VotA - [03] - Orcs and Goblins vs. Kingdom of Equitaine

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  • 3. first blood

    mace against hide, speed against magic, faith against stench!
    Destrian nursery rhyme

    yesterday night we finally played and livestreamed the first duel in the Arena. we surely had some tech issues to sort out, but after a few minutes everything started running quite smoothly. with the Duke having reaped a whopping 62% of the votes in the Facebook poll, many of us on camera (note: we were three) thought the match would be quick n' easy... well, get comfortable, grab a few minis to paint and see for yourself!

    thanks to Lucky-Sixes and Hyper-G for the game, to Marcos24 and Karak Norn Clansman for the minis, and to our viewers for their advice and their company (especially to @herzogar who helped the underdog with some rule advice and with some selfless occult volunteering!) : D
    see you on thursday night for another upload from the Arena series, or on "the VotA blog" thread for your comments. in the meantime, enjoy a screenshot of Lucky-Sixes calmly and politely commenting on an unlucky diceroll:


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