Axel Vicious and The Vampire Covenant at the UK Masters 2021- Game 4

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  • Hello!

    Welcome back to another thrilling battle report from my adventures at the UK Masters 2021. We are now over halfway there, Games 1,2 and 3 are done with and it’s time for Game 4. Round 4 is the army swap round, a round I was very much looking forward too as there were some cool armies out there I would happily use, Warriors, KoE, Infernal Dwarves, I would even been happy using some poncy elves. However, fate has a wicked sense of humour and decided to give me the one army out of the 15 that I really didn’t want to use, the bloody Vampire Covenant! I was drawn against Mikey Newman of England ETC fame, so he’ll be using my BH and I’ll be pushing nudging zombies about.
    I have very little experience using the VCs, I once borrowed a friends army and took them to an 8th edition tournament, just so I could use Heinrich Kemmler and Krell because they are so cool but it turned out they were not actually that good on the table top and I lost every game and came bottom. So maybe VC aren’t the army for me. Who knows though, maybe I’ll be given a decent list with some Shrieking Horrors and some killy Vampire characters and a big bus of Knights, let’s have a look shall we?

    490 - Necromancer, General (The Dead Arise), Wizard Master, Alchemy, 2x Binding Scroll
    405 - Necromancer, Wizard Master, Evocation, Magical Heirloom
    170 - Fell Wraith, Hand Weapon (Hero's Heart)
    155 - Banshee
    155 - Banshee
    567 - 37 Ghouls, Champion
    253 - 22 Skeletons, Spear, Standard Bearer (Flaming Standard), Musician, Champion
    135 - 20 Zombies, Musician
    645 - 8 Ghasts, Champion
    310 - 4 Phantom Hosts
    680 - 4 Winged Reapers, Halberd
    535 - 6 Vampire Knights, Standard Bearer, Musician, Champion

    WTF is that!?

    When I did the army list reviews I initially didn’t think much of this list but there is some nice synergies in it with the Alchemy Master. The Winged Reapers are not to be sniffed at, they can pack a punch when they hit, as do Vampire Knights. I’ve watched a few games with Mikey using it and he’s uses it very well, each unit supports each other on it’s incredibly slow, inexorable push towards the enemy/objective. In the right hands this army is lethal and can easily draw or even get a small win! In my hands however I will be lucky to get a point out of this game. I just can’t play the game the way Mikey does, I need to get into combat as that's the best part of the entire game and I just think the combat potential of this list is minimal. If I can get some flank charges won the Minotaur block with one of the big units then I stand a chance, but how do you get a flank charge when everything has to be the 12” General Bubble? How do I keep the Necromancers alive when there’s going to be Totemic Beasts and Ambushers coming on behind my lines?
    Where’s the bloody chaff in the list? The Banshees and Fell Wraith can be used as chaff but I’m most likely going to need them to cover my rear from Longhorns trying to kill my General. I don’t understand why you would take a Fell Wraith for chaff when you have Great Bats available to you?

    Oh yeah, I should probably talk about the list that Mikey has been blessed with.

    705 - Minotaur Warlord, General, Light Armour (Destiny's Call), Paired Weapons (Blessed
    Inscriptions), Obsidian Rock, Crown of Horns
    570 - Soothsayer, Wizard Master, Shamanism, Light Armour (Trickster's Cunning), Hand
    Weapon (Ancestral Carvings), Seed of the Dark Forest
    475 - Minotaur Chieftain, Greater Totem Bearer, Battle Standard Bearer, Light Armour
    (Aaghor's Affliction), Great Weapon
    325 - 3 Raiding Chariots
    303 - 29 Wildhorn Herd, Shield, Standard Bearer (Legion Standard), Musician, Champion
    (Totem Bearer (Gnarled Hide))
    273 - 18 Wildhorn Herd, Paired Weapons and Throwing Weapons , Ambush, Musician
    642 - 6 Minotaurs, Shield, Standard Bearer (Banner of Speed), Musician, Champion (Totem
    Bearer (Black Wing))
    240 - Razortusk Chariot
    170 - 10 Longhorn Herd, Ambush, Halberd, Musician
    160 - 10 Longhorn Herd, Ambush, Halberd
    150 - 5 Gargoyles, Scout
    140 - 5 Gargoyles
    115 - Raiding Chariots
    115 - Raiding Chariots
    115 - Raiding Chariots

    Now that’s a proper list! One mighty combat block, two of the greatest character builds of all time that just want to smash face, ambushing shenanigans for some hot sandwich action, plus some chaff for taste.

