Axel Vicious and The Beastly Boys at the UK Masters 2021 - Game 2

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  • Hello and welcome back.

    After an incredibly swingy battle in Game 1, that ended up in a draw, it was onto Game 2. This time I was drawn against a stalwart of the Ninth Age, Ed, the Scottish Knight @Scottish Knight himself! It’s a Team Scotland off, Captain versus the lowly grunt. Ed has decided to abandon his faithful Knights of Equitaine and had instead jumped onto the filthy Greenskins. He had a very close battle in Game 1 in an Orc & Goblin civil war that ended up with plenty dead but Ed came out on top thanks to the objective.

    Here’s my list (you can read about my reasons for taking the list in my Game 1 write up if you haven’t read it already)

    For round 2 the Deployment is going to be refused flank and the objective is Secure Target. Not one of my favourite objectives but certainly not one of the worst for me.

    705 - Minotaur Warlord, General, Light Armour (Destiny's Call), Paired Weapons (Blessed Inscriptions), Obsidian Rock, Crown of Horns

    570 - Soothsayer, Wizard Master, Shamanism, Light Armour (Trickster's Cunning), Hand Weapon (Ancestral Carvings), Seed of the Dark Forest

    475 - Minotaur Chieftain, Greater Totem Bearer, Battle Standard Bearer, Light Armour (Aaghor's Affliction), Great Weapon

    325 - 3 Raiding Chariots

    303 - 29 Wildhorn Herd, Shield, Standard Bearer (Legion Standard), Musician, Champion

    (Totem Bearer (Gnarled Hide))

    273 - 18 Wildhorn Herd, Paired Weapons and Throwing Weapons , Ambush, Musician

    642 - 6 Minotaurs, Shield, Standard Bearer (Banner of Speed), Musician, Champion (Totem

    Bearer (Black Wing))

    240 - Razortusk Chariot

    170 - 10 Longhorn Herd, Ambush, Halberd, Musician

    160 - 10 Longhorn Herd, Ambush, Halberd

    150 - 5 Gargoyles, Scout

    140 - 5 Gargoyles

    115 - Raiding Chariots

    115 - Raiding Chariots

    115 - Raiding Chariots


    Here’s the list that Ed is using:

    610 - Goblin King, Forest Goblin King, Gargantula, Paired Weapons (Shield Breaker), Light


    500 - Orc Shaman, Feral Orc Shaman, Wizard Master, Shamanism, Skull Fetish , Obsidian


    405 - Orc Shaman, General, Feral Orc Shaman, Wizard Master, Pyromancy

    120 - Goblin Chief, Forest Goblin Chief, Scuttler Spider, Lance

    120 - Goblin Chief, Forest Goblin Chief, Scuttler Spider, Lance

    820 - 31 Orc 'Eadbashers, Feral Orcs, Spear, Standard Bearer (Green Tide), Musician,


    315 - 21 Orcs, Feral Orcs, Spear, Musician, Champion

    370 - 10 Mounted 'Eadbashers, Feral Orcs, Paired Weapons, Standard Bearer (Stalker's

    Standard), Musician, Champion

    330 - 3 Goblin Wolf Chariot

    210 - 5 Mounted 'Eadbashers, Common Orcs, Shield, Lance, Musician

    130 - 5 Goblin Raiders, Common Goblin, Shield

    120 - 5 Goblin Raiders, Forest Goblin, Shield

    450 - Great Green Idol, Battle Standard Bearer


    So Ed has a particularly nasty list I think. The big block of Feral Ord Eadbashers could prove to be difficult for me to shift, especially with the Spear meaning that if I charge him we are going to be striking at the same time, that could just end up in a bloodbath. I need to whittle that block down a bit before I tackle it. Maybe I will have to try the old frenzy baiting and Break the Spirit trick, but I’m fairly sure Ed will see that one coming a mile off.

    Double Shaman Master is an interesting choice and gives him lots of choice for spells, Pyro always proves frustrating for me, Scorching Salvo has the potential to wipe out big chunks of my army. Also the new version of Cascading Fire will have a time to shine in this game against the Minos, it will take them down to Agility 1 and make the Orcs either strike first or at the same time, very annoying. That Pyro Shaman master is his general and is also very vulnerable so he will be the target for my ambushers. The Skull Fetish with double Master means that he's going to be generating a load of Veil Tokens each turn so i best be prepared for some horrific magic phases.

    The Mounted Feral Orc Eadbashers are not be sniffed at. Ed and I had a practice game before the Masters and that unit was the difference in a key combat, so I can’t ignore them. They are a bit of a glass cannon though with just a 5+ Armour Save and 6++ aegis. If I can get the charge on these guys with anything I should wreck them.

    The 2 big monsters in the list are a little scary. The Spider King has what it takes to kill my Soothsayer in one go with all those poison attacks and there isn’t much out there that can do that. I have to make sure my Soothsayer is safe from that charge. The Great Green Idol can be a real pain at time, in our previous game I charged it with my BSB, did 3 wounds, then it killed me in one with a Crush attack. I won’t make that mistake again (although I probably will do it again because it was a solid plan, he just got lucky with the crush attack!).

