The Road to Stirling

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    I am literally about to make the epic journey up to Scotland now but I’d thought I’d just do a quick post about how my list has changed from the BCB2 to now. So the BCB2 was 3500 and the Siege of Strivelyn III is your bog standard 4500. As I did a lot better at BCB2 thanwas expecting I’ve decided not to really change the list all that much and instead just add 1000 points on to it.

    There was somethings in my list I wasn’t overly happy with but not much. I didn’t think the Sacred Reliquary added a great deal to the Forlorn block. The +1 Armour in combat is nice but I just found that the Reliquary takes up too much space in the unit to be worth it. I know you still get fight in extra ranks but when you’re dealing with models with a small foot print like lone characters or monsters you need all the attacks you can get and having some waster by the Reliquary is annoying. So I’ve dropped that. I’ve also replaced the Rending Banner on the Forlorn for the Banner of Speed because they really need the speed boost I think.

    So for my extra points now I had to squeeze in another 250 points so for me it was a an easy decision, at that kind of cost a Knight of the Realm unit fits in perfectly (I dropped 1 peasant as well). It gives me a quick scoring unit that is pretty cheap but well armoured. I have been lacking speed so these guys might just provide that.

    With the rest of my points I decided I needed a unit of Pegasus Knights, again for their speed and for threatening the back lines of enemies as well. They are such a pain for people to deal with I think they are worth it just for that alone. If they are attracting fire then the rest of my army isn’t and that’s ok. I went with Vanguard only to try and rush behind my opponent if I can catch them messing up their deployment. I would have gone loose formation but I couldn’t afford it at the time (Now it has been reduced again I would have taken it and dropped the Lucky Charm on my Lord)

    Lastly I decided to try out a unit of 5 Grail Knights. There are 2 reasons for this, I’ve never used them before in ninth and with their guaranteed 5++ Aegis save it means I can still forego praying and get first turn. Only the Pegs and Realm would be affected by the loss of the prayer but it will be worth it in most match ups. I have really used the Grails in ninth before because I generally think they are over costed and die far too easily for such an expensive unit. They’re inability to flee can be absolutely devastating too if they are caught off guard. However, they have tremendous damage output and can pretty much beat most equivalent cavalry. I basically plan on run them on a flank and letting my opponent worry about them.

    I had some points left over so I bought the Talisman of the Void on the Shaman because channelling 2 is just so useful.

    So the list I’ll be taking:

    Duke (General), Halberd, Shield Breaker, Essence of Mithril, Lucky Charm, Virtue of Humility, Grail Oath =345

    Paladin, Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, Faith of Percival, Flaming Standard, Bastard Sword, Virtue of Piety, Bastard Sword and Questing Oath = 380

    Damsel, Wizard Master, Shamanism, Talisman of the Void = 395

    2x Castellan, Heavy Armour, Spear, Bannerman, Legion Standard = 95

    47 Peasant Levy, Spear, Full Command = 396

    6 Knights of the Realm = 260

    16 Peasant Bowmen, Crossbows, Musician = 237

    21 Peasant Bowmen, Musician = 234

    30 Knights Forlorn, Full Command, Banner of Speed = 785

    5 Knights of the Grail, Musician = 402

    2 x Trebuchet = 265

    3 Pegasus Knights, Vanguard = 346

    I’m off now, wish me luck and I’ll see you here for Game 1.

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