Storm the Greenskins!

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  • Zlatan waited patiently for the order. At the distant hills lurked the barbarian horde, a mass of green muscle and ranged devastation. This horde, commanded by a particular cunning and experienced Shaman, had defeated all who dared to face it. Any common soul would have evaded a confrontation.. ..but Lord Drakon and his Spartans are no common souls.

    Even though the enemy had superior firepower, monsters and chariots from all of Asia, numbering the Spartans 3 to 1, there was hope. Hope that the enemy would not foresee the coming trap inside it's soft belly. Zlatan and his hardened corsairs had to push into the centre of the enemy forces, so the remaining Spartans forces could attack a weakenened and chaotic battleline. Lord Drakon and his loyal battle standard Khaled the Collector would push at the left flank, while the Preatorian guard and African shamans disrupted the left. A single failure could lead to complete annihilation.

    The signal was given and Zlatan marched forwards with his corsairs, under a watchful eye of Lord Drakon. With a calm but determined voice he signals Khaled to follow and whispers to himself: so it begins..
    After a lost tournament and massacre against the Deamon Legions of ETC player @Evoluo I needed to radically redraft the Spartan roster. Although the Death Kiss prince was an amazing tool to have, and I loved the combination of cosmology and heriditary with the ranged output of 30 auxliaries, it often led to the isolation of the Spartan unit, losing me the game. The new roster was inspired by @duxbuse and @Boomvalk, while I also had some great disucssions about list building with succesful players. At my second ETC trainings day, it was time to test the new version against more experienced and succesful generals than myself.

    Friendly list

    I brought:

    Lord Drakon wrote:

    385 - Captain, General, Nabh, Raptor Chariot, Heavy Armour (Basalt Infusion), Paired Weapons (Hero's Heart)
    710 - Cult Priest, BSB, Divine Altar, Nabh, Shield, Hand Weapon (Moreac's Reaping)
    295 - Oracle, Wizard Adept (Cosmology), Magical Heirloom
    410 - Captain, Fleet Commander, Pegasus, Heavy Armour (Death Cheater), Shield, Great Weapon
    628 - 37 Dread Legionnaires, Nabh, Spears, Full Command (Academy Banner)
    525 - 20 Corsairs, Nabh, Vanguard, Paired Weapons, Handbows, Full Command (Academy Banner)
    355 - 5 Dark Acolytes, Conclave
    305 - 5 Dread Knights, Standard (Banner of Blood)
    210 - Raptor Chariot
    135 - 5 Harpies
    180 - Dread Reaper
    180 - Dread Reaper
    180 - Dread Reaper
    The Spartans have the always efficient support of 3 reapers, acolytes and a wizard adept. The BSB altar, chariot unit and blood banner knights all worked well together and have been a mainstay in the duxbuse roster. My innovation was the large vanguarding unit of handbow corsairs, and the use of cosmology magic through the adept + acolytes. @Boomvalk and I already tested the master cosmology with hereditary and I believe it to be the best support lore for the Spartans with the inclusion of the 5th spell. It is a list with a solid centre of intantry blocks, hard-hitting flanks with the knights and chariots, a multi-tool pegasus character who acts as hunter or anvil.

    Enemy list
    The enemy brought:

    Jetro wrote:

    480 - Orc Shaman, Feral Orc Shaman, Wizard Master, Thaumaturgy, Paired Weapons, Skull Fetish
    255 - Orc Shaman, General, Feral Orc Shaman, Wizard Adept, Shamanism
    115 - Goblin Chief, Forest Goblin Chief, Scuttler Spider, Light Lance
    605 - 36 Orcs, Feral Orcs, Spears, Standard Bearer (Green Tide), Musician, Champion
    380 - 30 Orcs, Common Orcs, Bow, Shield, Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion
    140 - 5 Orc Boar Riders, Common Orcs
    315 - 3 Goblin Wolf Chariots
    315 - 3 Goblin Wolf Chariots
    135 - Gnasher Wrecking Team
    135 - Gnasher Wrecking Team
    195 - Greenhide Catapult, Git Launcher
    195 - Greenhide Catapult, Git Launcher
    165 - Greenhide Catapult, Splatterer
    90 - Skewerer
    525 - Gargantula, Web Launcher
    455 - Great Green Idol, Battle Standard
    The enemy brought his winning Orcs & Goblins, and Jetro is currently ranked as the highest player in the Netherlands since he won the first tournament of the Dutch League (where I ended up somewhere at the bottom). He has been playing his list for some time, an experienced ETC player, and also just an amazing guy to play against (so far all Dutch ETC players are).

