninth and it’s always good to see something different on the table. The Cuatl Lord is going to dominate the Magic Phase as he is adding +3 to cast and dispel and he also gets to reroll the first failed dispel attempts each phase. He also gets 5 spells and Alchemy is much more damaging to me than it is to the Saurian Ancients. It would be nice to get my Daemon Prince in to the big frog but I’m sure my opponent won’t let that happen.

    Apart from that it’s more of the same old Saurian Ancients, chaff, cheap scorers and the stupidly cheap Raptor Saurus characters which are always a pain to handle!

    So we roll for Deployment type and Secondary Objective and we I get the exact same as the last game, Frontline Clash and the Secondary Objective is Break-through. I have to try and stop the 2 blocks of Saurus to stand a chance of stopping my opponent from scoring but he won’t make it easy for me.

    For my spells I get Word of Iron, Molten Copper, Silver Spike and Glory of Gold. I drop Glory of Gold for Quicksilver Lash, a decision I would live to regret. The Cuatl Lord gets Quicksilver Lash, Word of Iron, Molten Copper, Silver Spike and Glory of Gold, so almost a mirror match spell wise.


    Display Spoiler

    As my opponent has a few more units of chaff than me I decide to drop my whole army before my opponent does and snatch the first turn. We end deployed as shown, I put my Sorcerer in the Barbarians to give him some protection from shooting:

    I vanguard the Warhounds towards the flank of the enemy lines hoping to make nuisance of myself and the Skink Hunters strung out on their own vanguard towards the rest of the army.

    Warriors 1

    Display Spoiler

    I move the army forward, quickly on the right, slower on the left as I don’t want any first turn charges against me. I have to run the Sorcerer out of the Barbarians so I can be in range for my spells. I’m aiming to get the Mauler Chariot facing the left hand side of the table to try and prevent the Saurus Warriors form sneaking down there.

    Straight to Magic and it’s a low roll of 5 giving my opponent 4 dispel dice. I start off throwing 3 dice at Quicksilver Lash on the Raptor Warlord but I get a double 6, My opponent still doesn’t want this going off so attempts to dispel it but even with the reroll fails. I fail to cause any wounds on the Raptor Warlord anyway and the miscast does no wounds to my Sorcerer, so a waste of time essentially. I then use the Ring of fire on the Skink Hunters on the right and kill 8 of them! The two remaining pass their panic test.

    Saurian Ancients 1

    Display Spoiler

    The Chameleons run down the flank ready to pepper the Horsemen with poisoned shots. The Skink Hunters run up to block my army for a turn and the rest of the army moves forward slowly.

    Onto Magic and the Cuatl gets 7 Power dice to my 6 Dispel dice. He starts off by casting Quicksilver Lash on the Daemon Prince and gets 16 on 3 dice! I have to let it through or else risk losing all my dispel dice. I’m lucky though and it’s a low roll and only inflicts one wound on the Daemon Prince. The Cuatl Lord follows it up with Molten Copper on the Daemon prince but I dispel it. Finally he uses his Ring of Fire but I dispel that too.

    The Chameleons open fire at the Horsemen and succeed in killing 2 of them. The Spearbacks then fire at the Horsemen too but fail to cause any wounds, phew!

    Warriors 2

    Display Spoiler

    In a rare moment of tactical genius a plan forms in my mind! The Daemon Prince declares a charge into the large unit of Skink Hunters, hoping they fail their Terror check, which they do as they out of the Leadership bubble of the general. I then redirect the Daemon Prince into the unit of 2 Skink who pass their Terror check. With the Skink Hunters fleeing the Crushers have a charge on the Taurosaur but the Skink Hunters are still in the way so I have to declare a charge onto the Skinks making them flee further, they now flee through the Saurus unit with the Cuatl Lord in and come out behing them. The Crushers have to take a redirect test which they pass, I then declare a charge into the Taurosaur which cannot flee this charge but does stand and shoot, causing no wounds. The Crushers complete the charge but take 2 wounds from Dangerous Terrain in the forest. If I can kill the Taurosaur without losing 2 Crusher Knights I can overrun into the Saurus block hiding the Cuatl Lord.

