Episode 17 - The Celtic Cup - Pool Stages Roundup

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  • The Paired Weapons Podcast gifts you this nugget of purest joy...

    The Celtic Cup - Pool Stages Roundup

    Rumours of our demise are much exaggerated! After a weeks holiday from podding Matt and Kev are back with tales from the Celtic Cup Pool Stages brilliantly organised by James of Team Ireland and Fras of Team Scotland.
    Kev makes minor changes to his BH list bringing in some centaurs for giggles and extra punch whilst Matt tries to reinvent The Empire with a wall of flaggies and inquisitors, no BSB and Dis 8 on the General.
    Predictable results ensue but amusing tales abound, so join your favourite (or at least top 5) podders as they do battle with their Celtic Brethren. Also an Argentine.

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