VotA - [19] - advice from the Aschau Miltary Academy

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  • 19. advice from the Aschau Miltary Academy

    (i) Marshals are given full access to the Imperial Armoury,
    to the Imperial Arsenal, and to the Imperial Zoo.
    choose wisely which one to visit first.

    (ii) should you visit the Imperial Zoo first,
    remember not to rely on the size of your mount.
    small foes are still to be feared.

    (iii) your mount will be a mighty asset,
    but do not trust her to do all the killing for you.
    you still are in charge of the fight.

    (iv) stay humble,
    put your faith in Sunna,
    and the victory will be yours.

    (v) i meant, it probably will, unless,
    you know, kind of like, your opponent
    has the Rune of Smashing.

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    terrain: Johan 500-IS-NOT-ENOUGH Gehlen
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