Axel Vicious and the Kingdom of Equitaine at Siege of Strivelyn III

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    Welcome to another round of Battle Reports from the latest tournament I attended, the excellent Siege of Strivelyn III. This was a 3 man team event and I was taking my KoE list that I discussed previously here. My fellow team mates were running an all cavalry Warriors list and a Saurian list with a big block of Caimans.
    The tournament had different custom scenarios for each round which certainly made the tournie much more interesting compared to your bog standard tournie and meant that you had think about how some of these objectives were going to be tackled. So the first scenario for Game 1 was “Storm the Bridges”, it is like Secure Target, where there are two objectives that have to be secured, but they are 2 bridges that are on the centre line. There is also a river running across the middle of board which counts as Dangerous Terrain 2 for Standard Infantry and Beasts, everything else is Dangerous Terrain 1 and Gigantic ignores all Dangerous Terrain for the river. Any unit beginning its movement phase in the river takes Dangerous Terrain and you cannot march into or out of the river.
    The draw had already been done for the first round and once we arrived on Saturday morning and did our pairings I was drawn against a Dwarven Holds list and an unusual one at that:
    Engineer, General, Wyrm-Slayer Rocket, Shield 155
    Thane, Crossbow, Shield, Rune of Dragon's Breath, Rune of Kinship, Rune of Shielding 240
    Thane, Crossbow, Shield, Rune of Dragon's Breath, Rune of Kinship, Rune of Mining 230
    Thane, Pistol, Shield, Rune of Dragon's Breath, Rune of Kinship 210
    Thane, Shield, Rune of Kinship, 2x Rune of Lightning, Rune of Returning 225
    Thane, Guild Crafted Handgun, Shield, Rune of Denial 230
    10 Clan Marksmen, Guild-Crafted Handgun, Shield 250
    11 Clan Marksmen, Shield 23010 Clan Marksmen, Shield 210
    3x 10 Greybeard, Shield, Throwing Weapons 245
    10 Miners, Great Weapons 205
    10 Rangers, Crossbow, Shields 225
    10 Rangers, Crag Warden, Throwing Weapons, Shields 215
    Attack Copter 180
    Steam Bomber 215
    Cannon 250
    2x Flame Cannon 145
    2x Dwarf Ballista 100
    So a load of small units and a load of characters to contend with plus 5 war machines! Quite a scary list and I was a little bit stuck about how to approach this match. The biggest threat in the list to me is the Flame Cannons, they could absolutely murder my Peasant Levy and put a dent in the Knights Forlorn. There’s so much shooting to contend with as well and with so many small units I may struggle to get into combat due to fleeing my charges and just shooting me with the other units. I’ve got no real good targets for my Trebuchets but I’ll probably try and take out the copters, artillery and the handgunners if I can.
    The Pegasus Knights will be useful in this battle as they can just fly over the rived and put pressure on the Dwarves right from the beginning. I’m going to run the Knights through the river and try and pressure one flank. I’m going to put the Peasants on one of the bridges and the Knights Forlorn to capture the other.
    For my Shamanism spells I picked Awaken the Beast, Swarm of Insects, Chilling Howl, Totemic Summon. This is probably the first time I haven’t taken Break the Spirit, due to the small shooting units of the dwarves I just didn’t think it would really be of any use, especially when the other spells are so much more useful.
    The deployment for this game is Frontline Clash and we alternate deployment for a while before I eventually drop everything to go first, my opponent had so many drops that I had no chance of out deploying him really so it was probably the right thing to do. I also did not pray as I wanted to guarantee first turn to limit the shooting of the dwarves, I didn’t want them taking out the trebuchets early on.

    I positioned the Knights Forlorn on the left flank to cover that bridge and the Peasants on the right to get the right hand bridge. I sat both my Peasant bows and crossbows in the centre to cover their advance. Trebuchets were each in sepearte corners of my deployment so the Miners couldn’t get both. The Pegasus Knights were on the left flank and the Grail Knights and Knights of the Realm were on the right flank. I’m going to push the Knights across the right hand side of the river and the Pegs are going to fly over the left side, with their vanguard I should be able to get behind the dwarf lines in turn 1. The damsel is in the Knights Forlorn along with my BSB, as there are no Fear causers she won’t limit the Knights charge and it is the safest place for her.
    The Dwarves deploy across the whole of their deployment, I would talk about it but there are just so many units. The Engineer is in the Clan Marksmen 1 unit and the Handgunner Thane is in the Clan Marksmen 2 unit. The Lightning Rune Thane and one of the Breath Weapon Thanes are in the Rangers 2 unit on the left and the other 2 Thanes are in the Rangers 1 unit on the right. The Grey Beard unit 3 are in the ruins but in the pictures it may look like they aren’t, there’s one guy marking their corner and the rest are sat in front of it.

