VotA - [02] - choosing gladiators

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  • 2. choosing gladiators

    it seems like the Duke has collected the favour of the community... but i still think that the Crown of the Wizard King could play a role here. maybe the Warlord could be lucky to roll a juicy missile (Quicksilver Lash or maybe Hand of Heaven). an augment could be nice as well (Awaken the Beast or, given that the Duke has Tristan's resolve, even some Spectral Blades). if you could choose, which spell would you give the Warlord to increase its winning chances?

    at any rate, this shows you how important the pairing mechanism is for the Arena games, which we designed with the help of one very knowledgeable member of our gaming community (thank you Randomus !). since you play every matche with a single model, the tactical component of the game is quite limited. and since the models are already built and kitted for you, the strategic component is quite limited as well. this means that selecting a good match-up before the matches start is absolutely crucial. it's a bit like the quote from the Great Cynic of Aschau, the one that you can find in the QuickStarter book (which is just another example of how Queens can be uncomparably cool):

    The result of any battle is all but assured
    by the time the armies take the field.
    All that's left are formalities.
    Queen Mother Siglinde, known as
    "The Great Cynic of Aschau"

    one might rephrase and say that in the Arena, the result is all but assured even before fielding your gladiators. the pairing mechanisms does a lot of the deciding. and that's why in the next video you can see a detailed report on how the pairing works, with our Proxy Table Gaming guests (Hyper-G and Lucky-Sixes) alternating in choosing and discarding gladiators. for extra fun, we did "blind pairings": the players had to work out the gladiator selection without having read the builds for the various characters! this was done on purpose, so you can focus on the mechanism rather than on the decisions. so if you're curious, here you go with the full story:

    ...so now you know why the Duke was paired against the Warlord - and also about the two other upcoming matches. what do you think will happen? if you had to place your bet, would it be for Hyper-G or Lucky-Sixes? let us know your opinion and, if you want to see the first livestreamed match, make sure you subscribe and activate notifications for the Veil of the Ages youtube channel! and as always, for comments and discussion we will see you in this thread.


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