    I am so dead in this match up. If I was decent player or had a couple of months to play with VC then maybe I would stand a chance but as it is I am essentially going into this cold. The more I look at the list the more synergies and plays I see in it but I think that even experienced VC players would struggle to get the most out of a VC List with no Vampire characters in.

    As the VC list I have to use doesn’t have an awful lot of chaff I don’t see how I can stop the Mino block. I can use the banshees and the Fell Wraith to hold them up for a while but whilst they are being used for chaffing duty how do I stop the ambushers? It is real a tough call and a choice that I know that Mikey has the answer for but I don’t. I feel like I’m in the centre of a perfect storm where the VC list has to contend with ambushers and a big killy deathstar, there is a way of dealing with this but there is only one way and no one has told me that way.

    At least in the BH list I’m not overly concerned about the chariots, they should mostly die to static combat res or just be beaten to death. My main worry has to be the Minos. I need to throw as much as possible at the Minos to hold them up. I like that I have access to flaming attacks so killing the BSB is a possibility. If I can kill the Mino block too then I may even stand a chance of drawing the objective.

    Deployment for this game is Counterthrust and the secondary is Spoils of War. Counterthrust deployment is going to be very difficult with the VC as I have nothing in the way of a chaff drop, the whole army only really works if it sticks together, so wherever I drop something is going to give Mikey a clue as to where I’m going.
    If I had any other army my plan would have been to pick off everything except the Minos and just feed the Minos chaff or run rings round them. As I have no chaff and the VC are so slow that plan isn’t an option.

    Going into this match up my basic plan is to kill the Minos as fast as possible, whether that is through magic or combat I don’t know, then I will unleash hell upon the Mino Warlord. I think Mikey is basically going to shove the Minotaurs down my throat and make me deal with that and I don’t know how to with such a weak army as this.
    For magic I had access to loads of spells and in the end I went for Quicksilver Lash, Glory of Gold, Silver Spike, Arise and The Dead Arise on the Alchemy Master General. For the Evocation Master I took Spectral Blades, Ancestral Aid, Whispers of the Veil, Touch of the Reaper and Arise. So I’ve got combat buffs and some mini missiles.
    Mikey took the best Shamanism spells; Awaken the Beast, Swarm of Insects, Totemic Summon and Break the Spirit.


    I won the roll for table sides so I picked the side with a nice hill in its deployment zone so that I could threaten the centre from it and hopefully scare Mikey away from the centre objective. We trade drops and my first drop is the Ghouls on the hill, that should scare him away from the centre objective! We trade back and forth and we end up like this.

    (Mikey had put the Seed of the Dark Forest over the wall but don’t worry about that and ignore the Gargoyles on the top right, they're not really there)

    So I have all my stuff in the bottom left and Mikey is predominantly the top right. As I picked sides the BH take the chance to drop everything and go first. I had the chance to counter deploy but it was kind of impossible without just letting the Ghouls die away from my army. I have the Spirit Hosts facing the flank of my army to stop any ambushers from coming up that side. I then have the Vampire Knights and the zombie bunker at the back with the aim of reforming the Vampire Knights long in turn 1 to cut off ambushers from coming on there. The Skellies and Winged Reapers are on the left with the aim of getting the Skellies onto that objective and then swinging them round to the centre once it is done.

    Mikey deployed the WIldhorn 8 wide and that has confused me, that’s not how they’re supposed to be used! The Minos are 5 wide and that has confused me too. It’s basically Minos facing the middle with the Wildhorn next to them and then Chariots everywhere else.

    Display Spoiler

    The Minos clearly don’t give two f**ks about the Ghouls and just march straight onto the centre to get the objective. The Gargoyles push up behind the Minos and the WIldhorn move behind them and into the Forest. The Chariots push up slowly on the flanks.

