The Fight for Avras - Lucky Sixes "All-In" Project #3 Terrain Pieces for VC

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  • So onto my next venture in the campaign! There are 11 different ways to gain 'influence points' in this campaign and I intend to give each and ever one a go by the end of the next 3 months. Its a hell of a target but one I am very excited to get involved with over. Those different ways are detailed below in the spoiler:
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    • Painting up an army of our choosing
    • Creating up to 3 characters – short background story about them and their role in campaign
    • Writing narrative battle reports from one of the characters point of view
    • Writing 'regular' detailed battle reports of the games
    • Design rules for up to 2 units in that army
    • Design rules for up to 2 faction specific terrain features
    • Artwork for the campaign (donate to project)
    • Build & Paint up to 2 faction specific terrain pieces (+ tutorials)
    • Build & Paint up to 2 campaign specific terrain pieces for Avras (+ tutorials)
    • Build & Paint up to 3 campaign specific objectives markers (+ tutorials)
    • Creating different scenarios/objectives for gameplay within battles

    Today we are looking specifically at the 'design rules for up to 2 faction specific terrain features' part. My army throughout this campaign is Vampire Covenant so 've designed the following 2 features to be played on a battlefield near you (or me in the near future - wink wink)!

    #1 - Necromancer's Graveyard

    Ruins. If a Vampire or Necromancer is within 6" of this terrain piece when casting the "Arise" Hereditary spell from Vampire Covenant Army book, add 2 to the raise score rolled (or 1 if the target is not standard infantry). In addition, any enemy (Non VC) army unit that ends its movement phase inside a Necromancers graveyard (even partially) takes d6 str2 ap0 hits from the flailing undead limbs bursting up from the ground.

    The idea behind this one is to help assist the vampire armies in what they like doing best - raising the dead! Also, quite liked the idea that enemies trespassing on the area will get ambushed by 'sleeping zombies' from the ground beneath them. Gives enemies a reason to stay clear and allies a very useful and powerful terrain piece to use in battle!

    #2 - Ancient Vampire Statue

    Impassable Terrain. Roll a D6 at the start of every player turn.
    1= friendly (VC) units crumble by 1, if they are within 6". THE VAMPIRE SPIRITS FORSAKE ANOTHER BLOODLINES FORCES
    2-5 = all enemy (non VC) units within 12" take D3 Str4 AP0 hits. THE VAMPIRE SPIRITS FORSAKE THE ENEMIES OF THE COVENANT
    6= all vampires within 12" gain stubborn until the start of the next turn. THE VAMPIRE SPIRITS BLESS THE VAMPIRE TO GO FORTH AND DEFEAT THEIR ENEMIES FOR THEM

    Quite like the randomness of this idea and the fact that it can work against you on some bad rolls. In a typical game you will be rolling for this 12 times so could cause some really nasty wound-age, or do you gamble and get your vampires in close to give them stubborn... only for them to anger the vampire gods and crumble away. Oh the irony!

    So there you have it! My VC terrain pieces are here. I am planning on attempting to build each one of these on the cheap from scratch too! Does mean i will have to source my own materials on the cheap too so i'm preparing some heavy lollipop sessions while i'm finishing off my painting. Oh the things I do for this hobby! Your welcome...
    I will attempt to do some tutorials on them but not promising you will want to copy them as the results could vary wildly! Lol.
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