    The Goblin Chariots could be an issue if I allow them to get the charge off. With an advance of 9 they outrange me so I need to be careful of them.

    The Feral Orc bunker and the 5 Mounted Eadbashers will most likely be hanging out on one of the objectives most of the game. Ambushers will take care of them.

    There’s also some chaff for taste with the two different Goblin Raiders running around and the 2 Goblin Chiefs on Scuttler spiders. I have to be careful to not let them around my rear as they could cause issues for my chariots.

    I will mostly be using my Wildhorn bunker and Soothsayer to guard one of the objectives whilst the ambushers fight for the second. The Minotaurs have a lot of work to do in this match as there’s just so many targets for them. I think they are up to the job, I will probably have to run my characters solo at some point to increase my threat potential and limit his chaff.
    Whoever goes first will have an advantage in this game I think. So, here we go!


    Ed wins the choice for table sides, we are playing on map number 6 from the official map packs, and he correctly picks the bottom right of table. It is clearly the best choice as it just screws over your opponent by making them split their forces in two, which is me sadly. This does mean that I get the choice of dropping first though.

    Ed puts his target next to the building and I put mine over on the far right, near the board edge with the aim to be to break up the Orc forces if they want to claim the objective whilst also being able to contest it with my ambushers.

    It’s spells next though before deployment and Ed has a lot to choose from, he goes for Awaken the Beast, Totemic Summon, Break the Spirit and Bring the Pain on the Shamanism Master and for the Pyro Master he goes for Fireball, Pyroclastic Flow, Scorching Salvo and Cascading Fire. There’s nothing there I wasn’t expecting. Bring the Pain is better than Swarm of Insects when you already have 2 missiles with Fireball and Pyro flow.

    For my spells I go with the usual Shamanism set up; Awaken the Beast, Swarm of Insects, Totemic Summon and Break the Spirit. Summon will be vital in this game for chaffing up anything on a board edge and causing a general nuisance. I’d like to get Break the Spirit and frenzy bait something too for some free kills. I’m hoping that Swarm will take a couple of wounds off some of the big monsters and make life easier for the Lord.

    I decide to drop everything to go for first. There’s little point in pretending I’m not dropping for first as the O&G just have so many drops. We end up like this (Scouts and vanguards still to go):

    Ugh, that piece of impassable is a real headache for me, I hate having to split my forces as I actually start with very little on the table. My basic plan was for the Minos and the Wildhorns to go in the middle and scare Ed back a bit, they would then wait for a couple of turns, looking all menacing, whilst the Chariots on the left swing round and bring support and ambushers come on the back, then I can spring the trap. A solid plan with only one flaw, the trapper.

    Ed countered my deployment by putting all his big threats on the right plus all his chaff which is going to be a pain for me to shift. I like where he put his Pyro Shaman bunker as I can just run my Lord out right in front of them and get him to take some early frenzy checks and come running to me. I was surprised to see the Great Green Idol all the way over on the left but he is an excellent counter to chariots, what can they do to res 8?! After this I was happy with my deployment, the King on the gargantula all the way over there is fine with me and I want a big bust up in the middle. If the Minos and the Eadbashers fight I think it’s a blood bath, the Eadbashers probably win but they will be limping afterwards.

    We drop our scouts and then Ed does his vanguards. I have the Seed of the Dark Forest to put down and we look like this afterwards:

    Beast Herds 1

    Display Spoiler

    After the scouts are dropped it’s clear that Ed has learnt from his first Masters game where he failed a key frenzy check and so now all his scouts are chaffing his own units so he can’t charge anything and is therefore immune to frenzy checks. I decide it’s already time to throw the Mino Lord out solo and I stand him in front of the Feral Orc bunker. He can’t be charged by anything in return so he’s safe. I know he’ll be chaffed but that’s fine, if Ed’s chaffing him then he’s not chaffing the rest of my army.

    I only really nudge everything else forward and the chariots on the left swing round, out of the way of the Spider chief and the GGI.

    I get the 5 Flux Card for magic, not when I really wanted this card, would be more useful later on but nevermind. I cast a boosted Totemic Summon which Ed lets go. I place it in front of the Gargantula so that I can use the Breath Weapon on the Mounted Feral Eadbashers. I cast nothing else as I either fail to cast or it’s all dispelled. I then use the Breath Weapon from the Totemic Beast on the Mounted Feral Eadbashers and roll a double 1 for the number of hits, followed by a double to wound! Brilliant, just what I needed!

    Orcs & Goblins 1
    Display Spoiler

    Just the one charge from the Orcs this turn, the Gargantula charges my Totemic Summon, I’m really regretting putting it where I did, I should have placed it at the back of the Orcs and Goblins lines to threaten the Chariots at least.

    In other movement the Goblin Spiders chaff the Mino Lord. The GGI turns around and walks away from the Chariots, a good move as his BSB bubble and his Smash ‘em Flat aura will be needed elsewhere. The Mounted Feral Eadbashers move round the side a bit more whilst the Goblin Raiders get out of the way, ready to annoy me later I’m sure. The big block of ‘Eadbashers just walk back a bit.

