Axel Vicious and The Beastly Boys at the UK Masters 2021 - Game 5

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    Welcome back to my journey at UK Masters 2021. After a super embarrassing round 4 it’s time to pick myself up and crack on with round 5. This time I was drawn against the Infernal Dwarves being pushed about by Jake Corteen from Team England. This will be my third game against Jake’s ID in the last 6 months, we always seem to end up drawn against each other and in our two previous games he has beaten me both times (16-4 and 17-3). I’m out for revenge this time though, I have actually learnt a lot from our previous games and even though I think ID is a real bad match up for me I don’t think I will lose this one by as big a margin as last time.

    So this is Jake’s list:
    835 - Prophet, General, Prophet of Shamut, Great Bull of Shamut, Wizard Master,
    Occultism, Infernal Weapon, Obsidian Rock
    385 - Prophet, Prophet of Ashuruk, Wizard Adept, Alchemy, Pyromancy, Binding Scroll,
    Essence of a Free Mind
    330 - Vizier, Shield (Willow's Ward), Battle Standard Bearer (Aether Icon), Alchemist's Alloy,
    Spear, Breath of the Brass Bull, Unflame
    501 - 24 Infernal Warriors, Ziggurat Regulars, Blunderbuss , Musician, Champion
    190 - 20 Vassal Levies, Paired Weapons, Standard Bearer (Banner of the Relentless
    190 - 20 Vassal Levies, Paired Weapons, Standard Bearer (Banner of the Relentless
    125 - 20 Shackled Slaves, Paired Weapons
    125 - 20 Shackled Slaves, Paired Weapons
    574 - 23 Immortals, Spear, Standard Bearer (Blessed Icon of Zalaman Tekash), Musician,
    442 - 5 Kadim Incarnates, Champion
    315 - 3 Taurukh Anointed, Great Weapon, Musician, Champion
    485 - Infernal Engine, Naphtha Thrower (Steel Juggernaut, Kadim Blessed)

    Here’s my list for those that haven’t seen it:
    705 - Minotaur Warlord, General, Light Armour (Destiny's Call), Paired Weapons (Blessed
    Inscriptions), Obsidian Rock, Crown of Horns
    570 - Soothsayer, Wizard Master, Shamanism, Light Armour (Trickster's Cunning), Hand
    Weapon (Ancestral Carvings), Seed of the Dark Forest
    475 - Minotaur Chieftain, Greater Totem Bearer, Battle Standard Bearer, Light Armour
    (Aaghor's Affliction), Great Weapon
    325 - 3 Raiding Chariots
    303 - 29 Wildhorn Herd, Shield, Standard Bearer (Legion Standard), Musician, Champion
    (Totem Bearer (Gnarled Hide))
    273 - 18 Wildhorn Herd, Paired Weapons and Throwing Weapons , Ambush, Musician
    642 - 6 Minotaurs, Shield, Standard Bearer (Banner of Speed), Musician, Champion (Totem
    Bearer (Black Wing))
    240 - Razortusk Chariot
    170 - 10 Longhorn Herd, Ambush, Halberd, Musician
    160 - 10 Longhorn Herd, Ambush, Halberd
    150 - 5 Gargoyles, Scout
    140 - 5 Gargoyles
    115 - Raiding Chariots
    115 - Raiding Chariots
    115 - Raiding Chariots

    So this Infernal Dwarf list is quite different from what Jake has been using all year and I think this is the weakest list he has taken so far. I am not overly scared of the Prophet on the Great Bull as he is on Occultism and as the spell range is so short he will have to get close with him to do any real damage. So I need to make sure that the Great Bull can’t get around me by zoning it with Chariots and the Minotaurs.

    The Infernal Engine is always a headache for the Beast Herds I find, the only answer I have to it is the Minotaurs. The Minotaur Warlord can solo it and should kill it in two rounds of combat but only if he’s given a chance to charge it. In the last game we fought Jake had two Infernal Engines, one with the Naptha Thrower and the other with the Titan Mortar, the Mino Warlord managed to kill the Titan Mortar but the Naptha Thrower was still going at the end of the game, so this is a continuation from our last game in my eyes with the Mino Warlord out for revenge against the horrid defeat I suffered last time.

