VotA - [18] - big support = big monsters

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  • 18. big support = big monsters

    how do you imagine a gladiator in T9A terms? size Standard and type Infantry, right?
    well, thursday's livestream showed us (and Althus, specifically) that big monsters can be fun as well.
    so how do we put large monsters in the Arena? well, the concept is the same:

    - scout a model you like from a viable miniature company
    - shoot a bazillion pictures with the proper equipment
    - scan the model using academic grade nerdy software
    - incorporate in the game and have fun!

    this is a Sentinel of Nukuja i saw at the BeLaMa tournament, organised by @DucdeGuerre two or three weeks ago. the composition was created by Josch, based on a Collidion miniature by Black Orc Games - you can still find its sculptor at Satyr Art Studio. i guess that the expression "it feeds on your fear" can be taken quite literally for such a scary daemonic coprophagous beetle! : D

    if you want to see more beautiful community-made miniatures in the free T9A videogame, dont forget to support us on patreon. help us build a world where everybody can play with "actual" miniatures from home, and for free. as always, you can discuss and find additional infos in the open discussion thread for this blog.


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