Axel Vicious and the Kingdom of Equitaine at Siege of Strivelyn III - Game 2 v Sylvan Elves

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  • Hello and welcome to Game 2 of The Siege of Strivelyn III.

    Each game at the event had a different scenario from your bog standard ones out the book and for this round the scenario involved each army having a camp. It had to be 100mm square and was supposed to be the base camp for your faction. Here’s mine:

    A lovely tent scene for the Kingdom of Equitaine featuring two very hung over peasants, a state I can relate to every Sunday morning at every Tournament I’ve ever been too.

    The aim of the scenario is to try and destroy your opponents camp whilst keeping yours alive. The camp is considered Large and cannot be moved once it is deployed cannot be moved. It has 5 wounds at Resilience 5 and has 6 attacks at OS 3 and Strength 3. To score the scenario the camp has to be captured by a scoring unit that has to destroy it in combat (or if it is killed with shooting then they can just move onto it and pick it up). The Deployment was Counterthrust so that was normal at least.

    My opponent for this round was using Sylvan Elves and I’ve played this guy a few times now and it’s always a tight cagey game as he plays very defensively where as i’m all about the running at my opponents as fast as I can. His list:

    Dryad Ancient, General, Wizard Adept, Druidism, Oaken Crown 240

    Chieftain, Blade Dancer Kindred, Sylvan Blades, Hero’s Heart, Drums of Cenyrn 280

    Chieftain, Blade Dancer Kindred, Battle Standard Bearer, Spear, Hunters Honour, Aether Icon (x2) 335

    Druid, Shamanism, Wizard Master, Sylvan Bow, Binding Scroll 425

    11 Dryads, Champion 221

    8 Dryads,150

    2x 5 Heath Hunters 205

    13 Sylvan Archers, Musician 344

    7 Wild Huntsmen, Champion, Shields 446

    12 Blade Dancers, Champion, Standard, Rending Banner 465

    12 Blade Dancers, Champion 395

    4 Thicket Beasts 365

    8 Sentinels 266

    5 Sentinels 155

    Mine can be found here

    So there are 3 things in that list that scare the bejesus out of me, the 2 units of Blade Dancers and the Wild Huntsman. I’ve played against Wild Huntsman many times over the years and I have seen them destroy entire armies on their own, now I don’t think a unit of 7 of them is going to do that but they still worry me. The Knights Forlorn are the perfect answer to them as they will negate all their Devastating Charge bonuses and should be able to go through them in a round without taking too many loses. If the Wild Huntsmen can get into my Peasants then I think I have problems, they’ll put a huge dent in them before I can even swing back.

    The Blade Dancers are a scary proposition too, I’ve never actually fought against them but I’ve heard many a tale of people failing to hurt them and having their units just bounce off. I think the Knights Forlorn can take them on but I’m not so sure about the rest. These are the number one targets for my trebuchets without a doubt, even with the -1 to hit them I’m still going to go for them.

    As for the rest of it I’m not that bothered about, there are a lot of units in the army though so I am going to have to fight my way through a lot of chaff if I am ever going to get to the Sylvan camp. Luckily for me there isn’t a lot of scoring units in my opponents army so as long as I can stop the Thicket Beasts and dryads from getting near the camp I should be safe.

    For my spells I pick Awaken the Beast, Swarm of Insects (it will be great for killing Blade Dancers!), Totemic Summon and Break the Spirit. I decided against taking Chilling Howl as I’m just not sure I am that fussed about the Sylvan shooting that much and the only spell I’d drop for it would be Awaken the Beast but the Resilience boost will be more useful.

    My opponent is also on Shamanism and goes for Awaken the Beast, Chilling Howl, Totemic Summon and Break the Spirit. The Dryad Ancient goes for Summer Growth and the Sylvan Hereditary spell –Forest Embrace.

    We put our camps down first (or at least we should have but I don’t think we did when we played because we didn’t read the rules pack). We alternate the first three drops as with Counterthrust and then I drop everything to go first. I forego praying as there isn’t a lot of high strength attacks in the Sylvan army so I don’t think I need it really.