    Also in our last battle Jake had a unit of Immortals with the Vizier BSB in but with an Overlord. I a moment of madness I forgot about the Unflame on the BSB and ended up charging them with the Minotaurs and I got absolutely slaughtered as I was striking last due to the agility penalty from Unflame. I probably don’t want to repeat that this game but now that the unit doesn’t have the Overlord in with the Onyx Core the Minotaurs might stand a good chance of murdering the unit.

    The Taurukh Anointed will be a tough nut to crack with their Res 5, I think that my Raiding Chariots will just bounce off them and as they have Great Weapons they’ll just murder a chariot in return. The Kadim Incarnates are also very dangerous for my army, none of my infantry can go anywhere near them, they will eat their way through the Wildhorn or any of my ambushers, even chariots will struggle against them. The Minotaurs can easily take down both the Kadim Incarnates and the Taurukh Anointed but, they can’t fight everything in the ID army.

    The Slaves are there mostly to give flaming attacks to the Infernal Warriors and the Immortals, plus soak up some Dangerous Terrain checks. Although Jake doesn’t have the usual methods of giving out flammable markers like Vassal Levies with bows or the Vassal Slingshot he can do it through magic. The Hereditary spell, Curse of Nezibkesh, gives out permanent flammable markers and the Prophet of Ashuruk will always be able to put the Alchemical Fire attribute spell on a unit when he casts a spell. So flaming attacks can be a problem, I’ve been burnt by that hereditary spell before, you think just letting it off in an early turn won’t matter but it always comes back to bite you. That spell will be my top priority to stop.

    The Infernal Warriors with Great Weapons are pretty low down on my list of things to worry about. The Vassal Levy too don’t pose mush of a threat.

    The Deployment type for this round is Dawn Assault and the secondary objective is Capture the Flags. That scenario is good and bad for me. With my ambushers I can place them anywhere that I think they’ll be safe so it can be difficult for my opponent to get them. However it essentially means that I can’t use my ambushers to attack the opponent as I can’t risk using them in combat. Looking at Jake’s army the Vassal Levies scream at me as the easiest target for me to try and get, I have no doubt that the Vassal Levies will be hiding at the back of his army meaning I may have to risk one of my ambushers to try and get them, there’s always Totemic Summon too, that could take one down. It should make for an interesting and tactical game at least.


    We roll off for sides and I win the roll off, I pick the top half of the table so I can get the hill. I pick the right hand side of the table to deploy in so Jake gets the top bottom left of deployment zone which has a building in it and will split his army in two hopefully. There’s also a piece of water terrain I the middle of the board that the Infernal Dwarf infantry will have to march through to get to me. As the Infernal Dwarves don’t really have any real long range threat they’re going to have to come close to me if they want to win.

    For spells I pick the usual Shamanism spells; Awaken the Beast, Swarm of Insects, Totemic Summon and Break the Spirit. The Prophet of Shamut picks Curse of Nezibkesh, Pentagram of Pain, Breathe of Corruption and The Grave Calls. The Prophet of Ashuruk picks the path of Pyromancy and goes for Pyroclastic Flow and Flaming Swords as his spells. Nothing too surprising there really, those were the spells I thought he would go for, the Curse of Nezibkesh is the one that I really need to watch for.

    As I won the roll for sides Jake gets to drop first and decides to drop everything to go first, which I am secretly happy with. With me going second it means that I have one less turn for my ambushers to try and survive. Jake drops his army then I do my deployment and we end up as you can see below.

    Most of the ID army is to the left of the building with the Vassals in the back of the army. The Immortals and the Infernal Warriors are in the front. The Orcs in the front are linked to the Immortals and the ones at the back are linked to the Infernal Warriors, so any Dangerous Terrain checks that fail on those dwarf unit will kill a slave instead. The Prophet of Ashuruk and the Vizier are both in the Immortals. The Kadim Incarnates are on the right flank and the Taurukh Anointed on the left flank. They make for some fearsome flanking units and they could prove difficult for me to handle.

