Tournament Support and Data Analysis merge to Tournament Analysis and present their new structure

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  • Hello and welcome to the newest article of the Tournament Support Blog. I know you all wait for the Report on Army Performance in 1.3.x, but that will be featured in the the next april article. Today I will talk about the merger of Data Analysis and Tournament Support and give you an overview of who we are and what we work on.

    The merger of Data Analysis and Tournament Support to Tournament Analysis

    For a long time Data Analysis and Tournament Support have worked close together and were kind of 2 sides of the same coin. Data Analysis prepared the tools for the analysis and Tournament Support hunted down the necessary data. After that it depended on the specific data who entered it into the tools. Both interpreted it (while Data analysis had the final say on interpretation). As the cooperation got closer and closer and more and more tools had been designed and more and more ways / standards of interpretation had been decided on the Deads of Data Analysis more and more moved in a more surveilling position to step in if or when Tournament Support screwed up or develop new tools if asked or doing long term planings and Tournament Support more and more took over the day to day buisness. Long story short, both Team Heads (That would be me Just_Flo and @arwaker) decided to merge our teams.

    That is the Result:

    Team Head of Tournament Analysis (coordinating and doing the day to day work): Just_Flo

    Assistant Head of Tournament Analysis (bringing in the statistic background, checking the results of analysis and always having a open ear and good advice): @arwaker

    Assistant Head of Tournament Analysis (bringing in the statistic background, coding analysis tools): @wazlawik

    Analysis of Armylists: @Old one

    Coding excel/spreadsheet genius: @Fleshbeast

    Collection of Armylists, Tourney results and army vs. army data and further analysis: @Ace Thackeray, @Celegil, @Dancaarkiiel, @Maelstorm, @mishagi, @simonbromley

    Of course we always welcome new recruits and my dream would be to have one person per army. So feel free to apply :)

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    Workfields: Tournament Analysis, Army Community Support, Playtesting, Community Engagement, Translation/ United Nations DE Blog: Inside TA. The biggest german Tabletop Board:

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