Black Country Brawl 2 mini battle reps

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  • So after the ETC I’ve decided to shelve the Warriors for a while and get back to my first love, the Kingdom of Equitaine. I went to tournament in September and took all knight list and finished middle of pack, it did alright but was a bit dull. I found Druidism to be a very effective Lore for an all mounted army but an incredibly boring lore too. The 12” range of the magic means that everything has to stay close together, which kind of nullifies the point of an all cavalry army. I know you can use the Scenery for some spells but that really depends what’s on the table.
    My next tournament wasn’t until November and it was a 3500 point tournament in November. I initially wanted to take Beast Herds to it but there was no way I was getting that painted in time so instead I had to take the KoE. The lists had to be submitted after the latest update so I thought I’d try something a bit off the wall I only set myself two stipulations; no boring Druidism magic and no horses! Not a horse in sight anymore, just loads of bodies and 2 big old Trebuchets!
    My awesome list
    Paladin, Piety, Questing Oath and Bastard Sword, Battle Standard Bearer(Aether Icon), Shield (Faith of Percival),Bastard Sword, 355
    Duke (General), Humility, Grail Oath, Essence of Mithril, Halberd (Shield Breaker), Lucky Charm, 345
    Damsel, Shamanism, Wizard Master 345
    2 x Castellan, Bannerman (Legion Standard), Heavy Armour, Spear, 95 (190)
    48 Peasant Levy, Spear, Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion, 404
    16 Peasant Bowmen, Replace Longbow and Braziers with Crossbow, Musician, 237
    21 Peasant Bowmen, Longbow and Braziers, Musician, 234
    27 Knights Forlorn, Standard Bearer (Rending Banner), Musician, Champion, 710
    Trebuchet, 265
    Trebuchet, 265
    Sacred Reliquary, 150

    So I essentially have 2 big blocks with some shooting support. The Grail Lord and the Castellans go into the Peasant Levy and that block now has a nice static combat res of 8! The Sacred Reliquary, BSB and Damsel all go into the Knights Forlorn. Shamanism attribute will keep the Damsel alive whilst the Knights bring the pain!
    Basic plan going into this tournament was to always try and snatch first turn, as I don’t need to pray thanks to the virtue of peity, fire the Trebuchets at the enemy, smash apart their blocks or take down monsters. Deploy with the Peasants, Trebs, Crossbows and Bowmen all together at one end and run the Knights Forlorn on their own. Use the 10” march of the peasants to run at objectives and catch people off guard.
    The rounds were only 2 hours due to the decrease in points but that would still make some of the games run tight to the limit. 4 games on the Saturday and 2 on the Sunday, so the late Saturday finished sucked but the early Sunday finish was great and made up for it. As the rounds were so short I didn’t have time to do my full bat rep for these so I’m just doing a brief summary of each game plus a tally of what the Trebuchets kill because I want to know if they’re worth it or not.
    Game 1 vs Empire of Sonnstahl
    His list:
    Prelate, General, Plate Armour, Great Weapon, Imperial Seal 300
    Marshal, BSB, Great Tactician, Shield, Death Warrant, Ghostly Guard 330
    Inquisitor, Blessed Steel, Horse & Light Troops, Shield, Hammer of Witches, Dusk Forged 350
    Wizard, Adept, Pyromancy 200
    Wizard, Adept, Cosmology 200
    11x Electoral Cavalry, Full Command, Shield, Lance 465
    14x Light Infantry, musician 205
    14x Light Infantry, musician 205
    5xReiters, brace of pistols 175
    27x Imperial Guard, Full Command, Rending Banner 520
    5x Imperial Rangers 85
    5x Imperial Rangers 85
    Artillery-Volley Gun 190
    Artillery-Volley Gun 190

    So basically a gun line but I think I’ve got him outmatched here, I can just stay out of range of those Volley guns and treb him to death if I want. The Imperial Guard vs Knights Forlorn would be an interesting match but I think the Prelate and BSB with Death Warrant edge it for him. I’m not overly worried about the cavalry block, they can’t go into either of my big blocks, they have to go for my shooting so I’ll leave the Peasants back with them to keep them safe.
    The deployment was Counterthrust and the secondary was King of the Hill, my opponent picked a hill in the middle of the table and I picked a wall near his deployment zone. I dropped everything for first turn. I deployed all the peasants (Peasant Levy, Bowmen, Crossbows and trebs) on the left side and the Knights Forlorn on the right to cover the hill objective. My opponent put everything in the middle with 2 units of rangers on the right to try and shoot trebs and chaff up the knights.