    His list is able to bring a lot of pain to my elves, with four pieces of artillery, deadly magic, lots of bow fire, a web launcher, supported by lots of element I do not want to get into combat with, such as the chariot units, wrecking teams, gargantual and Great Green Idol. Any turn I would be outside combat, I would suffer heavy casualties.

    Pre-game thoughts
    I had to get into combat as soon as possible, and could use the vanguarding pegasus well to get into enemy warmachines as soon as possible. Ideally, enemy got roll to deploy so I could start with first turn and deploy all. My deployment would be central, with two fast flanks.

    For magic I had the following spells:
    - Altered Sight
    - Truth of Time
    - Ice and Fire
    - Perception of Strength
    - Crippling Fatique

    Enemy had:
    - Wrath of God
    - Cleansing Fire
    - Smite the Unbeliever
    - Awaken the Beast
    - Swarm of Insects
    - Bring the Pain

    We had the Battleline deployment, and Breakthrough scenario.

    Enemy got to pick a side, so I could start. Enemy had hill in his deployment zone, so I deployed the corsairs + fleet commander opposite that hill as I expected to find some warmachines there. Raptors + Acolytes were at the far left, while BSB and chariots at the right center, while reapers at the far right.


    There was one annoying building in my deployment zone that disrupted by battline, but I could fix this with my first turn vanguard and advance of the corsairs. Enemy responded with confrontational approach, and largely deployed as I hoped with weak spot on the hills, some units outside of discipline bubble. His main counter-charging units, the chariots could not really be dealt with, so I just hoped for the best and push aggressively.

    Turn 1 - Spartans

    I advance as aggressive as possible, and I get the pegasus in a sweat spot out of line of sight where only a wrecking team can stop him from getting into enemy warmachines in my second turn. I also use the corsairs as I intented them to use, I swift reform into 10 x 2 and move forward to shoot 40 bolts at the wrecking team. Aycolytes move to far right to get into git launcher, and knights prepare for charge on the orcs with bows. Spartans and Chariots move as fast as possible, but quite slow. Altar protects flank of chariots and able to buff both chariots + Spartans. I feels quite scary for me now, as I now I will likely receive a lot of pain in the coming turn, but fortunes favours the brave..

    I get the lowest magic card, a bad start! With only 5 dice my goal is to destroy that wrecking team that can kill my pegasus character. With altered sight on the corsairs and ice and fire I have a good shot to do this. I start with 2 dice on altered sight, but roll double 2. So enemy can use his 4 dice to dispell my 3 ice and fire spell. Hmm.

    Corsairs unleash their 40 shots in the wrecking team, and I roll about 6 sixes, but only a single 5 to wound. Reaper also fails to inflict more damage. The other reapers fire at boar riders but miss, and I get a wound off on the Gargantua. Not an ideal first turn.

    Turn 1 - Orcs & Goblins

    Enemy appreciates the sneakyness of the pegasus but has no fear, as he has experience enough with the wrecking teams to know how much damage they do. The right chariots charge into the 20 corsairs who directly stand & shoot. So delicious to do this. Imagine I had altered sight on them, 40 shots hitting on 5's on light armoured troops. Now I do a single wound on them, but for me it was already mission accomplished as it worked as it hoped it would work. No other charges, while boards advance towards the reapers and his spider chief chaffs my Spartans. Then he moves the wrecking team past the pegasus, inflict around 8 wounds with AP4. I save 3 with my now 5+ AS and the other 5 with my 4+ fortitude!!! He lives without even noticing the wrecking team running through him 8o

    Enemy has great magic, with 9 vs 5 or something. I dispell breath weapon on wrecking team that tries to kill the harpies. I think it was this turn already enemy get comet off at the reapers. Not sure what other spells he used.

