How is army performance data collected?

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  • Many people speculate how good or bad their army performs / performed in 1.3.5 or 1.9. If one belives what is written often the own army is/ was underperforming and all others overperform. And even if people try to be as objective as they can, countries have different metas and so what is almost unbeatable in german may be weak in the USA and the other way around.

    That means we can’t just make a poll to get to know which army is the strongest. That is the reason we collect tourney results from all over the world. At the moment we collect data mostly using the following platforms as scources:


    You may wonder why I don’t use platform A or platform B where the national communities of country C and D are organized. Well there are 2 easy answers. Either I don’t know that platform or that platform doesn’t record or associate the armies used with the places reached.
    So if you know other ranking / reportings sites, please PM me.

    What do we collect?
    Here you can see the reporting table for TOs from communities not organized on the platforms above.
    Eventname:VersionusedPlacePlayer (maybe anonym)Armyused:Numberof PlayersNumberof TeamsNumber ofroundsCountrySingle/Team

    TOs can use that table to report their tourneys results here: Please report your 2.0 tourneys results and lists through here
    Now with the 1.9 Beta going on we want to have a much closer look at army vs. army matchups. As most of the ranking sites don’t record the exact results of the rounds we need your help. If you have acces to the pairings per Round and the results of that please share it in this thread (Please report your 2.0 tourneys results and lists through here) like that:

    Round:Player 1Army 1Victory-pointsPlayer 2Army 2PointsScenario (officialnames please)Scenariowinning Army

    You can also send data, files or links per email to or to
    We also collect armylists used at a tourneys. Please load them up here (please use the tournament name as file name):

    How can you contribute if you don’t play tourneys?
    Easy. You can report with the following table here: Please report your private games and lists through here ) That gives you the following table:

    Round:Player 1Army 1Victory-pointsPlayer 2Army 2PointsScenario (officialnames please)Scenariowinning Army

    What do we do with that data?
    We look at that data under quite a lot of perspectives:

    • We watch how the army perform in different countries
    • We watch how the armies perform if bigger tourneys have more influence than smaller
    • We watch how armies perform in single tourneys
    • We watch how armies perform in team tourneys.
    • We watch how armies perform if we throw single and team tourneys together.
    • We will watch if the armies performance come from 20-0 and 0-20 or more form 12:8 and 8:12s- = We will watch if an army has performance spikes or not.
    • We watch …
    • We collect how popular the armies are in tourneys.
    • We compare the results and make the data confess the truth as no method to interpret or analyse the data alone gives the whole picture

    Of course we also take confidence intervals, error bars, mean, standard deviation and so on into consideration.

    Thx for reading so far

    Just_Flo (Tournament Support) and Arwaker (Data Analysis)

    Advisary Board Member

    Workfields: Tournament Analysis, Army Community Support, Playtesting, Community Engagement, Translation/ United Nations DE Blog: Inside TA. The biggest german Tabletop Board:

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  • Parmineo -

    Wow interesting stuff. Our League has had 2 tourneys in the last month and a half. I will make an effort to get the information and pass it along to you.