Team Tournament in Lille: A Dwarven Tale. GAME 4

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  • Next up in the list of adversaries was a team from Lille,who had had also a pretty good run so far with 2 big wins and a draw. Their team comprised of Highborn Elves with 8 levels of magic and two Lion Guard hordes with Distracting, monster-mash Saurian Ancients with an Alpha Carnosaur,3-lance Kingdom of Equitaine backed by hippogriff lord and Druidism and,finally, Infernal Dwarves.

    Alex @hayaze , the team captain, brought a mixed arms list based around a huge immortal block and a maxed out Kadim unit, backed by warmachines, small arms fire and Pyro/Alchemy combo.

    So overall a list with better shooting than me, and a big block capable of breaking my warriors on the charge if they were depleted. We would play Counterthrust and Breakthrough as secondary objective. For his spells, he chose Fireball and Flaming Sword with the pyromancy adept, Molten Copper,Glory of Gold and the hereditary spell for the Alchemy adept. I picked twice Rune of Resilience, Rune of Gleaming and rune of Revocation. The Hold Guardians picked +1S/AP.

    I won the roll for sides, and opted for the side with better cover so as to prevent the ID from taking refuge inside ruins and castling. In return, my opponent claimed a huge deployment advantage by deploying his wolves in a snake formation and pushing my deployment zone back.

    After we’d exchanged 3 drops, he grabbed the initiative and went for a full drop, opting to play first. I had to modify my plan based on this: giving the entire bowline the opening shot on the seekers was a bad idea, so I deployed with most of my units behind the hill, the flame cannons in position to threaten the advance of the shooters and then used my vanguard to move the seekers back and out of the shooting range of bows and flintlock axes.

    TURN 1 – Infernal Dwarves

    With all of the shooting out of range, the infernals moved up. The Kadims pushed up on my left flank, squaring off against the Forge Wardens. The Immortals entered the building. In magic, my opponent managed to get off the molten copper on my left flame cannon, killing it outright. The warmachines opened up on the seekers, bringing four down.

    TURN 1 – Dwarven Holds

    With the kadims dangerously close, I decided to push and try to trap them. The Forge Wardens moved up out of the forest, with the Hold Guardians closeby to support. The Warriors scaled the hill, and the seekers moved up, making sure to stay in long range from the citadel guard. In magic I managed to put -1 to hit on the Forge Wardens, all the other spells getting dispelled. Shooting was directed at the Immortals inside the building,now flammable: despite their plate armour and 5+ ward save, 8 elite ID fell to the shot.

    TURN 2 – Infernal Dwarves

    The Kadims charged the FW, while the hobgoblin fast cavalry reformed to sneakily redirect the HG and one unit of hobgoblins did the same for the King’s retinue. The Citadel guard moved up within short range of the seekers. The Immortals came out of the building, threatening the flank of the seekers and the flame cannon at the same time.
    In magic, I dispelled the hereditary spell on the Forge Wardens, then had to let through the Molten Copper on the flame cannon, resulting in 3 wounds. The Fireball failed to cast, thanks to Hewn from the Mountains. Shooting was directed once more on the seekers, and this time took a heavy toll: 9 dwarves lay dead when the barrage ended.
    In combat, things went south: despite needing 5’s to hit, the Kadims produced an impressive amount of 6’s to hit, resulting in a grand total of 15 wounds! What didn’t help was that I assumed that the Forge Wardens had lost their fireborn attribute when they lost the 6+ ward save. Turns out I was wrong, but I only noticed it after the game! The plate armour of the dwarves saved two and allowed them to hold on a steadfast roll. A kadim also died to the return blows.

    TURN 2 – Dwarven Holds

    The FW combat didn’t go as intended, I had expected them to keep steadfast for a couple of turns and pin the Kadims into place. I settled for the second best thing: the HG charged the wolf screen, the King’sunit charged the hobgoblins, hoping to reform to threaten the bulk of the ID shooting next turn. The seekers also moved up to be really close to the Citadel Guard, hoping to force some charges and pin the enemy down.
    Magic put -1 to wound and -1 to hit on the seekers, and the flame cannon shot once more at the Immortals: another 4 infernal dwarves died, bringing them to a more manageable number. In combat the Forge wardens died to a dwarf (curse you, SmithF, for forgetting Fireborn!). The hold guardians killed the wolves and reformed to set a trap for the kadims,hopefully forcing them to charge them due to frenzy. Finally, the King and co killed half the goblin unit and sent it packing, then reformed to face east.

