Episode 16 - Team Scotland - Assemble! Social Distancing Grand Finale!

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    Episode 16 - Team Scotland - Assemble! Social Distancing Grand Finale!

    Kev and Matt are joined by the other members of the mighty, mighty Team Scotland , Paul and Callum, to tell tall tales of our last round of the Social Distancing UB Tournament.

    Will your hosts be the sad recipients of the wooden spoon? Can Kev keep the mino pain-train going? Can Matt, Paul and Callum keep up with the trail blazing Beast Herds? Find out in Episode 16.

    In other news we discuss new lists post SD, Matt repeatedly mispronounces 'Porthos' as 'Pathos' - an unforgivable error that will cause his old English Language teacher to hunt him down like the worthless cur he is - and Callum bemoans the repointed UD helped by a 'couple' of ales.

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  • SmithF -

    Re: Wretched ones post-combat reforming
    They take penalties to the roll. The only units exempt from that are Stubborn and Steadfast units. Unbreakable ones are not protected (see for example the Undead)

    • Mattyp -

      Ahhhh! Thanks for that. I didn't know that and now I do! Many thanks. Matt