    I Vanguard my Pegasus Knights right up to the river and I begin my Turn 1.

    KoE 1
    Display Spoiler

    The Pegasus Knights fly over the river and over the Rangers and turn them to face the rear of the Rangers and the Grey Beards in the ruin. The Knights of the Realm and the Grail Knights move up to the edge of the River. The Forlorn move towards the left Bridge and the Peasants move forward slightly.

    I get a disappointing Magic Phase as I draw the 1 card. I start off by casting Totemic Summon but it’s dispelled, I then try to cast a small Chilling Howl on the Crossbow 1 unit but fail to roll 5 on 2 dice.
    In shooting the Bowmen shoot the Crossbow 1 unit and kill 2 Dwarves. The Crossbows shoot the Crossbow 2 unit and also kill 2 Dwarves. The left hand Trebuchet hits the Grey Beard 2 unit on the left and kill 5 of them! The second trebuchet gets a partial hit on the Handgunners but does no wounds. Not a bad round of shooting really.

    DH 1
    Display Spoiler

    In the Dwarves turn 1 there is very little in the way of movement, the Steam Bomber moves up to the river in front of the Grail Knights, meaning that if I charge I’ll have to take some Dangerous Terrain checks but I’m fine with that. The Attack Copter moves in front of the Pegasus knights to shoot them rather than chaff them. The Rangers turn to face the Pegasus Knights too.

    The Bolt Thrower on the left shoots the Pegasus Knights and wounds them but luckily it only does 1 wound. The Attack Copter shoots them and does another wound but I pass my panic check, phew! The Rangers shoot at the Pegasus Knights but do no wounds. All the other Dwarven shooting (Cannon, Bolt Thrower, Handgunners, 2x Crossbows, Rangers and Steam Bomber) only manage to kill 1 Grail Knight, so a pretty awful round of shooting for the Dwarves and I’m very happy about that.

    KoE 2
    Display Spoiler

    The Pegasus Knights have a whole host of juicy targets they can charge, I could go for the Attack Copter and take that out the game, or I could charge the Bolt Thrower to stop that, the Grey Beards in the ruins are out but the unit of 5 on the other side of the ruins are tempting. In the end I decide to charge the Rangers, as they are in a loose formation they won’t be steadfast (Pegasus Knights major flaw for me is their inability to break steadfast). There’s 2 Characters in the Rangers but I am hoping I will do enough wounds on the charge to win combat and run them down.
    I charge the Grail Knights into the Steam Bomber and pass all my Dangerous Terrain checks.

    I move the rest of my army forward, the Peasant Levy are just out of range of the Flame Cannon on the right. I move the Knights Forlorn onto the bridge and rather than have them sit there for the rest of the game I’m going to use them to rush at the Dwarves, so I move the Bowmen forward with the aim of using them to score the bridge.

    I move the Crossbows forward for the same reason and to get them in range of the Flame Cannon to shoot at (I need to take that down before I can move the Peasant any closer). Knights of the Realm cross the river and lose one guy to Dangerous Terrain.
    I get the 6 Flux Card in my magic phase and start off by casting Totemic Summon, which he dispels (this is a common theme for all of my games!), I try to cast Swarm of Insects on the Flame Cannon but I fail. I then cast Chilling Howl on the Crossbow 1 unit so it now affects the Cannon and the Flame Cannon. Lastly I am able to get Awaken the Beast on the Pegasus Knights and I increase their Resilience by 1.
    The Bows can shoot but they do nothing. The left hand trebuchets shoots at the Attack Copter, I hit it and kill it in one shot! The right hand Trebuchet fires at the Handgunners and also scores a hit killing 3 of them, they pass their panic check.
    In combat the Grail Knights easily kill the Steam Bomber before it can attack back, the Grail Knights pivot to face the Dwarves.

    The Pegasus Knight combat is not so easy sadly.