    Onto Magic and it’s the 5 card for Ed too, thanks to the Skull Fetish though he gets one extra dice, so 9 v 5. He casts Fireball on the Gargoyles and kills 2 of them, blaze does a wound to the Razortusk Chariot. Nest he tries Break the Spirit on the Mino Lord but fails to cast it. Next he tries Pyroclastic Flow onto the Razortusk Chariot and I dispel it. He has 3 dice left and casts Totemic Summon on at the back of my lines. Damn, I should have foreseen that but I was quite worried about the Razortusk Chariot dying in turn 1, I just didn’t want to let it through. It then does it’s Breath Weapon and kills 2 Gargoyles but I pass panic and now have a unit of 1.

    The Gargantula easily kills the Totemic Beast.

    Display Spoiler

    I have a little plan forming in my head for this turn, a plan that is so fool proof it cannot fail to work! I pass my frenzy check with the Mino Lord, so I don’t charge with him, instead I declare a charge with the Minos into the Goblin Spiders in front of the Lord, with the plan to be to then overrun into the Feral Eadbashers. Now that fight would be an absolute slaughter on both sides, I envision that I would lose all my Minos apart from the BSB, but I would put such a dent in the Eadbashers that they would be susceptible to everything else and would be useless from then on. That’s the idea behind my thinking.

    I also declare 2 other charges, the Wildhorn into the Mounted Eadbashers and the Raiding Chariot in there too. If the Wildhorn make it they should hopefully pop them through combat res, if just the Chariot does it then he will at least take some Mounted Eadbashers down with him. The Wildhorn fail their charge (it was an 11 on the dice) but the Chariot makes it in and takes 2 wounds from the ruins. The Minotaurs make it in but sadly because of the way the Lord is positioned in front of them I can only clip one guy on the right and there overrun from that position means that they will hit the Raiders first, making my whole plan utterly pointless. (It’s even more fruitless for those of you that can see what is about to happen, I certainly didn’t). Ideally hitting the guy on the left of the unit would have been a much better move but that wasn’t possible.

    Only one unit of Longhorn come on, which is always worrying for scenarios when you have to score objectives because ambushers lose scoring after turn 3 so I only have one more turn to try and get them on to help with the objective. The unit that came on this turn was the Longhorn without the musician which is a shame as if they had the musician they could have chaffed the Spider Chief so I could move my Chariots forward, as it is I threaten the flank of the chief but keep the Chariots further away.

    I turn the Razortusk Chariot around so that I can see the Totemic Beast. I move the solo Gargoyle to the left of the building and the unit of 5 in front of the Razortusk to try and keep them safe from the Totemic Beast. The Mino Lord moves in front of the Feral orcs with the General in. If he can fail a frenzy check he’s going to be charging my Mino Lord in a forest so Steadfast wouldn’t be a problem.

    In magic I get the 2 card and I’m only able to cast Awaken the Beast on the Minos to increase their resilience to try and limit the hits the Feral Eadbashers do back on me.

    In combat I now see the monumental f**k up I’ve made, I’ve basically given the Mounted Feral Eadbashers a free combat pivot so they can charge my Minos in the flank if they dare to overrun! The Raiding Chariot kills 4 Mounted Eadbashers but dies sadly. The Mounted Eadbashers then pivot to face the Minos, obviously. I just didn’t see that at all until this point. I could have easily had chaffed them with my Gargoyles too which just makes it infuriating.

    The Minos only kill 4 Spiders, the lone guy breaks and never rallies again. I can’t pursue as otherwise the Minos are definitely dead. I instead reform 3 wide and turn so that both the Mounted Eadbashers and the Spear Eadbashers are in my front and I have to hope for a failed charge from one of them.

    Display Spoiler

    Only now do I truly realise the terrible position I have gotten myself into. The Feral Eadbashers charge the Minos and the Mounted Feral Eadbashers also declare their charge, at least they’re both in the front. Then Ed declares a charge with the GGI into the flank of the Minos and I completely missed that charge, it’s not an issue for the GGI to get in so there’s nothing I can do except pray it fails a charge (needs a 10). In other charges the Goblin Chariots declare a charge into my Gargoyles, somehow I also completely missed that! WTF am I playing at?! I have to flee that charge which means they will die to the Totemic Beast. The Chariots then pass their redirect test and declare for the Razortusk Chariot, I have to take it and hope he fails it (That was like a 10 also).

    There are no failed charges, everything is coming in. The Mino combat is interesting though, because of the Goblin Raiders in front of the Minos and the GGi in the flank now the Orc units can’t maximise as much as Ed would like. So the Feral Eadbashers are just clipping the corner and the Mounted Eadbashers can only get 3 in. It’s given me a bit of hope but I doubt it’s enough to save me. The Chariots make it in and pass their Dangerous Terrain checks too.

    In other movement the Totemic Beast stumbles into the Gargoyles and wipes them out. The Goblin Chief on the right chaffs the Wildhorn. The Common Orc Mounted Eadbashers start their push towards the objective. The chief on the left fails his march test and runs away 7”. The Feral Orcs obviously pass their frenzy check and walk away. I need some luck to make up for my bad play and I’m just not getting it. The Goblin raiders chaff up the Mino Lord.

