Red Light On. Green Light On. Door Open....Go! Go! Go! Hot Drop - Infernal Dwarves Inbound ! - Episode 10

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  • Hotter than a Kadim's Rage in Mid Summer and scorching off the press it's the new Infernal Dwarves book.
    Matt and Kev stay up late to traipse through the Blasted Plain in search of the the new secrets of the Infernal Dwarves. Stopping frequently to marvel at the spectacles therein your hosts ruminate on the nature of the Big Hat Brigade, consider the world of possibilities that the book unleashes and make some wild predictions that will surely come to pass. Or maybe not. So, have a vassal levy pull up your favourite Chair of Authority and join us for the latest bombshell (cluster munitions?)to hit the T9asphere - it's Infernal Dwarves time!

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