    I have the Raiding Chariots on the hill to give me some excellent zoning and hopefully keep the Kadim Incarnates honest and stop the Great Bull from going down the right flank. The Minotaurs go to the left of the hill to try and cover the centre of the table, They have to make sure the Infernal Engine cannot get out of their charge arc and I want to threaten them all with some long charges. I’m hoping to get a nice long bomb charge into the Immortals as soon as I can, as long as the Minotaurs are at full strength I think they can take them down, if they take too much damage then the characters are going to go solo and the Minotaurs will hopefully be able to escape of chaff up a unit. The Wildhorn go behind the Minotaurs as I have a sneaky plan, the Wildhorn can fight any of the Infernal Dwarf units I think. With their static combat res and parry on the unit they can go toe to toe with any of them one on one. So what I’m hoping to do is for the Minotaurs to attract all the attention and then go and do a big charge and be miles away from the line. The Wildhorn can then step up and offer support or hold the back line. Just have to make sure they don’t end up fighting the Kadim Incarnates. The Raiding Chariots are on the flanks to try and provide some flank protection but I don’t think there’s much they can do except hold up a unit for a turn.

    The Gargoyles scout over on the right and the Seed of the dark Forest goes in front of the Minos, that will be my battleground this game.

    Infernal Dwarves 1
    Display Spoiler

    The Infernal Dwarves all push up, but not too aggressively. The Immortals have to march through the water and 4 Slaves throw themselves in the water to stop the Immortals from drowning.

    In the magic phase it is the 4 Flux card, the Pyro Prophet starts things off with a Pyroclastic Flow on the Gargoyles behind the Minotaurs. I have to let it through as I need to stop the Hereditary. I’m lucky and the Pyroclastic Flow only kills a Gargoyle, the Blaze is put on the Minotaurs but does no wounds . Next the Occultism wizard casts a boosted Breath of Corruption on the Infernal Warrior champion, he’s within 18” of the Gargoyles on the right, I do dispel this one as it’s a low casting value and it leaves us with 2 dice each. The magic resistance on the Minotaurs gives me the advantage on dispelling the Hereditary. Jake casts the Hereditary on the Minotaurs and rolls 11 on two dice, ouch. I need to roll a 9 or higher to stop and get a double 6!

    All the shooting is out of range for now, that was why I kept the Raiding Chariots further back in deployment to not give the Infernal engine any easy targets.

    Beast Herds 1
    Display Spoiler

    I don’t really do much in the Movement phase, the bulk of my army just shuffles about. The gargoyles on the right fly next to the Kadim Incarnates with the hope of harrying the Vassals in the back. If I can get Totemic Summon off in the back, that Beast combined with the Gargoyles should be able to pick off a Vassal unit. The Raiding Chariot on the right moves down the right flank and the Raiding Chariot on the left moves further left, I’m just trying to threaten those flanks.

    I also get 4 Flux card for the magic phase. I start off by casting a Swarm of Insects on the Infernal Engine, hoping for a sneaky wound but I fail to cast it. I then throw 3 dice at a Totemic Summon to bring it on behind the Vassal Levy and roll a 15. It’s too high for Jake and he lets it go! I was hoping he would dispel it so I could get a Black Wing Totem off on the Minotaurs but there’s no chance of that now, so I try to cast a boosted Awaken the Beast to increase the res on the Minos but it is dispelled.
    I use the breath weapon from the Totemic Beast on the Vassals and roll box cars! The 12 hits only kill 4 Vassal Levy though, was hoping for more.

    Display Spoiler

    The ID push hard on the left flank with the Infernal Engine and the Taurukh Anointed going really aggressively forward. The Great Bull is next to the Engine and that may be a bit of a risky position for it. The Immortals and the Infernal Warriors make a solid central line of defence, the Immortal turn to the right so the Prophet can see the Gargoyles. The Kadim Incarnates are pretty much hemmed in and can’t advance yet without risking being charged. The Vassal Levy turn around to face the Totemic Summon.

    In magic Jake draws the 5 Flux card, not the best turn to get it thankfully, ideally he would want it when there’s some combat going on. He starts of by casting Pyroclastic Flow on the Gargoyles on the right and rolls a triple 5 on 3 dice which makes it a miscast and as it’s on 3 dice it goes down to the 444 miscast, amnesia (forgets the spell). I’ll be sad to see the Gargoyles die but it’s totally worth t to take Pyroclastic Flow out of the game so I let it off. The Gargoyles do die and the Prophet uses the Alchemical Fire attribute on the Minotaurs rather than blaze.