    The Horsemen charge the Chameleons and don’t suffer any wounds from the stand and shoot reaction. Even though there are only 3 of them they should be able to win this fight.

    The rest of the army swing round to close the distance with the enemy. For some reason I decided to move the Barbarians towards the enemy as well but I should have just run them into the deployment zone as far as they can go.

    In the magic phase I get 7 Power dice to 6 Dispel dice for the Saurians. I start off by casting Quicksilver Lash on 3 dice and yet again I roll double six miscasting the spell! I fail to wound the Raptor Warlord again and with the miscast I forget the spell but don’t take any wounds. After that I am unable to get any spells off as i have 3 dice left and my opponent has 6 dispel dice left.

    We go to combat and the Daemon prince promptly murders the 2 skinks but fails to get his wound back from Soul Reaper.

    The Crushers go barrelling into the Taurosaur and cause 4 wounds on the dinosaur. The Skinks get to attack back before the Crushers can. The Skinks sneak a wound through and I fail my 2+ Armour save, thus losing a Crusher Knight (grrr, lucky little buggers!) The 2 remaining Crushers are unable to cause any wounds on the Taurosaur and the Taurosaur can’t wound the Crushers. The Taurosaur loses combat but easily passes it’s stubborn Leadership 6 break test. It could have been such a glorious move if I was able to kill or at least break the Taurosaur. Instead the Crusher are now stuck there at the mercy of the Taurosaur.

    The Horsemen fail to cause a single wound on the Chameleon skinks despite hitting on 3s and wounding on 2s with their Light Lances. The Chameleons at least don’t do any wounds in return but it’s still not good enough!

    Saurian Ancients 2

    Display Spoiler

    The Raptor Warlord charges into the Daemon Prince and I’m very worried about this fight, I think the Warlord will win this one thanks to a better Ward Save and having Divine Attacks.

    The Raptor Veteran charges into the Crushers and i at least hope I can kill the Taurosaur before they get cut down. One of the Spearbacks charges into the flank of the Horsemen and it’s no more than they deserve for being unable to kill Chameleon skinks!

    The Skink Hunters rally and the Cuatl Lord promptly jumps into that unit for protection. The rest steps back an inch and the free Spearback turns to face the Bloodbeast.

    It’s a good Magic Phase for the Saurians as they get a double 4 for the flux roll. The Cuatl Lord casts a boosted Word of Iron on the Taurosaur on 4 dice and gets 2 sixes on the roll. I let it through as I have little chance of dispelling it. The Miscast kills 6 skinks dead but the Cuatl Lord doesn’t forget the spell. It then casts Quicksilver Lash on the Bloodbeast but I dispel it. Finally he casts Silverspike on the Sorcerer, I fail to dispel it but it fails to wound anyway.

    The only shooting is the Spearback which shoots at the Bloodbeast but fails to do any wounds.

    In combat the Spearback kills all the Horsemen before they can strike.

    The Daemon Prince gets to strike first against the Raptor Warlord and is able to inflict 2 wounds against the Saurian Warlord. The Raptor strikes next but fails to wound and then the Warlord attacks but misses 3 of his 4 attacks and is only able to score a single wound on the Daemon Prince who yet again fails to get a wound back from Soul Reaper. It’s a drawn combat so both combatants stay put.

    The Crusher Knights attack the Taurosaur as they have a better chance of wounding it rather than the Veteran but they fail to get any wounds past the 2+ Armour Save. The Veteran and the Taurosaur inflict 4 wounds on the Crushers. The Crushers lose combat and break from combat. Both units give chase and the Taurosaur catches the Crushers. Both units are also safely out of Line of Sight of the Bloodbeast due to poor placement on my part.

    Warriors 3

    Display Spoiler

    The Mauler Chariot charges into the Taurosaur, hoping to inflict the last two wounds and then get past the Veteran, it’s a big ask though whilst it has Word of Iron on it. That is the only charge and the rest of the army closes the trap. The Warhounds chaff up the Engine of the Gods and the Dragon Centaurs are looking at the Skinks with the Caimens and I fancy that combat. The Bloodbeast runs up into the forest ready to get to grips with the Saurians.