    I castle up in the left hand corner of the board as although I’m fairly sure that my opponent is just going to hang back and try and just shoot me off I can’t take it for granted. If I deployed badly then the Wild Huntsman could easily get behind my lines and make a mess of my army so I can’t let them get behind me. I have the Pegasus Knights out on the right ready to fly around the Sylvan lines and scare them. The Peasants are on top of the big hill in the middle to give them a big threat range in case anything comes near their charge range. I have one treb on the left and one treb on the right. Everything else is on the left as shown. My Damsel is in with the Knights Forlorn today as there aren’t enough Fear causers out there for me to need the extra charge bonus on the Knights Forlorn.

    My opponent deployed very defensively with nothing except the Heath Hunters further than 8” from the board edge. The Wild Huntsmen and one unit of Blade Dancers are hiding behind the hill, safe from my Trebuchets for now. The other Bladed Dancers are on the right and hiding behind a wood, the BSB is in that unit and the Heroes Heart Blade Dancer Chieftain is on the left hand unit. The Dryad Ancient is in with the bigger Dryad unit next to the Sylvan Camp. The Druid is in with the Sylvan Archers on the back line.

    Once once my opponent finished deploying it’s vanguard time, the Heath Hunters both move backwards in front of the Blade Dancers and the Dryads near the Sylvan Elf camp. I move the Pegasus Knights forward to push behind the Sylvan Elf lines.

    KoE 1

    Display Spoiler

    I move the Pegasus Knights to the flank of the Sylvan Elves, just to threaten him a bit and make him have to deal with them. I move the Peasants a bit more forward onto the Hill to get them closer but still keep the reroll to their charge if they need it. My only other movement is the Grail Knights moving towards the centre of the board. I’ve remained quite cautious with my movement as I want to see how my opponent reacts to my turn, if he runs at me I’ll be glad I stayed back but if he just stays back I’ll be frustrated.

    In the Magic Phase I get the 6 Flux Card making it 8 v 6 with the dice. As my Damsel is so far back there’s only 2 spells I can cast. I start off with a Swarm of Insects on the Blade Dancers on the left, my opponent lets it through and I score an impressive 25 hits on the unit! I manage to kill 5 Blade Dancers which is awesome! I then try and cast Totemic Summon but it is dispelled.

    My Crossbows and Bowmen are out of range of anything so can’t shoot but I still have the Trebuchets. I decide that the Blade Dancers are the most worthy target of my trebs even with their Hard Target, they need to die. I need 6s to hit but both miss.

    SE 1

    Display Spoiler

    The Sylvan Elves fall for my cunning Pegasus Knight strategy and turn everything they can to face the Pegasus Knights. One unit of Heath Hunters moves behind the Pegasus Knights and the other backs up into the woods. The Dryads turn to face the, and the Blade Dancers move around the camp but face the Pegasus Knights.

    For good measure both units of Sentinels also turn to face the Pegasus Knights. The Blade Dancers that got hit with the Swarm of Insects move back behind the hill to hide from any further damage. The Wild Huntsmen move towards the right so they can see beyond the hill.

    The Elves get the 5 Flux Card for their first turn, making it 8 v 5 on the dice. The Elves start off with a Totemic Summon which I have to dispel and then my opponent casts Summer Growth on the Blade Dancers and gets 4 back! Booo, all my hard work undone!

    The Heath Hunters and the Sentinels all shoot at the Pegasus Knights and are only able to inflict a single wound, very lucky there. The Sylvan Archers shoot at the Grail Knights and kill 2 of them!

    KoE 2

    Display Spoiler

    Now that the Sylvan Elves attention has been drawn to the Pegasus Knights I decide to start pushing at them. I move the Knights of the Realm up the left flank and I move the Knights Forlorn forward as well. The Grail Knights move towards the centre of the board, into the Water Terrain so they can now start threatening the Sylvan Elves. I leave the Bows and Crossbows back in case the Wild Huntsmen begin to push at me. The Peasants have donea good job of keeping the Sylvan Elves back from the right hand side for now too so I keep them where they are. I fly The Pegasus knights towards the centre and out of Line of Sight of any unit that could charge them. Again I just want the Sylvan Elves to shoot them and worry about them and ignore the rest of my army.