    Next the Occultism wizard casts Pentegram of Pain on the Gargoyles and I let it go as I am still worried about the Curse of Nezibkesh. The Pentagram kills 2 Gargoyles and I pass their panic check. Lastly the Hereditary is attempted but I dispel it with all my dice.

    In the shooting phase the Infernal Engine is the only thing in range and it does a wound to the Minotaurs, killing one of them.

    Display Spoiler

    I decide that it’s time to go for a the long charge, I declare the Minotaurs into the Immortals, I’ve only lost one Minotaur so I think they’re strong enough to take them down, I can also get the Soothsayer in range to boost them up. I’m about 17” away and need a 9 on 2 dice but I fail it and stumble forward 5 inches. The Minotaurs are now in a terrible place with every single threat from theInfernal Dwarves capable of charging them and the Taurukh will be in flank too.

    I roll for ambushers and the Wildhorn and a unit of Longhorn come on. I put the Longhorn at the back of my lines to keep them safe but also threaten the Taurukh if they come too close. Ideally I don’t want them to fight anything though. I bring the Wildhorn behind the ID lines, I move them right in front of the Vassal Levy and put them in such a position such that the Great Bull cannot squeeze into the gap between the Wildhorn and Vassal Levy. I want this combat to happen as I think the Wildhorn should comfortably win it, I’m hitting on 3s and wounding on 4s, they’re hitting on 4s wounding on 5s.

    I charge the Totemic Beast into the Vassal Levy, hoping to smash them off in a round. The Levy are still in BSB and General range so it is unlikely.

    The Gargoyles can’t chaff the Taurukh fully as I lack the movement, I move them trying to either chaff the Infernal Engine or the Taurukn Anointed and succeed in doing neither of those things. I spent ages trying to chaff both and still keep them in BSB bubble so they wouldn’t panic off from a terror check from the Engine but it wasn’t possible so I left them in a poor place instead, don’t ask me, it was too late to move them by the time I realised how badly positioned they were.

    The Raiding Chariots on the flanks are able to sneak past the arc of sight of the enemy units on the flanks and can now threaten them with some nice flanks charges (I don’t think either unit actually cares though). I march the Wildhorn forward towards the forest and I’m able to dip the toe of the Soothsayer in it so he can get the casting bonus from the Dark Forest.

    In magic I get the 3 Flux card. I start off with a Swarm of Insects on the Infernal Engine again and this time I cast it successfully. Jake lets it go and I get 24 hits on the Engine from my 5D6! However I only roll 1 6 to wound and it is saved, sad times. Next I cast Break the Spirit onto the Taurukh Anointed and I roll high so it is let off (He’s too worried about Black Wing Totem really and can’t risk letting it off, that’s my assumption anyway). Lastly I try to boost the Res of the Minotaurs with Awaken the Beats but it is dispelled.
    In shooting the Wildhorns shoot at the Vassal Levy with their 24 shots and only kill a single Vassal thanks to a load of 6+ armour saves.

    The only combat is the Totemic Beast which only manages to kill 2 Vassal Levy but takes no wounds in return, he did use Oil Skins to hit me with though so I get a flammable marker (Oil Skins and Hand Weapons are both wounding on 6s so why not). I win combat but the Vassal Levy stick.

    Display Spoiler

    Time to get ready for some charges and some pain! To my genuine surprise the only charge is the Vassal Levy into the Wildhorn. I was expecting the Immortals and Infernal Engine into the Minotaurs but guess maybe the Immortal charge was too far for such stubby little legs.

    The Vassals can’t fail so in other moves the Slaves on the right turn around to face the flank of the Totemic Beast. The Immortals run straight forward to chaff up the Minotaurs so they can’t escape from them. The Infernal Engine pushes up so it is within 9” of the Minotaurs, its Naptha Thrower does D3 wounds at that range and that is really going to hurt. The Infernal Warriors walk and the Great Bull moves forward a touch so he is within 12” of the Minotaurs. The Taurukh just walk forwards so they don’t have to risk any Dangerous Terrain checks. They’re only 3 wounds and if one of them dies from DTs it is a panic check. I’ve seen how Jake has been rolling discipline checks for these guys in his other games, they would definitely fail it! The Kadim Immortals are still terrified of the Raiding Chariots and stay put in the woods.

