The Fight for Avras - Lucky Sixes "All-In" Project #2 Painting update

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  • So here we are! 1st August and the Campaign has begun! Very exciting times.

    Already there are 3/4 stories and battle reports and models and character fluff been released and they are all fantastic! Such great reads and interesting characters, battle narrative and reporting (for those more interested in the tactics of our wonderful game rather than creating story for it). It really has started with a boom, and if this continues we are in for one hell of a campaign!

    But enough about them - what about me!? Well this will be a fairly quick update as I have been focusing on my models and painting side of things to start off with. So, below are a few update picks and we are really cracking on nicely! I managed to squeeze some time between the kids and the wife (calm down!!!) and my other hobbies to get some good progress made. So without further ado, here they are:

    My vampire (and 3rd character of the army) has been started!

    She will have a red breastplate with gold trim, pink cloth and dress beneath with a black cape/robe to cover. Haven't decided on the hair yet but likely to be blonde. So shes all based up basically with details to be added on my next session i imagine.

    Next up my skellies!

    Actually didn't realise when I got the models out they were missing shields lol. So i've based them up & added detail on the weapons and 'light armour'. Will give their shields a silver dry brush to bring out some of the models details then a wash should do them nicely.

    Ghouls coming up strong!

    So many different details to highlight on these. Well not that many but they've got rocks, bones, cuts and hair. But they've all been completed apart from the bloodstains on them and then over to the wash to finish.

    And the biggest beasties i'm painting up for the campaign!

    Had to repaint these to coincide with the rest of my army's colour scheme. So I've probably done the most work on these to get them to where they are. Dry-brushed and highlighted and, similarly to the others, once a wash goes on 'em they should be good to go.

    And finally the zombies!

    Simple update for these as all i've done is give them a base coat of skin colour grey. Lots of work on these chaps to come...

    Hoping to have 1 or 2 more sessions to completion, but i haven't accounted for the basing which i'll have to do also. Now a quick disclaimer, I am not a good painter. So these will be tabletop standard and nothing more. A good example of this is the skeletons. I know that really I should spend a bit more time on the shields as there is lots of details that can be highlighted with relative ease. However, my other 30 skeletons from GW (booo, hisss... but lovely models tbf) are exactly the same so a dry brush will have to do. They don't look bad, and all together actually look decent, but they won't be winning any awards. I will take a bit extra time with my characters and get them a bit better standard but I tend to find I haven't got the experience or patience to get them much better standard so for now - and with a timescale in hand - that will have to do!

    Now, as well as this I have typed up the fluff/background story for Toby and am half way through Sophia's fluff. I also, have some interesting rules contributions for terrain and models (and the von Hesselink bloodline!!!) that will come in the next update post, but can i just say how enthused I am about this project and the potential to develop my army and lore! And on top of that, the sampiagn story itself! I'm so interested in how they will pull everything together - or if they even will at all - but it certainly is living up to its name so far of "a fun campiagn". Well done chaps!
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