    (The Giant in the Forlorn is my unit filler, i'll talk about why KoE should have Giants one day)

    I shot the Trebs at the Imperial Guard all game and killed 20 of them by the end of the game, taking them out of the fight. The Electoral Cavalry tried to threaten my back lines but they got a bit to close and I was able to use the 10” march to get in front of the cavalry so they couldn’t get away. In the end they just charged the Peasants who beat them in combat, Peasants did 6 wounds and he failed 4 of them, in the end there was only the champion and the Inquisitor left, they fled. The remnants of the Electoral Cavalry were on half leadership and rallied on the board edge. A treb finished off the unit champ getting me the points for them. The Peasants reformed and headed towards the Empire lines and the wall objective. They charged one of the volley guns and took that out.
    I ended up marching the Knights Forlorn towards the middle, killed both units of Rangers but had to take 2 turns of volley gun and crossbow fire as well as fireballs. I had been constantly casting Totemic Summons to try and kill the Volley Guns but he was either dispelling it or just shooting the summons off in one go. I was getting off Swarm of Insects or Chilling Howl but it the VOLLEY Guns were still lethal.

    The unit took an absolute beating and I ended up with about 6 Knights forlorn, BSB, wizard and Reliquary. I charged my beleaguered unit into the remnants of the Imperial Guard and got smashed over 2 turns. My BSB couldn’t kill the Empire BSB, my Knights killed about 3 Imperial Guard in total and I lost all my Knights Forlorn. The BSB, Wizard and Reliquary broke but escaped.
    I then had a tough choice to make on my turn 6, my Peasants were on the objective and my opponent had nothing on the other objective. I could have stayed on the objective to win the scenario or I could charge off of the objective into the rear of the Imperial Guard and hope to break them, netting me a lot of points. I decide to go for the charge and I made it. I only had to kill 4 Imperial Guard to break the unit (Thanks to bodyguard they’re gonna be stubborn as long as those characters live). After two turns of combat (mine, then his) I couldn’t kill the Imperial Guard, he had 1 left alive plus the BSB and Prelate and passed their break tests.
    I made a mistake in that combat by getting in challenge with my Lord vs the BSB and just couldn’t kill him at all, ridiculous. I would have been better off just letting my Lord kill the unit.
    My BSB, wiz and Reliquary failed to rally so I lost half points for them plus I lost the Knights Forlorn and the Bowmen (They took a Fireball and panicked off). I killed both Rangers, Reiters, Imperial Cavalry, One Wizard, one unit of Crossbows and one Volley Gun, plus half points for the imperial Guard. I won 12 – 8 in the end, but would have been a 15-5 if I didn’t run off the objective, 16-4 if the BSB and co rallied. Annoyed with myself for letting all those points get away from me.

    Game 2 v Vermin Swarm (A regular opponent and my mate who I gave a lift too)
    His List:
    Magister, General, Wizard Master, Thaumaturgy, Obsidian Rock, 375
    Plague Patriarch, Plague Pendulum, Wizard Apprentice Occultism, Light Armour, Plague Flail, Basalt Infusion, Luckstone 675
    Chief, Battle Standard Bearer, Shield 165
    25 x Rat at Arms Full command, Aether Icon 285
    30 x Plague Brotherhood Full command 365
    20 x Plague Brotherhood, Musician 225
    2 x Rat Swarms 90
    2 x 14 Plague Disciples 287
    2 x 3 Jezails 110
    Plague Catapult-195