    In the Magic Phase I get the 1 Flux Card, making it 6 v 4. I cast Swarm of Insects again but on the Wild Huntsmen this time. I get 18 hits and kill2 Wild Huntsmen. I then try to cast Totemic Summon but it is dispelled. In shooting the Bowmen are just in range of the left hand Heath Hunters so I shoot at them, killing one of them. The Trebuchets fire at the Blade Dancers on the right but both miss.

    SE 2

    Display Spoiler

    A bit more dancing from the Sylvan Elves this turn. The Heath Hunters now move so both units are in the corner of the right hand side. The Drayds turn and walk back a bit. The Blade Dancers move in front of the camp again but are just out of the wood. The Sentinels switch sides with each other. The Blade Dancers on the left move so they are just behind the hill.

    It s a poor magic phase for the Sylvan Elves as they get the 1 card this turn too. The Sylvan Elves start off by moving the wood in the middle of their deployment zone closer towards their centre, to the left of the camp.

    Next the Sylvan Elves cast Break the Spirit on the Pegasus Knights and he rolls a 12 on 2 dice. I have to let it through as it’s a great roll and it’s too risky to dispel on 4 dice. Lastly Totemic Summon is cast and dispelled.

    The Sylvan Elves shoot everything they can at the Pegasus Knights and cause 2 wounds on them, killing one. Luckily I pass my panic test.

    KoE 3

    Display Spoiler

    I have an opening now where I think I can take a unit off. The Pegasus Knights can easily charge the Dryads in front of them but the Grail Knights can also charge them. If I can get both in I should easily take the unit off and then threaten the camp with my Grail Knights. The Grail Knights need a 9 on the dice and the make it! The Pegasus Knights charge in but I fail 2 Dangerous Terrain checks and take 2 wounds, leaving me with one Pegasus Knight alive on one wound, not ideal.

    In other movement I move the Knights Forlorn forward and the Peasants leave their hill to come and join the fight. The Crossbows move forward as well so that maybe they can shoot something at some point. The Knights of the Realm move behind the Knights Forlorn so that they can get closer to the Camp.

    In the Magic Phase I get the 7 Flux Card giving me 9 power dice to my opponents 6 dispel. I start off by casting Swarm of Insects on 2 dice at the Sentinels this time, it goes off and I kill 3 of the Sentinels who pass their panic test. Next I cast Totemic Summon on 4 dice but my opponent uses all his Dispel dice to stop it. I then have 2 dice left and I cast Break the Spirit on the Wild Huntsmen but I fail to cast, only need a 7 on the dice. Only now do I realise that I have left a the Wild Huntsmen the perfect opportunity to completely get out of danger and be free to wreck my back lines. If they can pass their frenzy check next turn they can just go past my Knights Forlorn and threaten the Crossbows. They could easily end up getting the Bows and Crossbows and a Trebuchet.

    Only the Trebuchets can shoot this turn and this time one of them hits the Blade Dancers on the right, I kill 5 Blade Dancers with that hit and that is going to be a big help.

    In combat the Grail Knights and Pegasus Knight kill 6 Dryads between them and take no wounds in return. The Dryads break from combat and I give chase with both units because the Blade Dancers can see the Grail Knights and I don’t want to be charged by them. The Dryads flee a small distance and I only pursue a small distance too, I catch the Dryads and I get out of Line of Sight of the Blade Dancers.

    SE 3

    Display Spoiler

    Before any charges can be declared the Wild Huntsmen have to take a frenzy check on maximised dice, which they duly fail! That means that the Wild Huntsmen have to go and charge the Knights Forlorn, which they easily make.

    There’s no other charges, the Blade Dancers on the left move in front of the Thicket Beasts, the Sentinels both shuffle to the right. The Blade Dancers on the right move to block the Grail Knights from charging the camp. The Heath Hunters move down the right hand side so that they are out of Line of Sight of the Peasants.

    In the Magic Phase the Sylvan Elves they get the 6 Flux Card giving them 8 power dice to my 6 dispel. They start off by casting Totemic Summon on 4 dice and my opponent gets a crazy good roll, like 20+, I can’t risk trying to stop it with 6 dice because failing it would be disastrous for me, so I let it go. The Summon comes on the Sylvan Elves deployment, next to my Pegasus Knight.