    The Pegasus Knights fail to hit anything but the Pegasi manage to kill a dwarf for me. The Thanes then strike and one of them uses their Breath Weapon and does 2 wounds to me, killing one Pegasus Knight. The Other Thane with the Rune of Lightning does a crazy number of hits but I roll well for my armour saves and only take 1 wound (I really should have been dead given how many hits he got with the Thane attacks plus the Lightning attacks). I manage to stomp one more Ranger to death and it’s a draw in the end. That combat did not go how I expected it, I thought being Res 5 would have protected them a lot more but the sheer number of hits I took did a number on me.

    DH 2
    Display Spoiler

    No charges from the Dwarves this turn, the Miners come on from Ambush and appear on the right of my deployment so that’s that Trebuchet done for. The only other movement is the Rangers on the right move closer to the Grail Knights.

    In the shooting phase the two Thanes in the Rangers on the right use their Breath Weapons as a shooting attack and get a total of 18 hits on the Grail Knights! They do 9 wounds and I fail 4 armour saves, I pass no ward saves and the Grail Knights are dead, I did not see that happening at all! The Bolt Thrower and the Flame Cannon on the right shoot at the Knights of the Realm and kill 2 of them, the Handgunners are able to kill 1 more Knight of the Realm. The Crossbows on the right shoot at my Crossbows and kill 2 of them. The Flame Cannon on the left shoots at the Knights Forlorn and only kills 2 of them, the Crossbows shoot at them and kill 2 more. That was a lot of shooting and it has really taken a toll on my forces, as long as I still have my 2 big blocks I’m doing ok.
    In combat the remaining Pegasus Knight and his Pegasus fail to hit any of the Dwarves (I rolled 3 1s) however the Dwarves also fail to do any wounds to the Pegasus Knight. I kill one Ranger with the stomp attack and I actually win combat by 1! The Rangers fail their break test and flee, there’s no way I’m letting them get away so I pursue and catch them!

    (What a Hero!)

    That was an unexpected bonus for me there, there’s a few points in that unit so that is good to get.

    KoE 3
    Display Spoiler

    There are two charges for me this turn. As the Knights of the Realm are down to just 2 Knights I decide to not risk charging any of the infantry as they’ll probably beat me in combat so I charge the Bolt Thrower, I can at least take that out with my two Knights. The Knights Forlorn are about 14” away from the 5 man unit of Grey Beards so I decide to go for that charge as there is no real downside to failing. I fail the charge and lose to Knights to Throwing Weapons for my troubles.
    The other movement I do is the Peasant Levy, who move a little more onto the bridge and I fly the Pegasus Knight next to the Bolt Thrower in the ruins.

    I get the 7 Flux Card this Magic Phase making it 9 v 6. My opponent uses his Rune of Denial this turn to stop me from casting Chilling Howl. I start off by throwing 5 dice at Totemic Summon but my opponent uses all his dice to stop it. I then try to cast Swarm of Insects on the Flame Cannon but fail. I am then only able to cast Awaken the Beast on the Knights Forlorn to increase their Resilience.
    In shooting the Peasant Bowmen shoot at the Crossbows and kill 2 more of them, 1 short of a panic test sadly. The Crossbows shoot at the Flame Cannon on the right and do 3 wounds to it. The Trebuchet on the right, that is about to get charged by the Miners, shoots at the now wounded Flame Cannon and scores a hit and kills the Flame Cannon. The other Trebuchet shoots at the Miners to try and save their buddys but it misses.
    In combat the Knights of the Realm inflict 3 wounds on the Bolt Thrower and take none in return but the Bolt Thrower passes it’s break test and sticks, at least it means they won’t be getting shot at for a round.

    DH 3
    Display Spoiler

    The Miners charge the Trebuchet and that’s the only charge.

    All the Grey Beards move forwards towards my units. The Grey Beards in the ruins only move 3” due to the risk of Dangerous terrain checks. The peasants could potentially get sandwiched in between the Grey Beards and the Miners and that could be very bad. The Rangers on the right couldn’ see the Knights of the Realm so they wheel a bit so they can see them.
    In the Shooting Phase the Rangers and the Crossbows with the General in shoot at my Crossbows and do 4 wounds, I pass my panic test. The Hand Gunners shoot at the Peasants and kill 3 of them. The Grey Beards throw their Throwing Weapons at the Knights Forlorn and kill 1 of them, then the Flame Cannon opens fire and kills 5 more Knights Forlorn! I really need to kill that Cannon!
    The Miners easily kill the Trebuchet and I don’t do a single wound to the Miners. The Miners overrun 11” and are now scarily close to the Peasant’s rear. The Knights of the Realm are only able to cause a single wound to the Bolt Thrower and take none in return, the Bolt Thrower sticks this turn as well and is now alive on 1 wound. That is incredibly annoying because if I could have killed that Bolt Thrower I could have pivoted and charged in my turn, I probably would have charged the flank of the Rangers as they wouldn’t be steadfast and I think I would have stood a better chance of breaking them than the Handgunners and there’s more points in there.

