March to War: Round 2

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  • Okay, onto Round 2 and I was up against none other than my good friend Omer and his Beast Herds. Omer and I regularly bounce list ideas and after action reports off each other so he knew my list inside and out, should present a unique challenge.

    As a reminder the Sea Dragon Host had:

    And Omer had:

    Deployment/Objective: Counterthrust/King of the Hill

    Thoughts on the list/match up:
    Not great…he’s got one of the few single models that I don’t want the AD into due to Eye of Dominance and another single model I don’t want the AD into bc he’s just likely to hold me up all game (Scarification plus trickster’s cunning is a nasty combo, he even had the nerve to give him a potion of strength!). The GW minos and centaurs are also a huge threat to the AD, between all this, that model’s movement and targets were relatively constrained.

    Top that off with ambushers presenting a serious threat to my squishy 700 pt bunker and I didn’t like the list on list match up at all.

    The deployment and objective just meant that it was almost impossible for me to win the scenario (as there’s no way I’d be advancing across the field) and he’d be to my lines even sooner than usual due to the closer deployment.

    It wasn’t all stormclouds, my shooting should have a field day with minos and centaurs and lions are quite solid at back line protection. I had this rated as an orange, so I’d be happy with 4-8 points.

    MoCT: Awaken, Ravenswing, Lash
    Cosmo: Perception, Touch, Hereditary, Altered Sight

    Druidism Master: Master of Earth, Stone Skin, Healing Waters, Summer Growth
    Shamanism Master: Swarm of Insects, Awaken the Beast

    I won the roll for deployment and hemmed and hawed quite a lot as I tried to puzzle out the implications of the side and which terrain piece I picked to defend. Take a look at the picture below, both sides were split by large impassable but the top had such a small area to the left of the impassable, there was no way to deploy a force of credible size there. I also didn’t want to give him the hill on the bottom in his deployment zone as he could just take long bomb rerollable charges into my lines until they connected.

    So I chose the bottom and picked the forest on the left as my terrain and tried for a bit of subterfuge. He chose the ruins on the top as his objective. The obvious deployment would be for me to corner up around the forest, which is what I wanted to do, but I wanted him to draw off resources so after dropping the two Geagles to push him back on either side, I dropped an SGR toed up on the hill. I was hoping he’d think I was deploying there. Unfortunately it didn’t work and my opponent dropped as you can see below (after vanguards):

    BH (from left to right): Centaurs, Shaman on Chariot, Shield Minos w BSB, warhounds, GW minos, Mongrels/Druidism Master, Beast Lord (Gortach model), Warhounds, Warhounds, Centaurs

    Sea Dragon Host (left to right):SGR (bottom left out of shot), Lions, QG/Cosmo Mage, GE (in forest, just the base), Spears w MOCT, AD, Lancers, Geagle, SGR
    I wanted the QG/SGR on the left to focus on the Centaurs, the Shield Minos or ambushers while the AD and Lancers threatened the advance in the center.

    BH Turn 1:

    The beasts came full steam ahead chaffing the Lancers and Spears and setting up turn 2 charges.

    Magic: My opponent focused swarm and master of earth on the eagle on the left but I dispelled one and he failed to cast the other

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 1:

    I backed up with everything on the left and pulled the right Geagle over behind the impassable.
    I chaffed the shield minos with the left Geagle, I’m assuming because they had a longish charge into my infantry line, looking at it now it doesn’t seem that close, not sure why I did that if so.
    I shifted the lions to face backward and defend against him coming in directly behind my lines.

    Magic: I knew my opponent would be focused on Altered Sight to mitigate my shooting and I managed to get off Hereditary and then Quicksilver Lash on his Beast Lord. I got 3 wounds through.

    I managed to take off the centaurs on my left and killed 4 warhounds from the rightmost unit which left them out of general/BSB bubble! Unfortunately, they passed their breaktest.

    BH Turn 2:

    The extremely brave warhounds on the right charged my Geagle sheltering behind the impassable. This was a miss on my part, he had the movement to get out of their arc and I just didn’t pay attention. This would come back to haunt me.
    The centaurs on my right made the middling charge into the SGR on the hill
    The two ambushers came on bracketing the QG on my left.
    The warhounds in the center rechaffed my spears and the GW minos came in tight behind them
    Everything else moved up more modestly

    Magic: My opponent got stone skin off on the shield minos and regrew all the wounds on the Beast Lord (I tried to stop this but he rolled high and I rolled like crap)

    Shooting: Thanks to Favor I only lost 2 QG to the throwing weapons

    The Centaurs cleaned up their SGR and the Minos cleaned up their Geagle
    In the geagle warhound combat I killed 2 and took no wounds tying the combat and reforming.