    OK, shooting, and enemy is going to bring the pain. He aims his skewerer at the captain 1" from machine and shoots: hits, wounds, and I need to save without armour and roll a.. 4! I am really starting to like my pegasus and enemy is likely starting to silently curse my divine dice rolls (but also enjoys the epicness of the battle). Further shots are decentralized shooting, tries to panic the acolytes but only a single kill. 3 harpies killed, but they do not panic on general's orders, web launcher inflict only 2-3 kills on the Spartans, catapult tries to snipe general but fails to wound. After his shooting I am really satisfied, as my battleline is still intact.

    OK, combat. His chariots inflict 13 impact hits, resulting into 13 wounds. But I still have 6+ AS and get 3 of my saves. So 10 are dead before they can strike, but because of their wide formation I have 18 attacks to strike back with. 100% hit due to nabh and lightning reflexes, and I roll high with around 9 wounds. As I have AP (1), 2 chariots die and only a single chariot is left with some wounds. This is not enough to inflict a lot of more extra damage and a single extra corsair dies. I lose combat but hold on steadfast. Great work corsairs! Surprised both me and my enemy. Imagine what they can do with altar of magic buff.

    Turn 2 - Spartans

    This is the big turn and I charge harpies (roll of 6), acolytes (roll of 9), knights (roll of 7) who are not harmed by enemy stand & shoot because of their armour, pegasus (auto) and spartans (auto). After some hard thinking I also decide to charge both altar and chariots into enemy gargantua who both a 11' on their roll, but have maximized charge ranges due to the altar. I roll 3 dice for the chariots with 5, 3, 3. Then enemy reminds me that I have four dice, so I roll the last dice and it stops at.. 6! So chariots smashes into the gargantua. Altar does not make it, but all other charges make it, so I am definitely into the enemy face now. All is according to plan and my dices are hot!

    This time I have a good magic phase, enemy dispells truth of time on his second chariot unit, so I can get perception of strength off on the chariot unit (wow this is sweet btw).

    Two reapers kill 2 boar riders, who fail their panic test of discipline 7, and flee towards edge of table. Other reaper kills the wrecking team. Very effective shooting phase here.

    Pegasus, acolytes and spartans destroy their targets. Pegasus only overruns 4 so does not get into splatterer yet. Chariots nearly kill the gargantua who only have a single wound left. Gargantua inflicts 1-2 wounds on the general but holds on steadfast. Harpies inflict two wounds but enemy holds. Corsairs do some more wounds, now in 2 x 5 formation. Knights do 10-15 wounds on the orcs who fail their discipline test and flee. They needed a 7 so I do not pursue, but he does not run off the table. End of turn 2 and it is looking good for the Spartans.

    Turn 2 - Orcs & Goblins

    Enemy must counter-charge, and charges the idol into the flank of chariots, the wolf chariots into flank of altar, and his feral orcs into spartans who flee, and I directly roll double 1, so instead of redirecting to corsairs enemy wants to capture and needs to roll a 9 with swiftride. But rolls less instead and strumbles forwards. Orcs with bows and boars rally.

    Not sure what enemy does in magic phase, I think I dispelled a resilience hex but enemy gets a strength buff off on the chariots so now impact hits of S6. Possibly also swarm of insects on one of the reapers.

    Shooting is ineffective and inflicts no damage.

    In the combat with chariots, kills the general the Gargantua, but it killed by the Idol in return. Other chariot flees and is captured by the idol. In combat of chariots inflict the chariots quite some damage, I think 6-8 wounds. I save 3 again on triple 6, and also save the final 3-5 one with my aegis save. At this moment it is official, my dice are absolute divine this game. In return altar is extremely deadly and kills 2 chariots. Combat becomes a draw. The harpies and git launcher fail to inflict damage and combat is a draw, while the corsairs kill the last chariot.

    Turn 3 - Spartans

    Knights charge into the rallies orcs with bows, which again inflict some wounds with stand & shoot and bounce off the armour of the knights. Pegasus charges into the catapult. Spartans rally with re-roll and corsairs get into flank of the feral orcs to score objective and start killing ferals with their handbows. Acolytes move closer to support corsairs with magic.