    It is magic next and I am not looking forward to this. Ed will be channelling a lot of veil tokens with so much combat going on and he has a shed load of buffs and hexes. It’s the 7 card and it is 10 v 6. He casts Break the Spirit on the Minos which I have to let go. Next is Bring the Pain on the Minos and I have to let that go. Pyro flow is cast on the Longhorns and it does 3 wounds, that could have been a lot worse, I pass my panic check too. Lastly comes the spell I’ve been waiting to dispel, Cascading Fire on the Minos, I have to dispel it so I can at least hit something back and hopefully wipe out the Mounted Feral Orc Eadbashers. I do dispel it at least, so that’s something.

    In combat the Chariots go crashing into the Razortusk Chariots and take it off with just impact hits. They pivot to face the right flank and are safely out of arc of my Chariots.

    Onto the big one and the GGI kills a Mino with his D3 impact hits. The boars then kill another one with their 3 attacks (come one! Nothing is missing or failing to wound). My BSB takes a challenge from the Feral Eadbasher Champ, I don’t need her to attack the Mounted Eadbashers, the Minos should do this on their own. I then strike back and the Minotaurs wipe out the Mounted Feral Orc Eadbashers but don’t kill any Feral Eadbashers with Spears. The BSB does kill the champ (woo). The Minotaurs are then just wiped out! Unsurprisingly I’ve lost combat the BSB breaks from combat and everything ends up pursuing after the Feral Eadbashers fail their restrain check (where were those f***ing dice when I need them?!). The BSB only runs 5 and is cut down.

    Display Spoiler

    Hello darkness my old friend. Things have gone really bad now and I only have myself to blame. From now on it’s a game of survival and making sure I don’t lose the objective.

    My Mino Lord fails his frenzy test so he has to go and charge the Goblin Raiders which obviously hold. The Longhorns charge the Goblin Chief and he flees that one running thorugh his own units. I should have declared the Longhorn one first in case the Goblin Raiders failed their panic so I could have rear charged the Eadbashers with the Lord.

    Only the Longhorn come on from ambushing and the Wildhorn decide they still don’t want to come on the field. I bring the Longhorn on at the left of the table so they can head for the objective. I push the Chariots forward now. The Wildhorn turn and walk away with a very scary Gargantula looking at them.

    I get the 1 flux card and it’s only 5v4. I cast Break the Spirit on the Feral Eadbashers on 2 dice, I need a 9 and I get it, lol. Jokes on me though because the Eadbashers can’t actually see my Wildhorn so they don’t have to takea frenzy check and can’t charge, balls. With 3 dice I cast a boosted Totemic summon and get a 16! Ed fails to dispel with 4. I put it in front of the Gargantula and turn it to face the Spider Chief. The Breath Weapon does 10 hits! Only 2 wounds though and he makes one armour save and the git is still alive!

    The Mino Lord easily kills the Goblin Raiders and I turn him to face up the table.

    OnG 3
    Display Spoiler

    The Gargantula charges and kills the Totemic Beast. No other charges this turn form the Orcs. The fleeing Spider chief rallies and chaffs up the Mino Lord! (I regret what I said earlier about him chaffing up the Mino Lord). The Eadbashers, GGI and chariots all turn to face the Mino Lord and I think even that might be more than he can fight! The Totemic Summon moves toward sthe left of the table.
    (No pic this round, i must have forgotten to take one)

    With only one unit in combat this magic phase shouldn’t be too bad, especially as he draws the 2 card, so it’s 6 v5. Ed fails to cast Scorching Salvo, then fails to cast Pyro Flow, I then dispel Totemic Summon. I really dodged it this turn.

    BH 4
    Display Spoiler

    The Mino Lord fails another frenzy check and he has to charge the Spider Chief, it’s not the end of the world, I have a cunning plan!

    The Wildhorn finally decide to pay the Battlefield a visit and I put them on the right hand side of the board, just behind the Mounted Eadbashers (in hindsight putting them in front would have been better). They use their throwing weapons and kill one of the Eadbashers.

    Now time for the plan. The Gargoyle who is still alive on his own flies out in front of the Feral Eadbashers to chaff them up. I then aim to put my Soothsayer in front of the Chariots to chaff them, leaving just the GGI to be the only thing that can charge the Lord. One small flaw in the plan though, the Soothsayer fails his march test, the goon! I still move him out of the Wildhorn because I don’t want him fighting the Gargantula if I can avoid it, so he sits in the forest as far away from the Gargantula as he can.

    The Chariots move up the table whilst the Longhorn march up and turn so that the Totemic Beast can’t flank them.

    It’s a 6 card for magic and I start off with another boosted Totemic Summon but fail it this time (1,1,2,2, good rolling). I then cast Break the Spirit on the Goblin Chariots which goes off. I then try for Awaken the Beast on the Mino Lord to increase his strength. He’ll need it if he is to fight the GGI. Ed knows better than to let that through and dispels it. I then try for a Swarm of insects on the GGI to try and chip some wounds off but I fail that too.