    Next the Druid casts Awaken the Beast on the Blade Dancers on the right to increase their Strength, I try and dispel it using 3 dice (I need an 8 or something) but I fail to dispel it and it goes off. Lastly the Druid tries to cast Break the Spirit on the Peasant Levy but fails to cast.

    In the shooting phase all the bow shots are aimed at the Peasant Levy and 9 Peasants die from the 30+ bow shots. The Totemic Summon uses it’s breath Weapon on my Pegasus Knight but rolls a double 1 for the number of hits and fails to wound with either, phew!

    In combat the Wild Huntsmen get to go first as they charged but they don’t get any of their Devastating charge bonuses like their +1 Attack or the +1 Strength from the Sylvan Lance. They still manage to kill 7 Knights Forlorn which is pretty good from just 10 attacks, plus the steeds too. When I strike back though, I wipe out the unit. SO that is one of the big threats from the Sylvans dealt with thanks to a bit of luck from the failed Frenzy check, now to deal with the Blade Dancers. I reform the Knights Forlorn 8 wide as I want all the attacks I can get against those Blade Dancers.

    KoE 4

    Display Spoiler

    I decide that charging my Grail Knights into the Blade Dancers is probably suicide so I don’t charge in their. The only charge I declare is the Knights Forlorn into the Blade Dancers, it’s a 15” charge so I need to roll a 10, it’s risky but if I pull it off it would be great and put me in a great position. Sadly I fail the charge and shuffle forward 4”. With the rest of my movement I move the Pegasus knight in front of the Blade Dancers on the right to chaff them up. I move the Grail Knights back so they are safe from any potential overrun the Blade Dancers could make.

    I rush the Peasant Levy forward and face the camp. The Knights of the Realm move into the water terrain to face the centre of the Sylvan army. I finally move my Archers and Crossbows forward 8” which I should have been doing from the very beginning as these guys have done nothing.

    In the Magic Phase I draw the 5 Flux Card, making it 8 v 5 on the dice. I start off by casting Break the Spirit on the Blade Dancers on the right which my opponent lets through, that may keep my Pegasus Knight alive for a turn as I doubt he wants to charge it now. I then cast Swarm of Insects on the Blade Dancers in front of the Forlorn, my opponent tries to dispel on 2 dice it but fails. With my 5 D6 hits I only get 9 and I fail to do any wounds. Lastly I cast Totemic Summon to try and bring it on to intercept the Sylvan Summon but I fail to cast it.

    In the shooting phase only the Trebuchets can shoot, the right hand one shoots at the right hand Blade Dancers and gets a hit, killing 4 more Blade Dancers! The second Trebuchet on the left shoots the left hand Blade Dancers and scores a partial hit but fails to get any wounds.

    SE 4

    Display Spoiler

    There is just the one charge from the Sylvan Elves, the Totemic Summon charges my Pegasus Knight in the rear. There’s a lot of other movement this turn though. One unit of Heath Hunters moves in front of the Grail Knights to chaff them up for a turn. One unit of Sentinels moves in front of the Peasant Levy to chaff them up and the other unit moves in front if the Knights of the Realm to chaff them up. The Blade Dancers on the right move around the camp but don’t march. The other Blade Dancer unit moves in front of the Knights Forlorn. The Thicket Beast move back and are now on the back line. Lastly the second unit of Heath Hunters sit between the Peasants and the Grail Knights, ready to chaff them both up next turn.

    Magic next and the Sylvan Elves get the big one, the 8 Flux Card, making it 10 v 7. The Shamanism Druid begins by casting Break the Spirit on the Knights of the Realm, it’s a good casting value and I’m not overly bothered by the Knights of the Realm being affected by the spell so I let it through. I will have to take 2 sets of Dangerous Terrain if I charge the Sentinels with them but I now have the chance to stop the rest of his magic by letting that spell through. Next the Dryad casts Summer Growth on the Blade Dancers on the right, he fails to cast it though and loses 3 dice. Finally the Druid casts Awaken the Beast on the left hand Blade Dancers but I dispel it.

    The Sentinels and the Sylvan Archers shoot at the Knights of the Realm and kill 2 of them. The Heath Hunters and the other Sentinels shoot at the Peasants and kill 7 more of them.