    It was Encircle and Spoils of War. I picked big flanks for myself (more just to stop the Vermin getting the big flanks) and I ended up dropped everything for first turn again. I put the Bowmen on the left flank to try and get the objective on the left. The Peasants were in the middle and the Knights Forlorn were on the right between the two objectives so I could get them to the right hand one or go for the centre. The Crossbows were on the right so they could possibly go for that one.
    My opponent deployed well with one unit of disciples and the small Plague Brotherhood unit on the left opposite my bowmen. The artillery and one unit of Jezails were next to them in the centre, the Dreadmill was hiding behind a building in his deployment zone. Then on the right hand side was the big Plague Pendulum unit, the Clan Rats, Disciples and the last unit of Jezails. Between the Knights Forlorn and the Pendulum was a big hill that ended up dictating the game really.
    He went much wider with his deployment than I was expecting but due to the fearless of the Plague Brotherhood he can. This meant that I couldn’t just send my Bowmen up to grab an objective because they would just get destroyed.
    Turn 1 and I decided to send the Peasants after the left hand objective and then send them to the middle to try and stop the VS from claiming that one. The Forlorn moved behind the hill so they still had the option to claim either the centre objective or the right hand objective. The Trebs hit the Plague Pendulum unit killing 10 Plague Brotherhood and getting 2 wounds on the Pendulum, pretty good start, it can’t afford to take much more of that.
    VS were very cautious in the early turns and kind of held back, especially on the left as they didn’t want any of my peasant block. The Pendulum unit hid behind the hill for the next three turns whilst the Disciples and the Forlorn danced around the hill with neither charging each other. The VS managed to kill 1 treb in turn 1 with the Jezails and magic. Then in Turn 2 I got a hit with the treb on one unit of Jezails, but only did a wound. 6 Jezails fired back at the Treb next turn and did 6 wounds with their 6 shots!
    Peasants got the objective and moved to the centre. In turn 4 I sent the Forlorn to the Centre and then in turn 5 changed my mind and turned them around to face the right hand objective that the Clan rats were now running for. I probably could have got to the Clan rats in Turn 6 but the Forlorn got chaffed by the Disciples (best chaff in the game, because they aren’t chaff, they’re indestructible murder mice!). They couldn’t overrun into the Clan rats so I lost the objective. I didn’t fancy sending the Peasants in against the Pendulum, especially as there was the Plague Brotherhood and a Dreadmill looking at their flank.
    In the end not a whole lot died, I killed the Pendulum (Summon took it off), one unit of Disciples, a unit of Jezails and a rat swarm. I lost the Crossbows to a magic missile which panicked them off and both trebs. So it was a 10 – 10 on points but I lost the objective to lose 13 – 7.
    Another annoying game for me as I think I did myself out of the win there. If I committed the Forlorn to the right flank early on I think I could have won or at least drawn that. My opponent only had 3 scoring units so he was going to have to split them up to try and win the scenario. If I went for the right hand objective with the Forlorn and he ran the pendulum into the centre then my Forlorn would have easily killed the Clan rats and scored the objective. So the Pendulum would have to go for the Forlorn over there to try and beat them and claim the objective on the right and leave the centre, for a draw. I’d fancy my Forlorn against the Pendulum when it’s down to 3 wounds too, that’s a winnable fight for me I think.

    Game 3 v Orcs & Goblins
    His List:
    Goblin King, Forest Goblin King, Gargantula, Paired Weapons, Light Armour, Hand Weapon (Shield Breaker) 600
    Orc Shaman, General (War Cry!), Feral Orc Shaman, Wizard Master, Shamanism, Paired Weapons 410
    Orc Chief, Feral Orc Chief, Battle Standard, Great Weapon, Light Armour (Essence of Mithril) 260
    28 Orcs, Feral Orcs, Paired Weapons, Standard Bearer (Green Tide), Musician, Champion 457
    40 Goblins, Forest Goblins, Spears and Shields, Standard Bearer (Rending Banner) 425
    10 Mounted 'Eadbashers, Feral Orcs, Shield, Musician 320
    23 Gnasher Herd 294
    5 Goblin Raiders, Common Goblin 125
    3 Grotlings 90
    Gargantula 515