    KoE 4
    Display Spoiler

    I charge the Knights Forlorn into the depleted Grey Beard unit and lose 2 Knights to the throwing Weapons when I charge in. I charge the Pegasus Knight at the Flame Cannon but I fail the charge, I needed a 9 or so on the dice.

    I move the Bowmen towards the left hand bridge and reform the Crossbows 5 wide now and turn to face the Miners. The Peasant Levy march forward 10” now that the threat of the Flame Cannon has gone.

    I have a weak Magic Phase, a 2 Flux Card I think. Totemic Summon is dispelled as usual but I get off a non boosted Chilling Howl on the Cannon.
    I shoot the Trebuchet at the Miners but it misfires and can’t shoot this turn or next. The Crossbows shoot at the Miners and do no wounds. The Bows shoot at the Grey Beards and do no wounds.
    In combat the Knights of the Realm finally kill the Bolt Thrower and I turn them to face the Rangers. The Knights Forlorn lose one more Knight before they can strike back. The Knights are only able to kill 3 Grey Beards, it’s enough to win combat though and the Grey Beards flee. I pursue and go 11” which is enough to catch the Grey Beards and to charge into the Flame Cannon.

    DH 4
    Display Spoiler

    The Rangers charge the Knights of the Realm and I flee the charge, the flee takes me through the Hand Gunners and I lose one Knight to Dangerous Terrain but I get away from the Rangers.

    The Grey Beards walk out of the ruins and move towards the now empty bridge. The other Grey Beards move towards the Peasants so they can throw their Throwing Weapons at them.
    Shooting next and the Bolt Thrower is determined to finish off my lone Pegasus Knight but misses. The Cannon takes aim at him as well and misfires, he’s one lucky Pegasus Knight. The Grey Beards in front of the Peasants shoot them and kill 5 of them, the Handgunners open fire at them too and kill 3 more. The Crossbow 2 unit on the right shoots at my Crossbows and kills 2. The other Crossbows unit shoots dead 2 Peasant Bowmen.
    In combat the Knights Forlorn easily kill the Flame Cannon but then I’m left with a tough choice of what to do with them next. Time is rapidly running out in our game and it is looking unlikely that we are going to get the whole 6 turns in so we agree to only play one more turn and leave it at the end of 5. I have 2 potential plays right now with the Knights Forlorn but it will dictate how the rest of the game goes, I either turn to face the Crossbows and charge down the Dwarven back line taking out the Crossbows, Cannon and general but doing that will most likely cost me the objective. Alternatively I can turn the Forlorn to face the Grey Beards in the ruins, charge them, take them off and secure the objective. I decide to do the latter as there is only one turn left and those 3 Victory Points for the objective are better than what I can get if I charge the Dwarven Crossbows and Cannon.

    KoE 5
    Display Spoiler

    So my last turn and I charge the Knights Forlorn at the Grey Beards, unfortunately I angled the unit incorrectly and I’m in the Grey Beards rear and not the flank as I wanted. It does mean I know have to go into the ruins and take some Dangerous Terrain checks, it’s ok though, I’ll take it. I am lucky and only lose 1 Knight to Dangerous Terrain. I also charge the Pegasus Knight into the flank of the Crossbows, there’s only 7 left in the unit so I could potentially break steadfast.

    I walk the Peasant Levy back a step and march the Crossbows 10” into the face of the Miners so they can’t rear charge the Peasants. I march the Bowmen onto the Bridge so I now control both objectives.

    Magic is a 5 on the Flux Card and the only spell I get off is Awaken the Beast on the Pegasus Knight to increase his Resilience.
    There’s no shooting so it is straight to combat. The Knights Forlorn lose one of their numbers before they get to swing back. The Forlorn kill 5 Grey beards and break them. The Grey Beards flee an impressive 12” though and I fail to catch them. It does mean that the Grey Beards have to run through the Peasant Bowmen and 2 more dwarves die to Dangerous terrain.