    The Mino Lord batters the Goblin Chief, he really should be hunting bigger game than this.

    OnG 4
    Display Spoiler

    The Feral Eadbashers pass their frenzy check, because of course they do. So instead Ed charges the Gargoyle with the GGI, I pass my Terror check thankfully. Because I’m such a lazy player and I love a right angle, I didn’t turn the Gargoyle at an angle so that the GGI would overrun in the wrong direction, instead his overrun is taking him straight into the Mino Lord!

    The Gargantula charges the Wildhorn, they fail their Teror test and run. The Gargantula passes his redirect test and goes for the Soothsayer, fortunately for me it fails the charge (phew!), so it just stumbles forward slightly.

    (Ed forgot to move his chief at this point but moves it south later)

    The Totemic Beast goes into the Wildhorn and kills them. The Eadbashers step sideways and they are still threatening the Mino Lord. The Chariots don’t move and instead pivot. The Mounted Eadbashers pass their march check and run away towards the objective. The Feral Orcs back away from the Chariots, good, get away from the objective!

    In magic it’s the 1 card for Ed, maybe I’ll get away with another lucky magic phase? Starts off with a 3 dice Scorching Salvo, I have to let it go as he rolls really high. It ends up doing2 wounds to a Raiding Chariot, 1 wound to the unit of 3 Raiding Chariots and 1 wound to the Mino Lord (I did not need that!). I then dispel Pyro flow.

    The GGI flattens the Gargoyle and needs a 7 on the overrun and easily makes it, ouch.

    BH 5
    Display Spoiler

    I have to go for a big play now to try and save my Mino Lord so I charge the Raiding Chariots into the flank of the GGI, I just need some 6s from the impact hits to help the Lord finish it off. Due to Ed’s excellent positioning again I can only 2 chariots in contact with the GGI but this does leave them with a potential flank charge into the Eadbashers if I somehow take it down. If I fail to take the GGI down then it is definitely curtains for me but if I don’t take the chance then it’s game over anyway.

    I also have a nice rear charge with the Wildhorn into the rear of the Mounted Eadbashers, I need a 10 on swiftstride, but I fail it, rolling a 9, damn! The Longhorn all begin to converge on the onjective whilst the chariots put pressure on the Feral Orcs. I wanted to put my Soothsayer in front of the Goblin Chariots but he can’t squeeze through the gap so instead I just run him behind and turn to face the Totemic Beast, hoping for a good Swarm to kill it.

    Magic is a 7 card, so 9 v 6. I start off with a Swarm of Insects on the Totemic Beast knowing that Ed isn’t going to waste dice dispelling it. I get a monstrous 25 hits on the Beast and kill it! That’s one less thing to worry about but I should have killed that thing ages ago. I then use 3 dice to cast a small Totemic Summon and actually get it off. I park to the side of the Eadbashers and its within 6 of them for the Breath Weapon. Lastly I throw 4 dice at Awaken the Beast on the Mino Lord and get 20! Ed fails to dispel it with 6 dice so it goes off. What a magic phase!

    The Totemic beast does no wounds to the Mounted Eadbashers (It was a longshot) which is a shame but not the end of the world.

    Onto the combat, the chariots only get 6 impact hits and I don’t roll any 6s. Meanwhile the GGIs D3 impact hits do 2 wounds to the Mino Lord who just can’t make an Aegis save at all. The Widlhorn and Pigs do no wounds either (s**t). The Mino Lord still could go crazy and take it down on his own, he’s certainly done crazier things. He ends up doing a respectable 4 wounds to the GGI. The GGI goes for the crush attack on the Mino Lord and thankfully misses. The Longhorn do nothing either. I win combat by 4 so I thought I had it through combat res, however it is steadfast because it counts as a rank and I don’t, so it passes it’s break test and sticks. I turn the Chariots around for what it’s worth and turn the Minotaur to face the Eadbashers (I did this really poorly and pushed him out past the edge of the GGI which meant he could get maximum files in contact with him. I should have left him so that his front was touching the GGI then only 2 files would be able to get in. It’s a desperate move but I know that I’m putting all my energy into killing the GGI and then hoping I flee far enough away when I break from combat.

    OnG 5
    Display Spoiler

    So the Goblin Chariots charge the Raiding Chariots and it’s curtains for them without some luck. The Feral Eadbashers charge the Mino Lord and it’s probably curtains for him too.

    In non combat related movement the Spider Chief chaffs up the Wildhorn, my own fault for not killing him earlier, and the Gargantula chaffs up the Totemic Beast (It appears the chaffed has become the chaff, sort of). The Feral Orcs move towards the objective. Next turn they can march on the objective as long as they pass a frenzy check.

