Episode 23 - Celtic Cup 2 Group Stage Round Up

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  • Matt and Kev bring you another all-action pod covering the thrills and spills of the group stages in CC2. Can Matt get the Feldraks going? Can Kev rediscover the KOE after his Beast Herd escapades? All is revealed in the latest ear candy from the Paired Weapons Podcast.

    In other news the lads both put new microphones on their birthday lists as the sound-gremlins reemerge for which they are terribly sorry and hope it doesn't spoil your fun! Matt apologises for a mistake no one's noticed and Kev signs up for the Thundercocks Knock Out tournament with a surprising list...

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  • ravenheart777 -

    Well done Matty P....... shall we see you in the final?

    Unlucky Kev. Maybe you will have more luck with the demons

    • Mattyp -

      Thanks very much! I doubt it but you never know....

      Kev's pining for his BH!