    Just the one combat and it is a pillow fight as nether the Totemic Beast or the Pegasus Knight inflict a wound on each other, I lose combat though because of a rear charge and fail my break test. The Totemic Beast catches the Pegasus Knight and stops at the camp in his pursuit. I should have had the Pegasus Knight turn to face the Totemic Beast when I moved him to chaff up the Blade Dancers because chances are if the Blade Dancers charged the Pegasus Knight he was dead any way regardless of whether they charged my front or rear, but if I was facing the Totemic Beast I could have help that combat.

    KoE 5

    Display Spoiler

    A few charges this turn as we approach the end game, I charge the Knights Forlorn into the Blade Dancers. The Peasant Levy charges into the Sentinels in front of them and the Grail Knights charge into the Heath Hunters in front of them.

    I decide not to charge the Knights of the Realm into the Sentinels and instead move them to the side of the Sentinels and to try and rely on the shooting from the Bowmen and Crossbows to finish the unit off.

    In the Magic Phase I get the 8 Flux Card this time and it’s a 9 v 7 for me. The Sylvan Elf Druid uses the Binding Scroll this turn to stop me using Totemic Summon leaving me with just 2 spells that I can cast this turn. Is tart off by using 4 dice to cast Awaken the Beast on the Knights Forlorn to increase their Resilience but my opponent dispels that. I then use 4 more dice to cast Break the Spirit on the Blade Dancers fighting the Forlorn and it goes off.

    I shoot the Crossbows at the Sentinels and kill 2 of them but they pass their panic test. The Peasant Bows shoot at them too but cause no wounds. The trebuchet on the right shoots at the Blade Dancers on the right again but misses. The Treb on the left shoots at the Archers at the back as they are just out of BSB range and could cause a cheeky panic test on them and get them off the board. The Treb scores a partial hit and kills 2 of them, not enough for a panic sadly.

    The Grail Knights easily kill the Heath Hunters and I just pivot them to face the Blade Dancers. The Peasants don’t take any wounds and only kill a couple of Sentinels, the Sentinels automatically break from combat and I have a choice to make now. I’ll explain my thinking before you judge my decision.

    • If I don’t pursue there’s a chance that the Sentinels don’t run very far, rally next turn and then just chaff me up again next turn, essentially wasting my Peasants. Alternatively they run far enough way and leave me a clear charge into the camp, If that happens then the Heath Hunters can chaff me up but even worse they can conga and chaff both the Peasants and the Grail Knights.
    • If I pursue then hopefully I’ll catch the Sentinels and take them out of the game, the Peasants will be closer to the Blade Dancers and the camp. However there is one massive downside to this play, if I pursue too far I’m going to end up in a wood and lose my steadfast, those Blade Dancers could get a flank charge and absolutely wreck the Peasants, even with just 4 of them. The woods are about 8” away.

    I way up my options and decide to throw caution to the wind and do the pursuit, I think that’s my only play that could get me the objective. The Sentinels flee like 5”, I should be able to catch them easily, I roll my pursuit distance and roll an 11! I have caught the Sentinels (yay) but I am now slap bang in the middle of the woods and the Peasants are doomed!

    (Insert Ralph Wiggum "I'm in danger" GIF here)

    The Blade Dancer combat next and the Blade Dancers go for the rather predictable 3++ Aegis save dance. The Blade Dancers strike first and do 3 wounds to the Knights Forlorn, not too bad, could have been a lot worse. The Knights Forlorn strike back and do a total of 10 wounds to the puny elves, their dance moves must be super fresh though as they don’t fail a single Aegis save. It’s a drawn combat as I’m in Line Formation so only have combat res for the 2 Banners and the charge. The Blade Dancers reform wide too to maximise their attacks into me.

    SE 5

    Display Spoiler

    The Sylvan Elves smell blood in the water now and declare 2 charges (!) this turn. The Blade Dancers charge the flank of the peasants and the Dryads charge them in the front. Despite all my previous ramblings about my thought process about pursuing with the peasants it is only now that the dire situation they are in dawns on me.