    It’s the 8 flux card for the Orcs making it 11 v 7 (ugh). He starts off with a Scorching Salvo which I let through and it lo;; 2 Longhorn form the full strength unit, 2 wounds to the non-injured Raiding Chariot and put s a wound on the Soothsayer, how rude! Next Ed casts Awaken the Beast on the Eadbashers, and gets 7 on 2 dice, I throw 3 dice to dispel it and fail. Next he tries for Cascading Fire on the Lord but fails thanks to the Obsidian Rock. Next e casts Fireball on the Longhorn and I have to dispel it, I can’t risk them running away, I need the objective. Lastly he casts Bring the Pain on the Mino Lord and if I thought I had a chance of survival that has now gone out of the window.

    Combat and the Goblin Chariots get 16 impact hits and wipe out the Raiding Chariots (I’d give anything for Eds impact hit rolls, they’ve all been amazing)! The Mino Lord kills the GGI at last but it’s too late. Lastly the Eadbashers attack the Mino Lord and despite having 12 attacks with rerolls to hit and battle focus he only lands 6 hits, they all wound though and I fail enough Aegis saves that he dies! Noooo! The Eadbasher overrun far so they can also contest the objective.

    BH 6
    Display Spoiler

    It’s the end game now and I only have one thing left to do, stop my unit of 8 Longhorn from dying and prevent the Orcs from getting near the objective.

    I still have some charges to declare. I charge the Wildhorn into the Spider Chief because screw that guy, he needs to die! I charge the unit of 5 Longhorn into the Chariots and they stand and shoot but cause no wounds. I then charge with the Raiding Chariot into them and they flee. That suits me fine as I will just end up in front of the Feral Orcs and within 12” so it’s Frenzy check time and I need them to fail their frenzy.

    The Longhorn turn and walk into within 6” of the objective. I keep one Chariot behind the hill because it doesn’t have a job to do now so might as well keep those points. The Totemic Summon just moves into the Wildhorn and stops, that should at least stop them from dying. The Soothsayer goes back into his wood.

    It’s the 8 flux card now (thanks dice, that is really going to be useful to me now!). I cast Break the Spirit onto the Feral Orcs because what else am I going to do at this point. I get it off but I also miscast and take D6 hits on the Shaman who takes another wound, gulp! I then try for a big Summon to try and squeeze it in front of the Mounted Eadbashers but it is dispelled. I realise I made another poor movement decision and I’ve got my Soothsayer next to Chariots so he can’t see the Mounted Eadbashers, so I lob Swarm of Insects onto the Gargantula and cause a wound. More sloppy play from me, if I did a wound to the Eadbashers I could have panicked them off.

    The Wildhorn kill the Chief and turn to face the Gargantula.

    OnG 6
    Display Spoiler

    So now it is crunch time. Ed calls out the War Cry at last (He would have done it earlier but he kept forgetting to do it before taking Frenzy checks). The Feral Orcs fail their Frenzy check, phew! They declare a charge into the unit of 5 Longhorn and I flee that charge, the Feral Orcs then pass their re direct test and declare a long bomb charge into the 8 Longhorn, it’s a 10 on the dice with swiftstride, so not that long really. Meanwhile the Feral Eadbashers, who are too far away to march onto the objective, declare a charge into the Raiding Chariot but I just flee it, they then fail their redirect test, their aim was to charge my Soothsayer and I totally missed that charge so I dodged another bullet there. Meanwhile the Gargantula also declares a charge into the Totemic Beast.

    So the Gargantula obviously makes his charge and he gets to kill his third Totemic Beast of the game, netting him a mighty 0 points in total killed! There’s only one charge we care about now though, the Feral Eadbashers roll for their charge and get a 4, 3, 2; dodged yet another bullet! They do lose 7 guys to Break the Spirit as well, not that it matters. The Feral Eadbashers stumble forward a bit.

    In other movement the bloody Goblin Chariots rally, I can’t really complain about the good dice Ed rolls now, he’s having a stinker so far this turn. The Mounted Eadbashers do a swift reform and walk within 6” of the right hand objective. We are now drawing the objective.

    It’s the final magic phase and Ed has to try and either wipe out the Longhorn or make them panic. It’s the 4 card and it’s 9 v 5, he had a load of veil tokens from the last turn even after converting 12 into dice, that’s why he still has so many veil tokens this turn. He starts off with Scorching Salvo and I let it go, there’s worse spells in his repertoire I need to stop. All Salvo does is kill one of my fleeing Longhorn. He then casts a boosted Pyroclastic Flow on 4 dice and rolls 1, 1, 1, 5! Failing it but getting his dice back (third bullet dodged). He then goes for a boosted TotemicSummon so that it can come on within Breath Weapon range of the Longhorn but he fails to cast it. Finally he tries for a Fireball but I dispel it because I have all my dice left.

    The Gargantula kills the Totemic Beast but the Wildhorn pass their panic and the game ends there.

    What a wild ride that was. We tote up our points, I’ve not scored very much really, 1510 in the end and most of that was the Mino Warlord, the rest of the army did nothing. Meanwhile Ed has killed 3633 of my army. So it’s a difference of 2123, making it a 15 – 5 and no one has the objective. That is the hardest 5 points I have ever had to fight for and I know that luck helped me get those points but you got to have luck at some point.