    In Magic it’s the 6 card for the Beasts. Mikey casts the Black Wing Totem on the Minos twice and i dispel it twice. I didn’t want that going off because if I do charge the Minotaurs with the Ghouls I need to be striking first or if I don't charge then I don’t want the Minotaurs to be able to easily charge me next turn. If the spell does go off Mikey will be in my army by turn 2 and it’s all over! Mikey has 3 dice left and I have no dispel dice left, he casts Totemic Summon and get’s it off. The Beast comes on behind the zombies.

    I’ve played this magic phase completely wrong, i can always chaff the Minotaurs with the Fell Wraith that’s in the Ghouls if I didn’t want to charge them and i want to chaff them. Letting the Totemic Beast come on has completely ruined me. It’s going to get into my Bunker and there’s nothing I can do.

    Display Spoiler

    I pick myself up after a bit of bad opposing Magic Phase and crack on. I jump the Fell Wraith out of the Ghouls and put him in front of the Minos, the Ghouls walk back 2 inches. I march the Skeletons forward towards the objective and then put the Winged Reapers behind them. The Ghasts push up slowly. I ignore my previous plan with the Vampire Knights to spread them long to stop the ambushers coming on and instead move them round the side to threaten the Minos flank in case they try anything. The Banshee leaves the Zombies and turns to the side of the Totemic Beast, I’m hoping to scream it off in a turn.

    I get the 4 Flux Card and start with Arise on the Skellies to make them a bit bigger. I messed u though and due to the placement of the WInged Reapers i can only get 6 Skeletons on, should have been 10! I then fail to cast Quicksilver Lash, i do get off Silver Spike on the Raiding Chariot unit (Mikey Lets it go because he’s keeping his dice to stop me from raising a new unit, he knows that’s the best move and he won't let me get it off). I roll a 1 to wound the Chariots and do no wounds. I then fail to cast Touch of the Reaper but it would have been dispelled anyway.

    The Banshee screams at the Totemic Beast and does 2 wounds, so close!

    Display Spoiler

    Some charges from the Beast Herds already, the Raiding Chariot on the left charges the front of the Skeletons and the unit of 3 Raiding Chariots charges the flank of the Skeletons (I did not see that charge). The Raiding Chariot next to the Razortusk Chariot charges the Fell Wraith. The unit of 3 Raiding Chariots fail their charge thankfully, the others make it in. The Totemic Beast goes into the rear of the Zombies.

    One unit of Longhorn come on from ambushing and there’s little else movement wise.

    In magic it is the 8 Flux Card, I use a Binding Scroll to stop Totemic Summon, I’m not letting that off again! I dispel Break the Spirit on the Ghouls, Mikey then tries to cast Black Wing Totem again on the Minos but I dispel it. Lastly he casts Blooded Horn Totem on the Chariot fighting the Fell Wraith.

    In combat the Chariot against the skeletons only does 2 wounds, i do 2 wounds in return and the Chariot breaks from combat but the Skeletons fail to catch them.
    With the Fell Wraith combat the Raiding Chariot does 2 wounds with Impact Hits, i have a 3++ Aegis save and i fail them both, the Wildhorn does 1 more wound and I fail that Aegis save too and die. Brilliant! If I was able to hold that combat i could have held those Minos up for at least another turn and that would have been great! Or I could have charged the Ghouls into the Chariot, kill it and then overrun into the Minos so I get rerolls to hit in the next round. The Chariot just reforms.

    The Totemic Summon kills 6 zombies with it’s attacks and Breath Weapon. only 4 zombies can attack back but it’s enough as they kill the Totemic Beast, phew!

    Display Spoiler

    I charge the Banshee out of the Skeletons into the fleeing Raiding Chariot and run it down. The death of the Chariot proves too much for the Gargoyles who fail their panic check from the Raiding Chariot dying and they flee off the board! In truth I meant to bail the Banshee out in turn 1 but forgot, she is now miles away from the rest of the army so her chaffing days are over but she’s done alright.

    Now that the Totemic Beast is dead I can rest a bit easier. I decide against charging the Longhorn with the Banshee and instead just stand her in front of them so I can scream at them. I then begin to form a rough battleline, with everything facing the Minotaurs, hoping that now they’ll back off. The Skellies have to move onto the objective to claim it, i was 1” short from just reforming onto it. I reform the Spirit Host to face the Longhorn as if any ambushers come on next turn they will go in that gap behind the Zombies, if they don’t then I don’t care. I should have had the Spirit Host facing this way the whole time but I’m an idiot.