    I was several beers deep at this point so my memory has become a bit foggy but I think I remember the gist of the game. It was Refused Flank for the deployment and Breakthrough for the Secondary objective. Not a great objective for me this one against this list, although I have 4 scoring units there is a lot of stuff to get through before I can get in his deployment zone and I think that the Mounted Eadbashrers are jut gonna sit in my deployment and win the objective.
    My opponent chose to drop everything first before I was able to make the decision as I picked table sides. He basically had the King on the Spider on the left then, going left to right, the Gnashers, Feral Orc block with the BSB and Shaman, Grotlings, Goblins, Gargantula, Eadbashers and Goblin Raiders.
    It was one hell of a nasty front line and I was left with two options. Sit in the corner, castle up and let the trebs do the work; this would probably do some damage to the Orc hordes but I don’t think I could do enough damage to stop it when it gets into me. The trebs have a lot of juicy targets to shoot at but shooting at the Gargantula seems like a waste of a treb to me, I’d rather have them smashing orcs. The alternative plan was to put both blocks on one flank and push hard at that flank hoping to beat that side and breakthrough to deployment and score, or at least draw the objective.
    I went with plan 2 and put the Peasants and the Forlorn on the left flank, the Trebs at the back, Crossbows on the right and Bowmen behind my blocks, ready to make a break for it.
    His turn 1 and the King on the spider charges at the Peasants and makes the charge. I was ok with this because I was hoping that the peasants would either win thanks to their static combat res or at least hold long enough for the Forlorn to get to their aid. Rest of it moved forward slowly, the Feral Orc block kind of hung back. I fed my unit champion to the King, won combat but it didn’t break.
    I was unable to charge the Forlorn into the Spider, I have no idea why I couldn’t but I didn’t. I think the Grotlings were able to chaff up the Forlorn with their vanguard and movement phase. So the Peasants had to fight another round of combat, I decided to sacrifice a Bannerman this round, I still won combat but the King stuck again. Trebs killed 3 Mounted Eadbashers and then I lost them after this round. A Totemic Summon took one of them off and I think a swarm of insects killed the other in two turns.
    The Forlorn ended up having to charge into the Gnashers who were chaffing them up. They kind of fluffed in the first round and didn’t break the Gnashers. The Goblins charged into the flank of the Forlorn but in that round the Forlorn went crazy and murdered a load of Goblins and a load of Gnashers, despite the combat res the Goblins brought to the fight the Forlorn run combat by 6! The Goblins turned tail and fled but the Gnashers held on a double 1! (Exactly what they needed). I finished off the Gnashers in my turn but it then I was left having to wait a turn before I could charge.
    By this time the Gargantula had killed my Lord (I foolishly thought my Lord could take the Spider in a challenge, he couldn’t), it had then proceeded to very quickly eat it’s way through the peasant block. At the point I was able to charge the Forlorn at the King on the Gargantula the peasants had lost steadfast and had fled the battlefield, once I had no more characters to feed the king it was killing like 15 a go, it was crazy! Eventually I charged the Forlorn into the King and this time I refused the challenge and just beat it with Knights Forlorn, they did some wounds to it. Then the other Gargantula charged the Forlorn in the rear, ouch!

    The Knights Forlorn killed the King Gargantula and left the second Gargantula on one wound! Damn!
    However it was all too late by this point. The Bowmen had fled the battlefield after the destruction of the peasants I believe. The Crossbows got a sneaky flank charge into the Mounted Eadbashers but they were able to stick, then the Eadbashers turned around and murdered the Crossbows.
    I was able to get a Totemic Summon into the Mounted ‘Eadbashers and hold them up for a turn or two, thus preventing them from scoring the objective. The Feral Orcs were too scared of the Knights Forlorn to go anywhere near my deployment and just hung back most of the game. The goblins didn’t make it either so no one scored the objective. It ended as a 13 – 7 win to my opponent on points as he killed everything except the Forlorn and the characters in there.
    The Knights Forlorn practically killed 2 spiders on their own, plus the Gnashers and some Goblins. They took on the worst the Orcs had to throw at them and still kept on going, I had just under half the unit left at the end. To say I was impressed by their survivability is an understatement.
    That was a tough matchup and a tough scenario for me and I think I deployed badly. I perhaps should have deployed further back away from the orcs at the beginning. I was so scared of most of his units getting into the peasants, I really wanted to try and keep them safe. If the Feral Orcs got into them they would have butchered the Peasants in no time. The only target for the peasants was the Feral Orc Mounted Eadbashers or the Goblins. Those 2 spiders were very hard to kill and I don’t think the list can take down two big monsters like that easily, just because they’re 16 wounds between them. If I sat back and shot at them and magiced them I might have been in a better situation.
    The sun had set on Saturday but Day1 was far from over so onto Game 4 in the next post.

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