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 2:

    I heavily considered the AD charge into the GW minos because I’m not sure that he could get his Beast Lord in for back up the following turn due to the way the war hounds and minos are placed and I'd only be in contact with two files. Ultimately, I went with what I thought was the safer route to protect the bunker and the objective…

    The AD moves over into the woods such that if the shield minos charge him they won’t be on the objective.
    The spears are happy letting the dogs chaff the GW minos and shift to the right to ensure this
    The lion guard reform wide to prevent a charge from the rearmost wild horn unit and the QG reform into ranks to shelter behind the AD. I make a critical mistake here by a mm that you’ll see next turn…
    The lancers reform wide and back up as far as they can from the centaurs on the hill.

    Magic: I have a rough magic phase and only get off perception of strength debuff on the shield minos, it will have to be enough.

    Shooting: I take off 7 wild horns from one unit and 1 from the other.

    The Geagle fails to do any wounds to the warhounds…yes hitting on 3s/automatically and wounding on 3s…I really needed this guy to get free

    BH Turn 3:

    The Centaurs make the charge into the lancers
    The Shield minos go into the AD
    The Shaman on chariot could just barely see the QG and made the charge into their flank…I’m really pissed at myself for this, I could have easily prevented it
    The central warhounds charge the Geagle
    The minos, remaining warhounds and beast lord just shuffle around to threaten charges and get closer

    Magic: I bind stone skin and stop Healing Waters and have to let Awaken the Beast strength through on the shield minos

    The QG take a bit of damage from the chariot but stick
    I challenge the shield minos and he refuses and I elect his BSB to not strike. The AD triggers the nova flare and goes completely nuts doing like 10/11 wounds. The minos do a couple in return and we all stick around.
    The centaurs come in and my lancers peel off two before they strike and the horses kill one more…then they fluff killing only 3. I actually tie this combat…that was unexpected.
    The geagle kills one warhound and takes a wound, but manages to stick

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 3:

    The lions charge one of the ambushing units
    The spears continue to be happy letting the warhounds chaff the GW minos. Looking back on this, maybe I should have just tried to force this combat, with my opponent focused on the AD I could likely fight it with no magic.

    My opponent binds Awaken the Beast and prioritizes dispelling perception debuff on the shield minos. I believe I get the hereditary off. Regretted not having unity or healing waters a lot in this phase.

    Shooting: I manage to panic off the unengaged wildhorns with my SGRs.

    My lancers kill a few more centaurs who fail to kill any more, they break and get run down
    The geagle finally manages to kill that original warhound group and stomp another and reform.
    The AD doesn’t challenge as I think my best chance is to kill as many minos as possible. Unfortunately, I fluff big time, only do 3 more wounds and the remaining 3 minos and BSB manage to kill the AD (they did 7 wounds!)
    The lions kill the ambushing wild horns and run them off the board
    The QG/Chariot fight is a fluff fest and we all stick around

    At around my magic phase we got the 15 minute warning, we really shouldn’t have started Turn 4 (and it was not in my favor to do so), but it seemed silly to only play 3 turns so we agreed to a quick turn 4

    BH Turn 4:

    The shield minos charge the QG
    The GW minos reform to toe into the forest objective

    Magic doesn’t really matter and I can’t remember it

    The Minos wipe out the QG and overrun but fall short of the Lions
    The geagle fluffs again and sticks

    Sea Dragon Host Turn 4:

    I rush the lancers up to threaten the objective

    I forgot the beast lord had 5 wounds as I was hoping lash would scare him enough to stop him and let through ravenswing on the lancers. Unfortunately, this was an easy decision and he took a couple wounds on the beast lord and stopped ravenswing.

    I take a cheeky single shot at the beast lord trying to get some points off him, but fail

    The heroic but incompetent Geagle manages to scare off the warhounds finally and run them down and with that we ended the game!

    Results and Thoughts on the Game:
    I ended up with 4 points from this game, which I was a little disappointed in. If the AD could have survived one more round I could have preserved the objective.
    I was a little disappointed in my play, both the sloppiness with the Geagle/warhound charge and letting the shaman chariot into my QG were easily avoidable and could have had a big impact.
    Honestly, I’m not sure I could win this deployment/objective against this army and my sloppy play took me to the bottom end of my prediction range.

    So two rounds in and sitting on 14 points, I would need to kick the submarine into high gear to put me back in striking distance of the podium, lets see what the Sea Dragon Host ended up with in Round 3…

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  • SmithF -

    Thanks for the writeup, seems like an intense game!

    I believe that issuing the challenge with the AD would have been preferable in almost every case:
    a) You stand to gain 600-ish points if he accepts
    b) You avoid getting wounded for a turn
    c) He has to take a steadfast but shaky Ld test or lose his unit.

    Also, agreed on the Spearmen/GW Minotaur fight:
    That's not a charge he's looking forward to, you probably win the grind every time unless he can bring help. Magic, as you said, would have been of little consequence due to the ongoing AD-mino fight.

    Looking forward to the next report!


  • BondageGoatZombie -

    Lol that eagle-warhound grind