    My game all went wrong because I never stuck to my game plan of holding back until the opportune time. My deployment wasn’t great as that impassable in the middle really made thing difficult for me. I might have been better swapping the sides of the house with the Minos and Wildhorn on the left and the Chariots on the right. Especially with the ruins on the right, the Orcs have a lot of strider units so they were obviously going to send those units right through the ruins.

    After deployment I would have been better trying to criss cross the Minos and the Wildhorns so that the Wildhorns could sit on the centre objective with only Chariots and Feral Orcs to threaten them. Ultimately though there were just too many threats for me to deal with, the GGI and the Gargantula are particularly tricky for me to handle unless I can get the charge on them but there were 4 dedicated chaff units in the list so hard for me to get in that position. The Raiding Chariots should have been in the centre to support me more with chaff clearance.

    I let one little Spider Chief hold up my entire left flank for 2 turns. I should have just pushed more aggressively with the chariots on that flank and made sure I cover any potential charge. It’s not that likely that the Spider Chief kills a chariot and I have every chance of just killing him in return. By holding up that flank for so long it left the rest of my forces without support.

    The key mistake was charging the Raiding Chariot on the right into the Mounted Feral Eadbashers as that just gave him a free combat reform. I should have just tried to charge the WIldhorns in as if they make it they will either win combat or stick. Ed basically set a trap for me in that turn with the Minos and I not only fell for it but made it even better for him. The way he positioned his GGI in turn 1 showed that he was prepared for the Minos to push at him but at least if the Mounted FeralEadbashers weren’t able to get a charge on me I could have taken the GGI and the Eadbashers to the front and put a lot of hurt back on him. It was a combat I was always going to lose but I think their sacrifice would have been worth it. Although I should have bailed the BSB out in Turn 1 along with the Mino Lord so at least she wouldn’t have gone down with them too.

    Letting Totemic Summon off in turn 1 was a huge error too, that spell is just too dangerous for armies that like to flee. I should know, I’ve used it often enough over the years. Eds magic setup is absolutely brutal though and it’s so hard to stop all the spells, I was saved mostly by Eds poor dice rolling, he failed a lot of spells!

    I’m happy with how I played the last few turns though. Charging the chariots into the GGI was the right call, it just didn’t pan out but it wouldn’t have taken much for that to work and it’s a shame it didn’t because it had the potential to be amazing! I thought I did well to draw the objective and I got the luck of the failed frenzy test at the right time but in fairness I made him take enough so it was only right that he finally failed one.

    I learnt a lot from this game, the main take away is that I don’t spend enough time on my Movement Phase, I’m very hap hazard with my movement, just shoving things about, checking the odd angle to make sure I’m safe but not thinking about what my opponent is going to do and how I can counter that with my movement. I spend about 5 mins on my Movement and when I watch other games people are spending a good 20 minutes doing it, I need to be more patient and thorough with my movement. I also used my chaff terribly this game, giving one away easily and using my lone chaff piece poorly.

    There's not much choice in the way of MVP, i would probably give it to the Longhorns that scored me objectives for refusing to die to a lot of Pyro thrown their way and turning up when i needed them to. LVP probably goes to the Razortusk Chariot for being useless (all of it was my own making so feels harsh to blame it on the Razortusk Chariot). The Mino Lord actually did OK this game, killed himself 700 points of stuff so essentially breaking even.

    Anyway, after that result it leaves me on 15 points from a possible 40, so not great but it could all so easily have been much worse. Onwards to Game 3!

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Comments 9

  • greentide -

    Excellent report, liked the write up for the turns as much as the analysis part.
    You had me really torn here cos I usually root for OnG forces but your sensible but passionate
    storytelling made it hard to not wish you best of luck.
    I have never seen such an escalation of totemic summons- they usually threaten bunkers and war machines,
    but here chaffing and breath weapons were the key factor apparently.

    • AxelVicious -

      Totemic Beasts make excellent chaff if something nasty is near a board edge. I thought Ed used his one to excellent effect, really gave me a headache.

  • Wijkert -

    Again, a very nice writeup Kev, great work!
    "I won’t make that mistake again (although I probably will do it again because it was a solid plan, he just got lucky with the crush attack!)." Look at you fighting result oriented thinking! If the plan is solid, you don't change it just because you got unlucky last time.

  • sgu97bjd -

    Really enjoyed reading this, especially as I was able to watch the game on UB as well. As you have pointed out yourself I think you could have been much more aggressive on on the left side with your chariots but these things are so much easier to see as an observer, much harder as a player.

  • Remy77077 -

    Another good one! Although it was so chaotic on the battlefield, despite it being OnG, it was much more difficult to follow for me.

    A couple of parts really confused me too, not that I know T9A FB rules really.. but -

    OnG2 - how does the GGI charge the Minotaurs in the flank? I am guessing he can see them due to a height rule? (we don't have those in EoW tbf!), but then, does he somehow run forward then turn back to go 'around' his own units to get in?

    BH5 - OnG5 - why does the Minotaur Lord shuffle over to the corner of the GGI to allow the Feral Orc Eadbashers to charge him? Surely if he stayed where he was, there wasn't space for them to even charge in (or even see him perhaps, in contact with the GGI) ?

