The BENELUX cup: Game 1

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  • Greetings, fellow gamers!

    About a month ago Team Belgium played in the first BeNeLux cup, organized in Luxembourg by @kiri .Being a part of the team, I attended with my Dwarves, in all of their pre-hotfix glory. Time has passed and now Forge Wardens hunt skirmishers instead of monsters, but I thought that some of you might enjoy reading about my adventures in the fiscal paradise of Europe.
    A total of four 8-player teams competed for the title: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and team Portugal as a ringer (which is actually mostly comprised of French nationals). Over the course of a very long day we’d get to play 3 games with ETC-style rules for pairings and scoring.Whoever scored the best, would get the Benelux champion title!
    After the very positive experience in Lille in January, I used the exact same list:

    SmithF wrote:

    King on Warthrone, Shield, Rune of Might x2, Rune of Destruction, Holdstone
    Thane BSB, Shield
    Runic Smith, 3 Battle Runes, Shield
    Anvil of Power

    36 Dwarf Warriors, Shields, Full Command, Banner of Relentless Company
    20 Marksmen, Crossbows, Great Weapons, Standard,Musician, Banner of Dismay

    24 Seekers, Champion, Musician, Vanguard
    6 Hold Guardians, Musician, Champion

    18 Forge Wardens, Standard, Musician, Banner of Swiftness

    Flame Cannon, Rune-crafted
    Flame Cannon, Rune-crafted

    For our first game we got to face the Netherlands,captained by none other than our @Blonde Beer ! As he has stated in his videos, the actual team that attended is a mix of experienced players and relatively new faces to the tournament scene. As luck would have it, I got to face Menno, an Ogre Khan player and a tournament regular.
    He had brought the following list:

    Menno wrote:

    Shaman Adept, Thaumaturgy, LA, Magical Heirloom
    Khan BSB, Trolleater, LA, Paired Weapons, Cleansing Light, Wrestler’s Belt, Potion of Swiftness
    Shaman Adept, Pyromancy

    9 Tribesmen, Full Command, Paired Weapons, Pennant of the Great Grass Sky
    5 Tribesmen, Standard, Musician, Paired Weapons,Banner of Discipline
    3 Bruisers

    3 Tusker Cavalry
    2 x 1 Sabretooth Tiger

    5 Bombardiers, Musician
    5 Bombardiers, Musician
    2 x Thunder Cannon

    Slave Giant, Ironfist

    So a list with very decent shooting potential but also solid counterchargers. We got to play Dawn Attack and the King of the Hill scenario. For spells, he got Flaming Swords and Pyroclastic Flow from Pyromancy, as well as Hand of Heaven, Smite the Unbeliever from Thaumaturgy and the OK hereditary spell. I picked Rune of Resilience, Gleaming and Resolve twice.The Hold Guardians chose the +1S/AP upgrade.

    I won the roll for sides, and decided to impose the deployment zone with the impassable terrain on my opponent, forcing him to split his forces. I picked the forest to the right as my target objective and he picked the central hill. We alternated deployments for a while, and once Isaw where the Tusker Cav would go I went for a full drop and the first turn. Menno reacted to that by deploying fairly deep, since he had the ranged advantage.

    The Forge Wardens and Seekers vanguarded forward,ending up with a pincer-like deployment:
    (In the diagram I actually forgot to place the bruiser dart, just to the left of the thunder cannon on the left flank)

    My adversary, Menno, not the slightest bit worried about the approaching dwarves:

    TURN 1 – Dwarven Holds

    The dwarven combat contingent moved up at full speed, the seekers placing themselves opposite the tuskers and giant, urging them tocharge. The Hold guardians had to stay a bit back due to the Trolleater BSB: 5 attacks s6 with MW(2) is not something I was looking forward to facing!
    Magic was concentrated on the seekers, but none of my augments went through. However,I was able to get off the rune of resolve on the king’s unit, moving them forward another 6” for an impressive 21” first turn movement! The Forge Wardens took pot shots at the big Tribesmen unit and caused three wounds, killing an ogre.

    TURN 1 – Ogre Khans

    After a bit of thought, my adversary sent both the Giant and the Tusker Cav into the seekers. I was fine with that, since I’d rather have them die in combat and take the enemy with them in the process! A tiger moved up to redirect my combat block, and the big tribesman unit advanced so as to be able to charge the forge wardens on the following turn.
    In the magic phase I dispelled a boosted Flaming Swords, and had to let go the Smite the Unbeliever on the seekers, resulting in -1 resilience. The bombardiers aimed at my king’s unit and killed 7 warrior swith their first volley. The cannons took aim at the left flame cannon and one struck true, dealing two wounds.
    Combat was bloody: between impact hits, close combat attacks and stomps, 11 seekers died to the attacks of the Ogres. However, they gave as good as they got thanks to Hatred and “Yer Comin’ with Me!”; two tusker cavalry died, and the giant sustained two wounds. The ogre charge had been halted,and now the seekers would grind them down.