    It’s a terrible roll for Magic with a double 1. With my 2 power dice I try to cast Silverspike on the Veteran but fail to cast it.

    The Mauler Chariot fails to cause any wounds with its impact hits, Charioteers attacks and Mauler Beast attacks. The taurosaur inflicts 2 wounds in return though but the Mauler Chariot sticks and the Veteran is ready to charge it next turn.

    The Daemon Prince gets to attack first again against the Warlord and is able to take off the last wound before it can swing back. I was expecting to win that fight but very glad I did. I know only to well the pain of missing hits with a 5 attack character so I shouldn’t be too surprised I survived as that’s the way it goes sometimes.

    Saurian Ancients 3

    Display Spoiler

    The Raptor Veteran charges into the Mauler Chariot and that’s the only charge. The Cuatl Lord leaves the Skink Hunters and goes into the Saurus unit closest to my lines. The Skink Hunters chaff up the Bloodbeast and the other Saurus block moves towards my deployment. The Engine of the Gods was going to charge the Warhounds and Terror bomb them off but my opponent didn’t realise the Daemon prince had an 18” Inspiring Presence so thinks better of it and backs it away. The Spearbacks move up to shoot the Daemon Prince.

    It is another average Magic Phase with 7 Power dice to the Saurians and 6 Dispel dice to me. The Cuatl Lord casts Quicksilver Lash on the Daemon Prince and rolls 3 6s with his 3 dice used. I have to let it through and hope for the best. In a complete mockery of my Sorcerers two attempts to kill the Raptor Warlord with same spell and failing miserably the Cuatl Lord does it in one and inflicts two wounds on the Daemon Prince, melting him! The resultant miscast only kills 2 Saurus. I dispel any further attempts at magic after that.

    The Spearbacks no longer have to worry about the Daemon prince and both shoot at the Bloodbeast, inflicting two wounds. The Skink Hunters fail to cause any wounds on the Bloodbeast with their shooting.

    The Mauler Chariot now inflicts two wounds on the Taurosaur, finishing it off. The Veteran inflicts two wounds on the Mauler Chariot and I lose combat by 1 and stick.

    Warriors 4

    Display Spoiler

    I finally get to grips with the Saurians this turn as the Dragon Centaurs charge the Skinks with the Caimen. The Fallen charge the Skink Hunters who stand and shoot, killing a Fallen and then the Bloodbeast fails his Frenzy check and also goes charging in. The Barabrians now decide to make a run for the Deployment zone and the Warriors push forwards towards the enemy.

    It’s a big Magic Phase this turn with 12 Power to me and 7 Dispel dice to the Saurians. I start off by casting a boosted Word of Iron on the Bloodbeast, more hoping to get some dice out of my opponent but he doesn’t fall for it so he lets it go off. I make a Spearback flammable. I then try to cast Silverspike on the Engine of the Gods but my opponent dispels it. Next I cast Molten Copper, I should probably go for the Spearback but I really want to try and get some wounds off of the Engine of the Gods so I target that. My opponent fails to dispel it and I inflict 1 wound on the Engine. I then cast the Ring of Fire on the Spearback and only get 2 hits from the D6 and D3 and cause one wound to the Spearback.

    I make a mistake now and do the Dragon Centaur combat first not realising that the Fallen can overrun into the flank of the Skinks. The dragon Centaurs attack the Caimens with their normal attacks and do 4 wounds, killing one of them. The caimens strike back and inflict 3 wounds. The Skinks don’t cause any wounds and with the dragon Centaurs double stomps they squish 3 Skinks. The Dragon Centaurs win combat but the Skinks stick.

    The Fallen kill all the Skinks and then both the Bloodbeast and the fallen overrun. The fallen only need a 5 to get into the Skinks but fall 1” short. The Bloodbeast doesn’t go far enough to contact the Engine of the Gods.