    I get the 1 Flux Card and start off by casting Whispers of the Veil on the Longhorn but it is dispelled. I then cast Arise on the zombies to get back the ones I lost plus a few more. I roll high again and get lots back but the rear is blocked by the Spirit Host so I can 9 back on. I have also managed to chaff up the Spirit Host, this is not going well for me.
    The Banshee screams at the Longhorn and kills 7 of them! They pass their panic though and are still chaffed by the Banshee and can’t get into the zombies.

    Display Spoiler

    The Raiding Chariot and the Minotaurs both charge into the Ghouls, the Minotaurs need a 7 on 2D6 and thankfully they fail it but the Chariot gets in. The 3 Longhorn charge the Banshee, you’d hope the Banshee can kill 3 Longhorn.

    The two remaining ambushers come on. The Wildhorn go on the right to get the objective and the Longhorn come on to face the zombie bunker. The Gargoyles march in front of the Vampire Knights to protect the Minotaurs from a triple charge.

    It is the 1 Card this turn and I use a binding scroll to bind Break the Spirit as i am hoping the Ghouls will kill the Raiding Chariot and then I can charge them into the Minotaurs along with the Ghasts and/or the Reapers. Mikey casts Gnarled Hide on the Minos with 3 dice and i have to let it go because i still can’t let them get off Black Wing Totem as i need to be striking first when i charge the Minotaurs. Then Mikey tries to cast Awaken the Beast but I dispel it.

    In combat the Raiding Chariot kills 4 Ghouls and I do 2 wounds in return which isn’t enough to win combat as I'm in line formation so I don’t get a rank bonus. Maybe thinking i could kill the Raiding Chariot was a bit optimistic.

    The Longhorn pass their Fear check and do 2 wounds on the Banshee and I naturally fail my 3++ Aegis saves and take the 2 wounds. I only do a wound in return so I lose combat and crumble! Bloody useless Ethereal units!

    Display Spoiler

    Now that the Minos are stuck in the middle of the table I decide to take the fight to the Beast Herds. I declare a charge with the Ghasts into the Minos and the Winged Reapers into the Minos. The Winged Reapers need a 10 and the Ghasts need a 9, after I roll the dice only the Ghasts get in and that might be the worst outcome.
    The Vampire Knights charge the Gargoyles chaffing them up and that’s it for charges.

    In other movement I decide I have to get the Necromancers out of the zombies before the Longhorn get in there and ruin them. So they both leave the unit of Zombies and go solo. I pick up the objective with the skeletons, turn them around and move towards the necromancers. The Zombies and the Spirit Host now both turn to face the Longhorn. The Banshee moves around the building to scream at the Raiding Chariots.

    I get the 3 Flux Card and throw 4 dice at Glory of Gold on the Ghasts, with the aim of trying to sneak some wounds through on the BSB thanks to the flaming attacks. I get 20 on 4 dice and it’s too high for Mikey to try and dispel. I then cast Ancestral Aid on the Ghasts but it is dispelled. Lastly I cast a bubbled arise to raise back some ghouls and zombies, Mikey fails to dispel it so the Ghouls are back to full health and the zombies grow some more.

    The Banshee screams at the Raiding Chariots and manages to kill 1, they fail their panic and run away 8”. The Razortusk Chariot passes it’s panic though.
    In combat it is straight to the Ghasts to try see how that pans out. The Minotaurs do 13 wounds, 7 of them are just from the Mino Lord! I put 2 Ghast attacks on the Minotaur Chieftain but I didn't even get a single hit, let alone a poison hit. The rest of the unit do 4 wounds to the Minotaurs. The Minotaurs win combat by 10 and that leaves me with the Ghast Champion left on 1 wound.

    The Ghouls fail to do any wounds to the Chariot, which is embarrassing. I lose 1 in return but I’m able to reform to be 7 wide now, which i should have done last turn, so now i have rank bonus on my side.