    TURN 2 – Dwarven Holds

    The King’s’unit charged the first tiger; in the worst case scenario, they’d see meaningful combat on turn 4. The Forge Wardens moved inside the forest, getting within short range of the big tribesmen. The Marksmen and Hold Guardians set up a trap for the ogres, should they get the urge to charge my elite shooters.
    In the magic phase the seekers were boosted with the rune of resilience, effectively cancelling Smite the Unbeliever. The Forgewardens also had rune of Gleaming cast on them. Shooting started with an impressive volley from the Forge Wardens: a total of 9 unsaved wounds was dealt, resulting in three dead ogres!
    Combat also went well: the king made short work of the tiger, and reformed so as to not expose the unit’s flank to the Khan BSB’s retinue. The seekers dealt three more wounds on the Giant and killed the last Tusker cavalry, taking 4 wounds back. The giant stood his ground on a very shaky Ld test.

    TURN 2 – Ogre Khans

    With the big tribesmen at half strength,combo-charging my warriors was a bad idea: so Menno went for the forge wardens instead. The dwarves stood and shot, killing two more Ogres! The second tiger chaffed the king’s unit, and the bombardiers continued to pepper the warriors with shots. The bruisers failed a charge against the Flame Cannon to the left,and stumbled within short range!
    In the magic phase I let the pyroclastic flow go off against the Warriors, but between the dwarven resilience and armour no wounds were dealt. The Hand of Heaven was equally inefficient. Finally, Flaming Swords was dispelled. Shooting was particularly bad this turn: despite a big number of hits,the armour of the Hold Guardians protected them against the bombardier volley. The warriors took two wounds from the second unit. Finally, a cannon managed to inflict two wounds on my Anvil ofPower.
    The seekers finally killed the giant in combat and reformed to face the cannon to the left. The Forge Wardens took five wounds from the Tribesmen and the BSB, despite the rune of Gleaming. They dealt five wounds back to the ogres. That wasn’t enough, and they failed their Ld test and ran: the tribesmen, now 2-strong, stopped an inch short of the marksmen.

    TURN 3 – Dwarven Holds

    The hold guardians and marksmen combo-charged the now depleted Khan’s retinue. The warriors ate through the second -and final- tiger,and the seekers succeeded an 8+ swiftstride charge against the left cannon.
    Magic was directed at the hold guardians, in an effort to limit the impact of the Trolleater Khan: both Rune of Resilience and Rune of Gleaming was cast on them. The flame cannon aimed at the bruisers, and promptly rolled a misfire!
    Combat started with a mixed success: the seekers suffered four wounds from the cannon, and only dealt three back. The extraordinary performance of the cannon crew meant that it didn’t have to take a break test, and the seekers got stuck in that fight. The combo charge by the marksmen and hold guardians worked better: the Trolleater’s attacks only amounted to a single unsaved wound thanks to the augment spells. In retaliation, both remaining tribesmen were killed, and the BSB was sent running. The hold guardians managed to catch him in pursuit, ending up close to the enemy lines.

    TURN 3 – Ogre Khans

    Both shamans bailed out of their bodyguard unit, which was relegated to redirector duty and moved up to chaff the king. The bruisers succeeded their charge agains the Flame Cannon to the left while in magic, the hand of heaven managed to kill the rightmost flame cannon.
    Shooting killed five more dwarves from the king’s unit, the Thunder Cannon failing to hit my anvil. In close combat the left thundercannon killed all but one of the seekers, only suffering a single wound back. The bruisers predictably made short work of the Flame Cannon.

    TURN 4 – Dwarven Holds

    The Hold Guardians charged into the right Bombardiers,while the warriors charged the tribesmen. In the shooting phase the marksmen took aim and dealt four wounds on the right thunder cannon!
    In combat the last seeker died, failing to fulfill his mission of dealing the last wound to the thundercannon. The Hold guardians and King’s retinue fared a lot better: they won and sent their respective targets fleeing off the table.

    TURNS 4-6
    By the OK fourth turn, the dwarves had clearly the upper hand. The King’s retinue charged the second unit of bombardiers, sent them fleeing but couldn’t catch them. They would flee once more and rally by the edge of the board on the last turn. The bruisers managed to kill the Anvil of Power on the last turn, and my Marksmen moved into the forest and scored the secondary objective.

    When the dust settled, the result was a 17-3 win for the Dwarves!


    What a great start to the tournament! My opponent was great, and took his bad luck (bombardier shooting) and the difficult tactical situation in stride with a smile. The key moment was in deployment, where the selection of sides imposed on the ogres either to deploy centrally or split their forces. In either case, the end result would have been favorable for the dwarves, as any one of my combat units can take on the enemy one-on-one.

    The (old, S5) Forge Wardens were particularly useful in depleting that tribestar to just 2 models, allowing me to kill the bsb by turn3.

    The rest of the team also did very well, leading to a big victory for team Belgium! Our next opponent would be Luxembourg.
    Stay tuned for a grudge match against the evil dwarven cousins!

    Until the next time,


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  • Parmineo -

    Great Battle Report...I'm a big fan of these type of reports...not of Dwarves :)

  • PrinceCharming -

    Better write these down as u have 5 more commin up! See ya tomorrow mate !

  • ButterfaceMcSandwich -

    Awesome battle report! :)

  • Evoluo -

    Altough my head was still swimming in whiskey, I had a great game. I had your list as a bad match up, but I think I could have scraped some more points. (luckily my other 2 games of the day went alot better) Hope to get a rematch at WTC or ETC ;) Thanks for the write up.