What we think about money?

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  • The intention of this project is to be from the community for the community. As such we already decided very early that we do not want to make any profit with the project or its content. Because if we would start to make reasonable amount of profit at some point in time, we would also need to start paying "salaries". This may sound fun for some of you, but accually it also means that we would need to start judging, how much worth the contributen of single members is. How much worth is the review done by a BB-member, how much worth the intresting rule done by an ABC-member based on the idea of a community member during forum discussions, how much worth the artwork provided by one of our artist form the B&A-team? We really do not want to start with this...

    As part of our operational agreement for the project we therefore have added the following:
    1.9 Not for profit. The Association is a non for profit association and in no circumstances will the Association engage in commercial activity for profit. The Association may engage in commercial activity to the extent necessary to advance the goals of the Association, however, no member or other individual associated with the Association may draw a salary or any other type of compensation, nor may the Association engage in any activity that would render the Association liable to pay taxes to any government or agency.

    Although we as project do not have any ambitions to make profit, we may in future allow third-parties to make profit (see license update) with our content, when we think it is in our project intrest, such as selling our books at local game stores. We do not expect those third-parties to pay anything to us in exchange, but if someone really wants to, he can donate on our website like anyone else, which makes their payments perfectly transparent.

    The Donation-Tab:

    So donations will stay our only way of income. Currently we are spending it exclusivly on the website and its infrastructure. In future we plan to extend this also for promotion material and/or test-prints of books. We hope you will keep on supporting us as good as you have done till now.

    Thank you
    The Executive Board

    P.S. We are quite optimistic that, should the incoming donations for what ever reasons at some point in time out reach our project expenses, we do find a solution to also let the community participate, such as T9A sponsored tournaments or events.

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