    The Mauler Chariot fails to wound the Veteran but suffers 1 wound in return. The Mauler Chariot loses combat by 1, fails it’s break test and flees through the Impassable terrain. The Veteran doesn’t pursue and the Chariot fails 3 Dangerous terrains and dies instantly.

    Saurian Ancients 4

    Display Spoiler

    The Veteran is now free again to be a thorn in my side and he declares a charge against the Sorcerer which I have to flee to try and save him. The Veteran at least fails his redirect test and has to complete the charge which he fails. The Engine of the Gods charges the Fallen who are left standing around like sitting ducks.

    The Spearbacks move up behind the Bloodbeast to shoot him. The Saurus run towards my Deployment zone and it’s looking like I’m unable to stop them. My best hope now is to get the Barbarians and the Warriors into the deployment zone and hope the Dragon Centaurs can stay in it fighting the Skinks.

    (The Cuatl Lord is obviously tired from all those miscasts!)

    It’s a small Magic Phase with 4 Power dice to the Cuatl Lord and 2 Dispel dice to me. The frog starts off with a Quicksilver Lash on the Bloodbeast which I’m able to dispel. He then follows it up with a Boosted Word of Iron on the Skinks and Caimens which I have to let through.

    The Spearbacks shoot at the Bloodbeast and cause 2 wounds on him and he’s now essentially out of the game as he’s down to 1 wound.

    The Engine of the Gods kills all the Fallen on the charge through impact hits and then overruns to get closer to the action.

    The Dragon Centaurs, despite having 13 attacks, only score 3 hits but they at least are able to inflict one wound onto the Caimen who inflict 2 wounds onto the Dragon Centaurs, killing one of them. The stomps from the Dragon Centaurs kill 3 Skinks which means they have lost combat by 2 but thankfully they stick.

    Warriors 5

    Display Spoiler

    I Charge the Warriors into the Engine of the Gods, hoping that I can rally my wizard and then get a spell off top make the Engine flammable, giving me re rolls to wound, they should then be able to kill it in 1 round.

    The Sorcerer does rally which is nice. The Barbarians are now on the edge of the deployment zone and the Bloodbeast moves to face the rear of the Saurus block but I’m happy to concede that he’s a goner! I reform the Warhounds after having forgotten about them last round.

    I need a decent Magic Phase this round to try and get a spell off but the dice are aginst me as I get 4 Power dice and my opponent channels and gets 4 Dispel dice. I cast Silverspike on the Veteran but it’s essentially a dice off in favour of the Cuatl Lord with his +3 to dispel and his reroll. The spell is dispelled and now I’m not so sure about the Warriors.

    The Dragon Centaurs do 3 wounds to the Caimen, killing one more leaving 1 left alive. The Dragon Centaurs take 2 wounds from the Caimen and the stomp back in return killing 3 skinks. The skinks stick around again.

    The Warriors have 14 attacks going into the Engine of the Gods but can’t get past his Toughness of 6 and fail to cause any wounds, I could have really done with those re rolls. The BSB strikes and is able to at least inflict 3 wounds. The Engine has a bad round and with his attacks and thunder stomp only kills 3 Warriors. I win combat but it passes it’s Stubborn Leadership 6 break test (obviously)

    Saurian Ancients 5

    Display Spoiler

    The Veteran has a lovely flank charge lined up on the Warriors, declares it and makes it. I need by BSB to be on top form to kill that git!

    The Saurus rush towards my deployment zone and are almost there. The Spearbacks turn around to fire at the Bloodbeast and the Cuatl Lord joins the Chameleons who just move back against the impassable.

    In the Magic Phase it’s 6 dice to the Saurians and 5 dispel to me. The Cuatl Lord casts Quicksilver Lash on the Sorcerer and I fail to dispel it (it was a good roll). The spell does 3 wounds, killing my Sorcerer in one go. There’s no other magic to speak of.

    The Spearbacks kill the Bloodbeast with their shooting.

    The Dragon Centaurs put all their attacks into the Skinks this time and kill 5 of them (a rather poor effort from their 9 attacks and 4 stomps I think). The Caimen does one wound to the Dragon Centaurs, killing one more. I win combat and the Skinks finally break from combat and the Dragon Centaur pursues, catching them and killing the unit.

