Guess Who's Back? - Episode 20

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  • Boom! We're back!

    Rumours of our demise are shown to have been much exaggerated as the Podcasting Paired Weapons burst back into the podoshpere and down your ear holes with Episode 20! Broadcast directly from Matt's new house (which nearly killed him and others moving into)Kev graces Matt with his presence and the lads record Face to Face, in a truly weird experience for all concerned.
    Covering the Final of Celtic Cup 1 and the newly set up Celtic Cup 2 (The Revenge of the Fras)the lads both look backwards and forwards to more UB Tournaments whilst pondering many-a-thing.In other news Matt and Kev battle it out for Paired Weapons supremacy on the UB field, Kev sells some things on eBay, Matt tells tales of fisticuffs and then gets the year of the American Revolution wrong by nearly 20 years! At least he got the right Century!

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