    Other movements this turn is the Heath hunters chaff up the Grail Knights, The depleted Sentinels chaff up the Knights of the Realm. The Sylvan Archers move sideways slightly to get out of any potential overrun from the Knights Forlorn and the Thicket Beasts move up behind the Blade Dancers, ready to take the inevitable overrun from the Knights Forlorn. The Totemic Beast moves back towards it’s board edge, mostly because my opponent didn’t have a use for it now.

    The Sylvan Elves get another good Magic Phase by drawing the 7 Flux Card making it 9 v 6. The Dryad Ancient gets the phase started by casting Oaken throne and I let it through. Next the Dryad Ancient casts the Hereditary spell, Forest Embrace, with the boosted version on the Blade Dancers fighting the Knights Forlorn. This means that the Blade Dancers get to reroll 1s to wound and I have to reroll 6s to wound. Next the Druid tries to cast Awaken the Beast on the same Blade Dancer unit to increase their Strength but I dispel it.

    Shooting next and the Sylvan Archers and three remaining Sentinels shoot at the Knights of the Realm and kill 2 of them. I have to take a panic test but I am within 12” of the BSB in the Knights Forlorn. It doesn’t help me though as I fail my discipline check twice and the Knights of the Realm flee.

    In combat we start with the Peasants and the Blade Dancers go for the +1 attack dance, the Blade Dancers, BSB and the Dryads do a total of 16 wounds on the Peasants! My peasants do absolutely nothing to the Blade Dancers but do kill a Dryad and my General does absolutely nothing! The peasants took an absolute hammering there and they are absolutely breaking due to all the combat res stacked against them. As I’m in the wood I’m not steadfast so we are running. My opponent decides I’m running away from the Dryads and only the Dryads give pursuit and they run me down. The Blade Dancers just pivot to face the Grail Knights.

    To make me feel better though I still rolled above 10 twice with my Discipline check, so even if I was Steadfast I would have broken. I think even if I wasn’t in the wood and I held that turn I would have then got murdered in the next turn and then just broke. I’m not even sure if the Peasants charging the 4 Blade Dancers on their own would have been enough to be honest, those lade Dancers made the Peasants look even worse than they already are.

    The Knights Forlorn combat is the only combat left, the Blade Dancers go for the increased Strength and AP dance.. The Blade Dancers strike first and kill 5 Knights Forlorn. I get to strike back and kill 10 Blade Dancers this turn, even the Damsel killed one! The Blade Dancers can’t take that kind of punishment and flee from combat, I give chase but don’t catch them and run into the Thicket Beasts. The Blade Dancers don’t fail any Dangerous Terrain from the Break the Spirit either.

    KoE 6

    Display Spoiler

    Only one bit of movement in my turn the Grail Knights charge into the Heath Hunters. The Knights of the Realm rally and that’s it. The Forlorn are in combat with the Thicket Beasts and the Crossbows and Bowmen stay put.

    I get the 4 card in the Magic Phase making it 7 v 5. I start off with Awaken the Beast on my Knights Forlorn to increase their Strength but it is dispelled. I then cast Break the Spirit on the Thicket Beasts but it’s probably unnecessary.

    Shooting next and the Crossbows shoot at the Sentinels and do no wounds. The Bowmen shoot at the Dryads and also do no wounds. The left hand Treb misfires and the other Trebuchet misses the Blade Dancers.

    In combat the Knights Forlorn lose one of their numbers to the Thicket Beasts. I activate my Flaming Standard and they inflict 7 wounds on the Thicket Beasts. That’s too much for the Thicket Beasts who break from combat and flee. I pursue and roll higher than the Thicket Beasts and also pursue into the Blade Dancers, catching and killing them.

    The Grail Knights easily kill the Heath Hunters and I decide to overrun to get out of Line of Sight of the Blade Dancers, hopefully I can run off the table and keep them safe. I overrun 6”, out of sight of the Blade Dancers but still on the table.

    SE 6

    Display Spoiler

    The game timer is running down now so we have to rush this last turn. There’s no real movement from the Sylvan Elves as none of it matters now, the Totemic Beast charges into the flank of the Grail Knights. The Sylvan Archers move forward slightly.

    Magic did nothing of any note. Anything that could shoot shoots at the Knights of the Realm but they can’t do any wounds. The Totemic Beast does no wounds to the Grail Knights and the Grail Knights do no wounds in return. Fortunately the grail Knights pass their break test and the game ends there.

