Battle Focus - Ep 10 Round 2 Book Reviews

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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

Our beta phase is finally over. Download The Ninth Age: Fantasy Battles, 2nd Edition now!

  • Hi 9th Fans,

    It’s been way too long since we talked crap – sorry for the delay guys.

    In this episode we wrongly discuss the second round points changes released a number of months ago. Yes, that’s right, many podcasts bring you irrelevant ramblings, but only the Battle Focus Podcast brings you outdated irrelevant ramblings.

    But just as the Monkey's were never about the music, the Battle Focus Podcast is all about the spirit of the game. So grab a paint brush, get ready to attack that pile of gray and take every statement from this chat with a massive pinch of salt.

    Thanks for listening as always and we’ll have some more content out shortly.

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