    TURN 3 – Infernal Dwarves

    The way the kadims reformed meant that they could see and charge the anvil: the charge was a long one (11+) but they made i tnevertheless! The wheel allowed them to get into my Marksmens’ flank with the following overrun, too. On the right side, no charges were declared. The Immortals turned to face my king’s unit.
    Magic and shooting amounted for a dead Flame Cannon,but only 4 seekers fell to the shots thanks to the runic buffs. In combat, the Kadim made short work of the anvil, and pursued into the marksmens’ flank.

    TURN 3 – Dwarven Holds

    With the left flank collapsing rapidly, I had to do something to get back into the game: I decided I’d target the enemy scorers and try to get the breakthrough objective in the process. The Seekers charged the citadel guard, who elected to flee rather than stay pinned and get charged by the king’s guard too. They fled through the hobgoblins, who passed their panic test. Myking’s unit then declared a charge on them, and they fled too (if my opponent had held his ground, the subsequent overrun would auto-kill the citadel guard too).

    Both the seekers and the King’s retinue rolled high enough to catch their targets, landing inside the enemy deployment zone and within striking range of the enemy warmachines! The Hold Guardians moved full speed towards the touchdown zone.
    Magic once more aimed at protecting the seekers, and the runic smith managed to cast rune of Resilience on them. In combat, the kadimsdealt a fair amount of damage to the marksmen, who promptly failed their steadfast check and ran, outrunning their pursuers.

    TURN 4 – Infernal Dwarves

    The hobgoblins fled off the board. The Titan Mortar charged into the 6 remaining seekers, the Kadim charged and killed the remaining marksmen; by now they were too far away from the action though. The immortals went back inside the building. In the magic phase I dispelled the Flaming Swords on the Titan Mortar, and the Glory of Gold failed to cast.Shooting had no targets other than the warriors, and a few of them fell to the Rocket battery shots.
    Combat went well for me: the charging Bound Daemon Titan Mortar only managed to kill a single dwarf, then my seekers dealt five wounds thanks to their paired weapons. The stomp dropped four more seekers, leaving the champion alive. The dwarven berserkers took the daemon with them, though: they managed to deal the last wound with their deathblows, much to my opponent’s astonishment.

    TURNS 4 – 6

    The Hold Guardians moved inside the enemy deployment zone, while the warriors charged and killed the Rocket Battery. The lone seeker was left to fend for himself. Over the last two turns, the enemy magic would kill the seeker and nothing else, bringing the game to a close.

    When all was said and done, we had exchanged blows andlost big parts of our armies, but the Dwarven Holds had secured the secondary objective by having two units inside the enemy deployment zone. This ensured a small dwarven victory, 12-8.


    The game would have been totally different had I not forgotten about the fireborn rule! That said, I still think that giving the forge wardens as bait was a solid choice: I had two occasions to pin down the Kadims and get their points, although my opponent managed to escape both times.The kadim unit has to be the match mvp, getting around 1500 points on their own and surviving the battle. On the other hand, the immortals’ potential was a bit wasted: once the flame cannon had taken a couple of shots at them, they could no longer pose a threat to my much bigger dwarven block.

    The other games went spectacularly well: Guy countered the Highborn Lion Guard very well, getting a 20-0 victory. Geoffrey got a win against KoE and Nico showed how it’s done against the Saurian monster mash. (If your toxic breath weapon doesn’t do the job, you just use the Stygiosaur as a roadblock against the Alpha Carnosaur. The roadblock managed to kill the 900+point Carnosaur without breaking a sweat.)

    The result was a huge win for the fourth round, which brought us to the top tables for the final game of the week, against another undefeated team: Hot N Bash Normandy. These guys mean business, one of them being none other than Zach, our ETC teammate from last year and the terror of last year’s ESC!

    Stay tuned for the last game, against Orcs and Goblins!


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  • Martins9thAge -

    Ufff, that forgotten rule did it hurt... Seekers incredible in this game killing that machine!!