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    Well, i can't believe how quickly time has gone recently, the ESC is next week now and although i haven't been having as many practice games as i'd like i think i'm as ready as i'll ever be. After several iterations of my list i have settled on one now. My list choice is, as always, limited by what i have painted and what i have been able to paint in the run up to the event. Real life keeps getting in the way so i've had to keep my painting commitments small, just a single Chosen Knight is all i've been able to paint in the last month.

    So, my list that i'll be taking:

    585 - Chosen Lord, General, War Dais, Trophy Rack, Shield, Dusk forged, Hell Forged Armour, Burning Portent (Hand Weapon), Envy
    850 - Exalted Herald
    320 - Sorcerer, Alchemy, Plate Armour, Book of Arcane Mastery, Alchemist’s Alloy, Lucky Charm, Wizard Adept
    635 - 20x Warriors, Envy, Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion, Flaming Standard
    150 - 5x Fallen
    120 - 8x Warhounds
    747 - 6x Feldraks, Halberds, Musician
    629 - 4x Chosen Knights, Envy, Standard Bearer, Champion
    460 - Feldrak Elder, Paired Weapons

    It's not too drastic a change from what i used at the TEC, i wanted to be more adventurous and try out the Chimeras but i was never going to be able to paint two of them in time. I'm happy with the list and the practice games have gone well.

    After looking over all the Warrior lists for the ETC i have taken some obvious choices and some rarely seen ones too. I was surprised to see that not too many lists were packing the Feldraks, a unit i absolutely love, mostly for the fear factor that they bring when your opponent sees a big ol' unit of 6 of the guys, scary indeed i think. I understand why people at the ETC aren't taking them though, with no reroll to their discipline tests they can be a liability but when coupled with the Exalted Herald's Guiding Light attribute they can be a bit braver.
    Not as many Chosen Knights running around as i expected either, especially after last year when that was all anyone took. There are better choices in the book now though so i understand why they aren't being taken as much but i've been impressed with them recently. 4 of them is tough nut to crack unless you flank charge them, they melt if that happens.
    Not a lot of the big monsters running around at the ETC either (except Australias Warrior list, that's how it should be done!) so the Feldrak Elder is a pretty rare beast to find on the battle field. I've always had my issues with its ability to kill enough to get past the static combat res of big units but if there's the right target for it then it's going to have a great time. Pretty good at zoning too if that's all i need him to do and he will be a missile sponge to take some of the flak away from the Exalted Herald.
    The Exalted Herald is a different choice from the sea of Chosen Lords and Doom Lords and i completely understand why people aren't taking the Exalted Herald, he's very expensive and a massive liability. He can be taken down by a round of good shooting or a good magic phase but i've been pretty good at using him lately so he sticks. I find his manifestation ability such a versatile tool to take, although i often just go for Sorcerer Immortal and then mix it up with the last one.

    Now onto the obvious choices.
    Ah, the obligatory Chosen Lord on a War Dais with a big flaming sword of multi wounding. I like to think i was being original with the Chosen Lord on the War Dais but i probably stole the idea from someone else and didn't realise it. this guy is everywhere and it's easy to see why. 1+ Armour Save, maybe with a reroll, in a unit of Warriors for protection, what's not to like? This guy is invaluable at the moment with so many Undying Dynasties running/rolling about, his multiple wounds can carve right through those unimaginative mummy lovers! I was taking him with the Dark Prelate but i didn't feel like it brought enough to game to justify the 60 points price tag, so i dropped it. I did want to give him the Idol of Spite but i needed points elsewhere.
    The Sorcerer is the one who is bringing the magic to most of the Warrior lists out there, lots of Wizard Masters with a nice mix of the lores too. For me he is there for some magic support, the Exalted Herald on his own can't quite cut it i find. I'm hoping with the book on Alchemy i should be able to 2 dice a boosted Word of Iron fairly reliably and give my opponent some tough dispel choices to make. It's all about Word of Iron and the Alchemical Fire attribute. I imagine i'll take Quicksilver Lash in most games but if not needed maybe Hellfire or Glory of Gold. He's also packing some armour boosts to stop him being punked out in the first round of fighting.
    A nice large block of Warriors, you can't beat them for core choice in the warrior book i find. I planned on making these guys as tanky as possible with Spiked Shields and going 5 wide they should be able to take most hits and grind it out, especially with the Lord in there. With Word of Iron that can take them to a 1+ they will be hard to shift. The flaming banner and the Sorcerer synergise nicely too.
    Then lastly it is just two units of chaff and must remember to keep the dogs near the general, i always put them out wide and then i'm always shocked when they go running off as soon as anything looks at them.

    So that's the list, i'm not overly optimistic, especially after looking at the ETC lists, there are several there that will just steam roll me but hopefully i can dodge them like Neo and get some good matchups.

    I'm more excited for coaching Team Scotland at the moment, that is going to be a lot of fun. Its a good team full of loveable rogues taking some cool lists. I can't give away any tactics for the team but i will say watch out, those Scottish Wildings are coming for you! Super excited for the event next week and will be good to put some faces to names. Come say hi if you see me, i'll be the one in the kilt making sure every member of Team Scotland has a beer in their hand.

    See you next time with some bat reps hopefully.

    Axel Vicious

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