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Comments 2

  • Shlagrabak -

    Very nice game. I feel sorry for Pinktaco too. The dashers performed better than I expected !
    I have the impression that what really hurt your opponent was the lack of units. You outdeployed him, then were able to choose every matchup.
    Sure, there is also the power level issue of gnasher herds, gargantula and forest gobbo with spears and poison banner (the more games I watch the more it looks that they will receive some kind of nerf).
    The lvl4 cave goblin shaman with the tome seems to help greatly, even against a mighty spellcaster like Da Frog !
    What's your feedback on the Great Green Idol ? The trolls seemed to perform very well, but would you say they are worth their points or too expensive ?
    Thanks for the report, I enjoyed it ! :)

    • Mr.Gobbo -

      Thank you, Shlagrabak! Pinktaco is da real MVP - he didn't ragequit when his army broke in half.

      What hurt me in my last game against the Beast Herds was my lack of units - as someone said on my channel - if you lose the chaff war, it is very difficult to recover. And with an all-Gobbo army, I really had no excuse for not bringing a plethora of small, cheap units.

      In regards to the Forest Gobbos with spears - yes, it's quite an investment (around 550pts), and you give up your veteran standard for it (capping your LD at 8), so it also has its drawbacks/risks - but it is "too much worth it". The reward is still greater than the risk (IMHO, as a tactically inept fluff-gamer. I won't pretend to be a good tournament player).

      The lvl.4 Cave Gobbo Shaman really helped me out - but so did luck. Luck is an integral part of my strategy, as seen in my Battle Plan, pt. 4 ;)

      The Trolls did really well this time around, mostly because I didn't fail their stupidity tests like I usually do. This time they also got to charge a lone target, instead of a deathstar with characters - it really helped. If the Taurosaur had charged them, though.. It would be a different story! The price of Trolls still seems a bit steep - at least in my Gobbo armies, because of a general lack of hammer-units. If the Trolls flop their attacks/regen just a little bit, they will run away from any kind of unit which has been my experience until now.

      Regarding the Great Green Idol - I thought it was fun to try it out. No combat power what so ever - I didn't hit at all with the crushing attack, even after 4 attempts (2 with re-roll). So that was bad luck - the hatred synergy with the Cave Gobbos and Mind Razor was game changing. But on the other side - Mind Razor always is ;) I am just happy my opponent didn't have any war machines, or my Idol would had been killed early on. I hope it will get a 1+ AS instead of a 2+, because it's a rock! Make it straight 300pts. The only thing missing on it is the ability to take a banner - but maybe that would be too OP? I can certainly see it buff up some charging (and WAAAAGHING) Feral Orc 'Eadbashers with additional hand weapons.. Ouch.. I don't think I will ever use it in that way - where's the fun for my opponent? :D