    • AxelVicious -

      You make some excellent points and when i'm able to i'll go back and add some diagrams on to explain it further. I will say that it was pretty chaotic on the battlefield too, there's just so many units all hanging about and blocking charges and squeezing stuff into combat, it all get's really complicated when there's so many units on the field.

      So in turn 2 after i reformed the GGI could see the Minos he's Gigantic and the FeralOrc are only standard height, so he can see over them. The GGI could see the Minos from his 45 degree arc, however the GGI wasn't in the front arc of the Minotaurs he was in their flank arc. I completely missed that the GGI could see the Minotaurs and i might have been able to position them such that everything was in front or so that it couldn't see them at all but it seems unlikely. The GGI had just enough room so that he could run forward past the Feral Orcs, turn his 90 degrees or whatever he needed, run forward again, squeezing through the gap between the Feral Orcs and the Eadbashers and then touch the corner of the Minos. He then has to complete the combat by closing the door to the Minotaurs. When determining distances you simply measure from the closest point of the model as well, so even though that move would have been huge the charge distance is still between the two closest points. Ed had positioned his units perfectly with the intention of doing this, i just never saw it coming.

      As for my turn 5. The Eadbashers could always see the Minotaur Lord because only one model needs to be able to see him. The shaman on the end of the unit can easily see him as the Mino Lord is in his arc of sight. His Eadbashers were positioned in such a way that if they just went forward they would go past the GGI and wasn't preventing their charge. Him being charged was always inevitable but i shouldn't have placed him so close to the Eadbashers as i did. If i was further back then the Eadbashers would have had to line up against the GGI and would only get 2 files in. My thinking for the decision was to keep the Eadbashers as far away from the objective as possible so i didn't want them moving too far, it worked i suppose.

      If i was a better player and thought a turn ahead what i could have done was make sure that the Feral Orcs had no charges available to them, so kept the Raiding Chariot and Longhorn further away. Then i could have slid the Minotaur Lord further away from the Eadbashers (towards the Feral Orcs). At that point the Eadbashers would not have been able to charge the Mino Lord because the Feral Orcs would have been in the way and with no charges available to them they wouldn't be able to get out of the way.

      The rules around charging do get confusing and i'm no expert on them, hence all my mistakes. Ed really showed me a masterclass in ensuring your angles are spot on and that your charge paths are clear. It's particularly important for single model placement after charges to. With the GGI Ed could have placed him touching anywhere on the front facing of the Mino Lord, so all the way to the left or too the right but where he placed him was exactly as far to the right as he could be and still allow the Eadbashers to charge, whilst making sure all 3 Chariots couldn't line up.

      Hope that makes some of it clearer.

    • Remy77077 -

      That does help loads yes! :D Thanks for taking all the time for the batrep and this in depth reply too :)

      The turn 2 one makes complete sense now, although it still looks kinda wonky to me... but that kind of "long distance" charge happens in other games I know too, so it's not just a T9A thing... but yeah. Not surprised you missed spotting that as it just doesn't look "real" to me either!!

      The turn 5 one really still looks to me like it was possible to slide the Minotaur Lord in such a way that the Eadbashers couldn't see him - it looks SO tight to me from the screenshot that even the guy (Shaman?) on the end of that unit can see him at all in his front arc, even where the Lord is before he moved at all.. but maybe the 2nd or 3rd file can just see him by a few mm without drawing a line through the GGI too.
      But couldn't he have slid over to corner-clip the GGI on it's other corner (next to your Chariots in the same combat, basically)? I'm not at all familiar with these sliding about after combat rules though tbh! Not even in Essence of War as they so rarely come up.
      And there's the issue of the other unit of Feral Orcs blocking their charge move around the GGI as you say there too, but that makes sense if they declare any valid charge at all they could quite easily get out of the way though.

    • AxelVicious -

      Yeah, there was millimetres in difference between the Mino Lord being out of LoS or not if he went on the left side. I've tried to recreate the angles in the picture below.
      (Image links don't work in the comments for some reason)

      The Eadbashers can make it past the GGI, just. The line of sight of the third guy can just see the Mino Lord if he's farthest away. So you measure his line of sight as normal but he's blocked by the GGI for only some of it as the black line shows. These things are a lot easier to visualise on UB at least. If this was a tabletop game the arguments over the tiniest of margin can go on a while.

    • Remy77077 -

      Gotcha, that image makes perfect sense of this now! Great stuff! No escape for the Mino Lord then sadly.

      In some ways, it ended up "feeling right" on this one in some ways to me though (unlike the kinda wonky GGI big run-around charge on t2, heh) - your own units in a combat shouldn't really 'block' more of your own guys joining in a fight into the flank that situation, thinking 'fluffily' about it. The Orcs would know the GGI was fighting something - so a matter of millimetres of line-of-sight or not would be pretty frustrating if they weren't allowed to charge in and join the fight...
      But obviously, that's the rules!

      It's actually super interesting to me now for EoW - as I double checked the FB and EoW rules, and this one would have played out exactly the same in both rules too.