    The Pegasus Knight manages to kill 1 Crossbow and the Pegasus kills another, I take no wounds in return. There are just 5 models left in the unit, if I can stomp one more guy I will break steadfast and hopefully get them to flee. Sadly I roll a 1 for my stomp and the Dwarves stick on their Steadfast Discipline. They do fail to reform though so I still have one more chance.

    DH 5
    Display Spoiler

    The only charge from the Dwarves is the Miners charging into the Crossbows. The Grey Beards that fled mange to rally (booo!) and everything else stays as it is.
    In the shooting phase the Cannon and the Bolt Thrower both shoot at the Peasant Bows, hoping to do enough to panic them off the bridge, between them they kill 6 bowmen and that is enough for a panic test. I am more than 6” from the BSB so I can’t use his Discipline but I do get a reroll to my panic test. I manage to pass my panic on Discipline 5 thanks to the reroll. On the other bridge the Crossbows, Handgunners, Rangers and Grey Beards all shoot at the Peasants and manage to kill 11 of them this turn but I also pass my panic test their (they are Discipline 9 with a reroll).
    In combat the Crossbows don’t kill any Miners but the Miners kill 4 Crossbows. The Crossbows fail their Break test (probably automatically fail) and flee, the Miners give chase and catch them.
    The Pegasus Knight only needs to kill one more Crossbow to break that Steadfast but he can’t do it, he also doesn’t take a wound and lives to fight another day.

    That’s the end of the game and we tally up our kills, I have got 1680 Victory points and my opponent got 1337 from me making it an 11 – 9 to me on points but I also scored both bridges so it’s 14 – 6 in total.

    So, all in all, that was a much tougher game than the score suggests. I think I always had control of the objectives and my opponent had to work hard to try and get me off of them but the sheer volume of shooting the Dwarves were packing could have easily ruined my plans. Just two rounds of Dwarf shooting into the Peasant block took them down to just above half strength. If I hadn’t taken care of the Flame Cannon on the right then my Peasants would have been done for.
    It was a shame that we never made it 6 turns but I think that as I was actually taking part in every phase (I don’t get much shooting with my Warriors normally) and making my notes for these bat reps definitely slowed down my speed of play. Also my opponent had a bucket load of shooting to throw dice for too. I think the scenario also slowed us down a bit as well as we kept on having to check rules for it. In the end I think not playing turn 6 helped me more than my opponent but in no way did I play for that, honest, I’m not a slow player at all.
    The star of the show for me was my one man Pegasus Knight, breaking the Rangers all on his lonesome and then being able to put pressure on the Dwarven flank as well was good. A Pegasus Knight on one wound is an annoying thing for my opponents as you don’t want to use a unit of Crossbows to try and shoot of that last wound as it would get them out of position for a turn but it’s so easy for Cannons and bolt Throwers to miss or for me to make my Aegis Save. It definitely gave my opponent a headache trying to deal with that one guy.
    The Trebuchets did pretty well too, taking out a Steam Copter, Flame Cannon and some more Dwarves. Very happy with what they did this game.
    I was very disappointed with the Grail Knights, what an ignoble death, to just die to a Breath attack, I thought he might kill 1 or two with it but not the whole unit.
    I don’t think my opponent did much wrong to be honest he played very defensively but his list was built for that. If I was him I would have had the all of the Thanes with Rune of Kinship ambush on instead of deploying in the units. They could have then taken out both trebs and probably taken out the Bowmen and Crossbows because I’m not sure my small arms fire is enough to kill those Thanes. He could have used them to harry my big blocks too and that would have just slowed me right down. I really like the Dwarf list though and I think if it wasn’t for this particular scenario I would have really struggled against it.
    As for the rest of the Team our Warrior player lost to a KoE army featuring more peasant shooting than you could shake a stick at (150+ bows i believe) but our Saurian player got a win against some filthy Vermin Swarm. The team won the round overall, 33 v 27 i think. So only a small win but we were happy with that.
    That’s all for now, on to Game 2 shortly.

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  • edjuh2.0 -

    Nice report! Alwys enjoy reading them. Can you tell me where you bought the movement trays?

    • AxelVicious -

      Hello. I get my movement trays from a British company called Sarissa Precision, It's just MDF just to a particular size and comes with an MDF rim.

  • falanor -

    thanks for the report. The custom scenarios look quite cool!

  • Firthunands91 -

    Thank you for sharing this.