[Battle Report #6 The 9th Age v.] Orcs & Goblins vs. Saurian Ancients, 2500 pts

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Comments 2

  • IHDarklord -

    You have a very clear battle report here. I don't own either of the 2 armies, but it was easy to follow through the entire battle.
    I do have the feeling that you're reading a text from a paper though. It might be because you are, or because that's just the way you talk. It didn't stop me from watching the entire report, but I would've liked it even better if it sounded more lively! :)

    • Mr.Gobbo -

      Thank you for your feedback! It is sadly the way I talk (my "narrative/oral presentation" voice) :( I do have a small piece of paper with some keywords/bulletpoints, so I don't forget the important bits.

      I can reveal, that the sound bit is heavily edited, as to leave out any ".. uhh", "ummmm" and repeated "what is it called?". This may be contributing to it sounding unnatural.

      I will try to improve in the next battle report :)