    The Vampire Knights wipe out the Gargoyles easily, i am left with a 10 overrun into the Minotaurs, if i make i stand a pretty good chance of murdering a lot of Minotaurs next turn and I think that would break them as they would do a lot of wounds to the Minos and with the Ghast champ on one wound they won’t do much in return. If i fail the overrun though they’re getting flanked by a Raiding Chariot. I decide to take the risk, I need a 10 on the dice, I roll a 9, damn!

    Display Spoiler

    The Raiding Chariot is not going to miss this opportunity and charges the flank of the Vampire Knights, I’m not too worried as i know how terrible Raiding Chariots are against armoured targets. The unit of Longhorn charge the rear of the Ghouls, I wasn't expecting that at all and I think that’s a mistake.

    The 2 remaining Longhorn block the counter charge from the zombies and Spirit Host. The Raiding Chariots rally and the Wildhorn march onto the objective to pick that up next turn.

    In magic it’s the 4 card, The BSB starts off by casting the Gnarled Hide Totem on the Minos on 3 dice. I let it go as my Necromancers are so vulnerable at the moment, I have to make sure they survive. Mikey then goes for a boosted Totemic Summon to put it on near the General but I dispel it thankfully.
    In combat the Raiding Chariot does 2 wounds to the Vampire Knights and I do 2 in return. I lose combat by 1 and fail my discipline check to reform so I have to stay as I am. The Longhorn and Raiding Chariot kill 6 Ghouls. The Ghouls kill 2 Longhorn and do 1 wound to the Raiding Chariot. I lose by 4 but at least now I've done some wounds I get rerolls to hit next turn from Unholy Appetite.

    The Minotaurs kill the Ghast and pivot to face the Ghouls.

    Display Spoiler

    Even though my plan to charge in the Ghasts and the Reapers ended in Disaster i still don’t think i’m doing that bad yet, just have to survive for 2 more turns. Losing 8 Ghasts and doing 4 wounds to the Minos is pretty crap though.

    I charge the Banshee at the Razortusk Chariot, just hoping it will fail it’s terror and run but it passes it’s discipline check. The Banshee needed an 11 and she predictably fails. The Spirit Host charge the 2 Longhorn which is a combat they should easily win.

    I march the Skeletons down so that the Necromancers can just jump in, however the best I can do is get the Skeletons 5” away from the General, all the General has to do is pass his March test to get in and he fails it! The terrible discipline of this VC army is killing me here. I continue to leave the Necromancers out of a unit, I don't know why, I should have at least put them back in the zombies and walked backwards with them. I don’t know what to say, i’m an idiot. The Winged Reapers just stay out of charge range of the Minotaurs.

    It is the 6 Flux Card this magic phase. I start off with a Silver Spike on the Razortusk Chariot and it does 3 wounds, nice! I put the Alchemical Fire attribute spell on the Longhorn. Next i cast Whispers of the Veil on the Minotaurs but it is dispelled. I then cast Glory of Gold on the Ghouls and Mikey fails to dispel. I put the Alchemical Fire attribute on the Raiding Chariot, I would have put it on the Minotaurs but they are too far away.

    In combat the Ghouls murder all the Longhorn and the Raiding Chariot. Go Ghouls!

    The Spirit Hosts don’t do any wounds to the Longhorn but take none in return. I win combat by one and the Longhorn break, the Spirit host run them down.
    With the Vampire Knights I fail to do any wounds and the Raiding Chariot does 1 wound to me. I Iose combat and another Vampire Knight dies. I fail to pass my reform check again and so the Chariot is still stuck in my flank. I wish the Chariots would do this for me!

    Display Spoiler

    The Minotaurs charge into the Ghouls and the Raiding Chariots charge the Vampire Knights, both make it in sadly. I was really hoping that the Vampire Knights would have won that combat against the Raiding Chariot by now and be free to start terrorising the Beast Herds back line but I think they’re doomed now.

    The Wildhorn just reform 5 wide and move into the Dark Forest. The Wildhorn with the objective just walk off with the Objective.

    It is a 7 card for the Magic Phase and Mikey starts off with Black Wing Totem on the Minotaurs, i dispel it as i can’t let the Minotaurs attack before the Ghouls, I want to kill some Minotaurs before the Ghouls die. If I can kill the Minotaurs I will draw the objective and at least get 3 points out of this.