    No one scores the objective and so it is down to victory points. I scored 2800 in total as I killed a lot of the Sylvan Elf army, my opponent scored 1323 off of me. That makes it a 13 – 7 win to me which is at least a solid win to me but the loss of the Peasants has left a bitter taste in my mouth. If I didn’t lose that unit it was a 16 – 4 win to me, much better.

    Where I think I went wrong in this game is that I didn’t push forward early enough, I should have gone straight for the camp from the very beginning instead of holding my army back for two turns. I should have trusted my instincts about how I know my opponent plays and I should have just ran at him, I know he always plays crazy defensively and I should have acted accordingly. I deployed defensively too which meant that my small arms fire did absolutely nothing and they could have been pivotal in this match up. By leaving the Bows and Crossbows so far back and out of range of stuff I couldn’t shoot down the chaff. I should have deployed them on the line at least marched them forward to get shooting down some elves, especially the Heath Hunters who are excellent chaff.

    I think I played a fairly tight game until I over committed in turn 3 with the Knights Forlorn, I could have been severely punished in that turn by the Wild Huntsmen if they hadn’t failed their frenzy check. The Peasant overrun was my biggest mistake and I genuinely didn’t see it at the time at all, I don’t know how I missed it, I was just so focused on getting the objective at that point (a rarity for me).

    I think my opponent played unnecessarily defensively. If he pushed at me from the beginning it would have been a different game. Those Wild Huntsmen are so quick that they should have just gone straight for my back line. He had enough chaff to tie up the Knights Forlorn for the whole game and I think that between his Blade Dancers and shooting he could have mopped up everything else. The Peasants wouldn’t have stood a chance and the Knights are too small to do anything serious against the Blade Dancers who would just butcher them with their Lethal Strike dance.

    As for the rest of our team the Warrior player shook on a 10 – 10 against Beast Herds which turned out to be a good move because when they played it after the Warriors lost. The Saurian player had a mirror match and I think it ended in a draw or maybe a small loss for our Saurian Player, either way we took a small win I think.

    Thanks for reading guys and let me know what you think, how would you have played that scenario and what would you have done if you were me or my opponent?

    Onto Game 3 next!

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Comments 4

  • Fleshbeast -

    Hey mate, good win!

    For future reference Blade Dancers melt from small arms fire. :)

  • falanor -

    Hey Axel! Always good to read your reports! A few comments:

    - Your camp is awesome! Great work!
    - As you rightly pointed out you did not play at all your light shooting... you should have pushed forward 10" (or a bit less) from turn 1. Then you have everything in range and you can shoot for 5 turns. He needs his fast cavarly to chaff you up anyway...
    - maybe I would have pushed the Grails immediately forward to block any units going onto that hill and allowing a safe advance to the forlorns
    - I think you focused way too much energies on the blade dancers... all those trebuchets hitting on 6s seem a waste to me. Having a Wizard Master sitting in 13 archers on the board edge is too much of an opportunity to me (especially if then you can add up some light shooting).
    - After the Wild Huntsmen fight you reformed the Forlorns into line formation... by doing that you should not be able to charge the turn after
    - I do not understand the defensiveness of your opponent... he can move and shoot and fights better than you. I would have just rushed you. If you decide to play defensive than you cannot allow the pegasi to land where they landed... a dryad unit facing that way would have been sufficient to avoid all that

    Congrats on the win and keep the reports coming :D

    • AxelVicious -

      Thanks Falanor

      You're definitely right about me focusing on the Blade Dancers too much. I've never fought them before and i've just heard horror stories from people who have been destroyed by them. I think they can be great at taking on small elite units but they were never going to be able to take on the Forlorns. Trebbing the Archers would have been a much better idea.

      Forgot about not being able to charge after a post combat reform, my bad there.

      I don't understand why my opponent played so defensively either, he always does. I understand it when i'm running at him with my Warriors or a Knight heavy KoE list, but not the list i was using. His defensiveness caught me off guard a bit too as i deployed too defensively as i was expecting him to come and run at me.

    • Blonde Beer -

      Just wanted to say thanks for the amazing camp to look at :).