Episode 6 - Matt and Kev take on the world! Battle Reports From the Social Distancing UB Tournament.

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  • Matt and Kev take on the World! Battle Report Special from our games vs The Belgian Chocolates. Also, Matt tries to remember some of his late night game Live Streamed on PTG’s You Tube Channel. The highs and lows of T9a have never been so extreme!

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  • SmithF -

    Excellent episode, thanks a lot for a great Round 1! We were very excited to get to "meet" you guys, and the games were very enjoyable! Best of luck for your next rounds, and really hope we get to play across a real tabletop sometime in the future.

    Well done Kevin for showing what the Beast Herds can do! Only 5 more games to go, just keep on shoving these minos forward! ;)

    My game against Paul was an absolute blast, even if we had to actually use the text chat instead of voice chat (limitations on my part). I owe him a game that will be more of a social experience. The SnowCow incident will be talked about for ages to come. In the words of Mr Pratchett: "million-to-one chances crop up nine times out of ten".

    As I said to both Kevin and Paul, your podcasts (MGR and PW) keep me company in long painting sessions, so keep them coming!