    Next Mikey throws 4 dice at a Boosted Totemic Summon and gets it off, he rolls really high and I can't dispel it. The Totemic Summon comes on next to the General and I am in deep trouble now, I need the hope the Totemic Summons Breath Weapon is poor. Lastly I dispel Awaken the Beast on the Minos.

    The Totemic Beast does his Breath Weapon and gets 7 hits, Mikey rolls 4 wounds from those hits and the General dies! Oh dear, I've really lost it now. The crumble from his death kills a few of the models from the Skeletons and Zombies and does a few wounds to the Spirit Host.

    In combat the Vampire Knights take 4 wounds from the Raiding Chariots impact hits, I manage to kill the Raiding Chariot in my flank and the Longhorn on the Chariots do another wound to the Vampire Knights. I’ve lost combat by a load and the unit dies. What an ignoble end for the Vampire Knights but it pleases me to see the Chariots get some good kills.

    The Minotaurs kill a bucket load of Ghouls but the Ghouls manage to get a couple of wounds through on the BSB and do 5 wounds to the Minotaurs. I’m slowly whittling them down but I don’t think it’s fast enough. Too many Ghouls die though and the unit pops!

    Display Spoiler

    With the death of the General I’m living on borrowed time now, i have no chance of winning this without a lot of luck. I’ve essentially given up to be honest so I now just go and do a load of stupid things that i will regret. I charge the Winged Reapers into the Minotaurs with the hope of killing the BSB and the unit, there’s only 3 left now, i could do it! I was going to charge the Skeletons in to but they would end up pushing the Winged Reapers out so I'd only get 1 file in. I was tempted to charge the Zombies int the flank but it just didn’t see the point, i imagine they would just give him more static combat res, the Minotaur Lord wouldn’t have to put attacks on the Winged Reapers, he could just murder Zombies and pop the Reapers from static combat res. Don't know if it’s the right decision to not charge them in or not.

    I put the Evocation Necromancer back into the zombies, I was tempted to run him solo still but I couldn’t get him away from the Totemic Beast which would have just killed him anyway. I was hoping that the WInged Reapers would last a while against the weakened Minos now as well, They only have to last 1 round of combat.

    In magic I get the 2 card and start off with Ancestral Aid on the Winged Reapers but it is dispelled. I then cast Whispers of the Veil on the Minotaurs to lower their toughness, it was a silly cast, I should have done Spectral Blades instead, the fact the Winged Reapers have Lethal Strike put me off for some reason.

    With the Winged Reapers I put 2 of them into the BSB to try and kill her and the other 2 on the unit. I get lucky and kill the BSB which is great and that means i will at least be getting a point from this game. I only do 2 wounds on the Minotaurs and that’s disappointing, I was hoping I would at least kill 1. The Minotaurs in return do 11 wounds to the Winged Reapers and that’s enough to make them pop. The Minotaur Lord is absolutely killing me in this game, he’s unstoppable and is just doing more than 6 wounds on everything he hits, now I know how everyone else feels!

    The Minos pivot to face the Zombies.

    Turn 6
    Display Spoiler

    I’ll just rush through this last turn as it went pretty quickly from this point onwards. The Minotaurs charge the zombies, the Totemic Beast charges the Skeletons. Everything else backs off.

    The Soothsayer casts Swarm of Insects on the Banshee and kills her.

    The Minotaur Lord kills the Necromancer and the Minotaurs kill some zombies. I do 2 wounds back on the Minotaurs at least but it’s not enough, the zombies pop too.

    The Totemic Beast kills a Skeleton and i do a wound in return, i win combat and the Totemic Beast flees, i don’t pursue, i have plans!

    With the death of the Necromancer I have to take more discipline checks for crumble. More Skeletons die and the Spirit Hosts are left on a wound.

    In my turn I just charge the Skeletons into the Minotaurs (their death makes no difference to points so wasting them costs me nothing). I only have to do 4 wounds to the Minos and I could draw objective. However the Minotaur Warlord has another amazing round of combat and kills like 8 Skeletons before I can swing. The Skeletons do nothing and then die.

    Thus ends the game. We count up the points and Mikey has pretty much wiped out my army netting him 4545 points and I got 1525. Mikey also got the objective so it’s a 19 - 1 win to him.