    The BSB issues his challenge and the Veteran has to accept. The BSB is only able to inflict one wound on the Veteran thanks to some very good Armour Save rolls. The Veteran doesn’t inflict any wounds back onto the BSB. The Warriors get 4 wounds through on the Engine of the Gods but it saves them all. It now goes to town on the Warriors and kills 7 of them. The Warriors are no longer steadfast and have lost combat by too much and break from the combat. Both the Engine of the Gods and the Veteran pursue. The Warriors only run 7” but bounce throughthe Barbarians, who pass their panic check. Both the Veteran and the Engine of the Gods only puruse 3”, so the Warriors are safe, for now.

    Warriors 6

    Display Spoiler

    I only now realise that the Skinks breaking was the worst thing that could have happened to the Dragon Centaurs, I’d rather have been in Combat killing Skinks and not have to face all this magic and shooting that is coming his way. He runs behind the Hill, as far away as possible but it’s still not far enough. I run the Warhounds in front of the Engine and the Veteran, stopping them for the last turn. The Barbarians are in the deployment zone now but I fail to rally the Warriors who keep running, giving away all those points!

    Saurian Ancients 6

    Display Spoiler

    The Saurus run into the Deployment, securing the objective for them but the Saurians still have to take care of the either the Dragon Centaur or the Barbarians to get the points. The rest of the Army moves up to get to grips with them. The Veteran charges the Warhounds to get some easy points.

    It’s a good Magic Phase with 7 dice to the Saurians and 4 Dispel to me. The Cuatl Lord casts Molten Copper on the Dragon Centaurs and I fail to dispel it. The spell kills the Dragon Centaur thanks to a fantastic roll of 15 hits on the 3D6 for the number of hits. The death of the Dragon Centaur causes the Barbarians to take a panic test which they duly fail and then flee.

    Only the combat to do and the Veteran kills all the Warhounds.

    The Game ends with a 15 – 5 Victory to my opponent and with the Secondary Objective it becomes an 18 – 2.

    In case you can’t tell by my writing I’m a little annoyed about this game. I don’t think I played particularly badly (more of that to come) and I certainly didn’t deserve to lose 18 – 2 a small loss would have been more a more deserving score. The Taurosaurs not running off/dying was a particular pain for me. If either of them had broken when I won the combats then the game would have been different, particularly if the first Taurosaur had fled, that would have been monumental for this game but Leadership 6 and cold blooded is close to a 70% pass rate.

    The Cuatl Lord certainly kept my magic down to a minimum and also let him just dominate the magic phase whilst my sorcerer could only marvel at the destructive power of Alchemy. I can’t really argue about that though, the Cuatl Lord should be the best wizard in the game. Speaking of Magic, I have no idea why I dropped Glory of Gold when I had the chance to take it, it would have helped massively if I was able to get off at the key points, particularly on the Crushers.

    The Veteran completely ruined me as well, killing the Centaurs, Mauler Chariot and breaking the Warriors. If only my Sorcerer could have killed him when he had the chance. I always have trouble with those 1+ Armour Save Raptor characters, they’re so quick and tough to kill and with Cold Blooded it makes them tough to even beat them with static combat res (not that I have much of that knocking about).

    I felt like I was in until the last couple of turns where it all just fell apart, especially turn 6 with the Warriors not rallying, the Barbarians panicking and the Dragon Centaur dying. It all could have been so different.

    Onwards to Game 3 anyway where I was drawn against Orcs & Goblins, another hated foe of mine!

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  • Nazgob -

    Good battle, too bad about the result.

    But why did your warriors lose steadfast in SA turn 5? There were 13 of them at the start of the turn (in the photo), and they lost 7 that round. So they'd still have the front rank 5 wide, and thus had more ranks than the opposing units (which didn't have any). Right?

    • AxelVicious -

      The Engine of the Gods/ Taurosaur is a monster so counts as having one rank equalling my one rank. Something I completely forgot about when I went charging in.

    • Nazgob -

      I didn't know that. Thanks!