    In magic I get perception of strength + crippling fatique off on the altar while altered sight/ice and fire is dispelled. Comet is still not falling on my artillery.

    The reapers inflict 2 more wounds on the boars who flee again. Combined fire of corsairs and reaper inflict quite some wounds on the feral orcs, thinning them for eventual destruction.

    Knights do what they do best again, with again no casualties in return, and orcs flee off the table. Pegasus also kills the splatterer and reforms to kill his last target. That git launcher kills a harpy, but the harpies also inflicted a wound, so another draw. With all magical buffs and now also death trance on moreac reaping, is the altar easily slays the last chariot.

    Turn 3 - [b]Orcs & Goblins

    The situation of the enemy is getting dire, but he remains calm and determined. He charges the Spartans again with the feral orcs, who I again force to flee to prevent the enemy from getting into my deployment / escaping the encirclement. His wrecking teams get's to the centre, while the Idol move as close within the altar as possible. Last boar fails to rally and continues to flee.

    In a good magic phase enemy casts another comet, between corsairs, acolytes and knights. Great move, as this could easily destroy all of them and give him a draw on the objective and my options. A swarm of insects inflicts 3 wounds on the right reaper, but fails to kill it.

    The git launcher finally kills the last harpy.

    Turn 4 - [b]Spartans

    Altar charges the idol, while the pegasus charges the git launcher. Spartans rally, while corsairs, knights and acolytes get into more decentralized positions to give me the objective while encircling feral orcs.

    Altered sight is cast on the corsairs and I also get re-roll to wound off on the idol (perfect spell for this).

    Concentrated artillery fire kills the last wrecking team, and corsairs again kill a lot of ferals, definitely above average kills.

    The BSB altar slays the idol, while the pegasus kills the last artillery piece. The enemy is now truly isolated.

    Turn 4 - Orcs & Goblins

    With corsairs, acolytes and pegasus in his rear, the enemy swift reforms to face them. Last boar does not rally and flees off the table.

    In magic the enemy gets a swarm of insects off on the acolytes, inflicting 4 wounds. I save 1 with armour saves of 6+ and roll for my aegis saves: 4, 4, 4 :D
    At the end of his magic phase the comet on the artillery finally comes down and easily destroys them.

    Turn 5 - [b]Spartans

    In my turn I charge the pegasus in front, altar in flank, and spartans in rear of the depleted feral orcs with the 2 shamans and absolutely MASSACRE them.


    Spartan Victory!

    20 - 0

    Post-Game Thoughts
    My dice were absolutely divine this battle, which together with a bold battle plan delivered me a great victory. I really liked the ability of the corsairs to deliver the pegasus in the soft spot of the enemy, but also their ability to get wide and pontetially inflict a lot of ranged damage. The cool thing with 20 in wide formation is that they can suffer 10 casualties and still have 21 attacks in the front (after a stand & shoot as well). The knights and acolytes were also very effective, together with the reapers on who you can always count to eventually do what they must do. I am satisfied with how I did not give away the victory (such as fleeing those Spartans both times) but of course this was one of those battle decided with luck. If I had not rolled all those charge or save rolls, it could have easily be turned into a major defeat. Please share your feedback and points for improvement, they are greatly appreciated!

    I think the MVP was the altar, who enabled the chariots to kill the Gargantua in my second turn, and finished off 3 wolf chariots + great green idol himself. He is just so resilient and those 4+ aegis saves are amazing, especially when the dice are on fire. Even though he is super expensive, I am really liking him, far more than the cheap non-BSB version.
    Follow the adventures of Lord Drakon with his deadly Spartans at: XIII Legion Spartans

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  • Baldin -

    Great report! I am an O&G player and have 1 question. Is the Wrecking Team allowed to not move? As he is a random mover and random movement states:
    At the end of step 2 of the Movement Phase Sequence (after Rallying Fleeing Units), a non-Fleeing unit with Random
    Movement MUST move using the rules for Pursuing units, with the following exceptions, which only apply in the
    Movement Phase, unless specifically stated otherwise:
    • It always moves the distance stated in brackets (X), which is also used for Flee Distance and Pursuit Distance
    (including Overruns).

    Gratz on the win!

  • Vespacian -

    Great report!