    Well, all i can say is that at least that’s over with, what an unmitigated disaster it ended up being. I thought I was doing ok until Turn 4 then, I just ran out of things to chaff the Minotaurs with and had to start throwing things at them. I did come very close to wiping the Minotaurs out so my plan to draw the objective almost worked but never mind.

    The mistakes I made were many I’m sure, the biggest ones being running the Necromancers out solo, or at least not putting them back in the zombies as soon as I could. I was getting scared at how close the Minotaurs were at that point so didn’t want them in there. The other big mistake was overrunning with the Vampire Knights, I completely wasted that unit and they could have been quite potent at stopping the Minos as them and the Winged Reapers are my only options to threaten the flanks.

    I do like the army swap round, it really throws a spanner in the works and makes you think about the weaknesses in your own army and how you can exploit them with a different army. I am a big fan of trying to reverse your thinking going into a match up, i know the weaknesses of my army i needed to be able to stop ther Minos and the ambushers and then threaten the rest of the army, The Wildhorn block would have been very susceptible to being charged by a fear causer for example. However I was given the slowest army imaginable and I just couldn’t press that weakness at all.

    There’s no MVP this game, every single model in that army was an LVP for me. In reality though i was the LVP, my generalship with the undead was awful and i wasn’t enthused for this game from the beginning and i think it shows. Trying to work out combat res with the undead is an entire skill on it’s own and determine if they will last one round of combat or not. It’s a skill I don’t possess and I was also amazed at just how fast the Minos were murdering the undead, it was impressive! Also when things start to go badly for the VC it just cascades from there, it is really difficult for them to stop the tide of destruction coming their way, they can't run units to safety as everything is so slow.

    I’d be interested to hear from the VC players out there. What did you think of the match up? What do you think of Mikey’s VC list? How would you have played it? I think if we were playing that game the other way round it would have been a much tougher matchup for the Beast Herds with Mikey behind the wheel of the VC, I would have had it as draw most likely.

    Anyway, at least I got a point out of it! With that out of the way it is onto Game 5 next and I get to go back to my beloved Beast Herds and this time I am drawn against the ID, ugh.

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  • Mike newman -

    “Mikey deployed the WIldhorn 8 wide and that has confused me, that’s not how they’re supposed to be used! The Minos are 5 wide and that has confused me too“

    This is exactly why I did it :)

  • falanor -

    Hey! thanks for the report... you have been consistent with your initial thought of getting 1 point out of it :D

    I think you messed up already during the deployment... I am not VC expert but here you have my thoughts:

    - if you want to have winged reapers on the side, I would have switched them with skellies... skeletons can still pick up their token but reapers are closer to action in case (likely) that the BH do not attack you from that corner... this way you can attack the center one turn earlier if needed

    - Using VK to prevent ambushes does not look like a great idea to lose at least 2 turns and it does not help much since there is plenty of space to come out anyway. I would have put them much closer to BH to threaten charges in the middle / force him to use chaff early on

    Then I think I would have used 1 banshee and spirit hosts to police the backlines... in your T2 I would have charged the banshee at the longhorns... you would force a panic test and you would probably win combat (charge + 1 dead vs few wounds) forcing 2 tests (1 at 7 and 1 at 6).

    Also, once you took your characters out of the zombies (risky but potentially understandable) you should have really kept them together... at least magic missiles have to allocate hits to both of them therefore doubling your chances of survival...

    It must be said that you were not really lucky on your rolls but as you mentioned you did not help yourself much :)

    Looking forward to the next report, keep the spirits up as this time the Mino Lord will be on your side ;)

    • AxelVicious -

      You're absolutely right about deployment. Swapping the skellies and the winged reapers would have been a better move. I definitely used the VK all wrong too I should have just sent them to contest the right hand secondary.

      I spent a while contemplating charging the banshee into the Longhorn but I was just worried about her dying in combat. Given that she took 2 wounds from just 3 Longhorns I think it was the right move.

      You're right about the Necros. I was going to use one as chaff if needs be but splitting them up cost me big.

      Glad you liked it anyway, there a cracking bat rep coming up next.

  • sgu97bjd -

    Really enjoying the reviews, your memory of the details of the game is a lot better than mine would be.

    I know the knights charge didn’t work out but it was probably a fair risk to take as it could have really turned the game.