    The 2 Flux card is drawn for the Magic and Jake kicks things off with 3 dice for the Curse of Nezibkesh, I throw all 5 dice at stopping it. Then Jake casts The Grave Calls on 4 dice at the Minos, a risky move as with the magic resistance on the unit he needs to roll 12 on the 4 dice and I’ve failed to roll much less than that multiple times. He does make it though and the Grave Calls does 9 hits and inflicts 6 wounds, ouch. I’m not overly bothered though as I have a plan and the Minotaurs aren’t need for that plan.

    Onto shooting and the Infernal Engine lets rip at the Minotaurs I Only have 3 Minotaurs left in the unit so hits can be allocated on the Characters. The Naptha Thrower kills 2 Minotaurs and puts a wound on the BSB, I’m lucky, that could have been much worse, especially for the BSB. The Infernal Warriors fire their Blunderbusses at the Minotaurs too and manage to do a wound on the BSB. After all the shooting I only have the unit Champion, Minotaur Chieftain and the Minotaur Lord left alive.

    In combat the Totemic Beast actually takes 2 wounds this time, damn. The Totemic Beast needs a great roll if it is to win combat, it does it though and kills 4 Vassals with it’s attacks and kills one more with it’s stomp. I win combat and the Vassals fail their discipline check, they have no reroll as the BSB is too far away and they flee. I pursue with the Totemic Beast and run them down and also goes into the rear of the Slaves! This means I am now winning the objective.

    In the other combat the Vassal Levy only succeed in killing a single Wildhorn. The Wildhorn pass their Primal Instinct check and 5 Vassals die in return. The Vassal Levy pass their break check and stick, they also reform to go extra wide and get as many attacks in as they can.

    Display Spoiler

    It is time to reveal my cunning plan, I charge the Mino Lord out of the unit and into the Infernal Engine. OK, it’s not the most subtle of plans, yet. I charge the Raiding Chariot on the left into the flank of the Taurukh Anointed and over on the right flank I charge the lone Raiding Chariot into the flank of the Kadim Incarnates and the unit of 3 Raiding Chariots into the front (they need an 11, with a reroll). Everyone makes their charges except the unit of 3 Raiding Chariots but that’s ok. I just need the Raiding Chariots to hold their targets for one round of combat so they can’t do anything next round.

    My last ambusher doesn’t turn up yet which is absolutely fine with me, as long as they come on by turn 6 I don’t care. In other moves I move the Minotaur Chieftain into the unit of Wildhorn, she’s a different base size so has to stand on the edge. The Minotaur champ now just has to stay alive to stop the ID from getting a scoring unit for the objective. I run him as far away from everything as I can. The Longhorn shuffle sideways too. The Gargoyles now chaff up the Immortals, I’m glad they were left alone last turn, I don’t feel so bad for my poor positioning of them last turn now.

    In magic I get the 1 Flux card and then to make matters worse Jake uses the Binding scroll on Awaken the Beast which is a good move as I would love some extra strength on my Mino Lord right now. I use three dice to cast Break the Spirit on the Taurukh Anointed and is it let off. I then cast the Blooded Horn Totem on the Mino Lord but it is dispelled. It is then my 1 dice vs Jakes 2, I one dice Swarm of Insects on the Great Bull and roll a 6, Jake then fails to dispel. The Swarm manages to do a wound on the Bull which is nice.
    Loads of combats this turn, just the way it should be. We start with the combat in the back line, the Wildhorn kill 7 Vassals this turn but 5 Wildhorn die in return, I win combat but the Vassals stick again. This unit is much harder than that other one! The Totemic Beast fighting the slaves manages to kill 2 before he is cut down by slaves, no shame in that, he’s done a great job!

    On the right hand side the Raiding Chariot does 2 wounds on the Kadim Incarnate with Impact Hits. The Kadim are only able to do a wound in return whilst all the crew of the Chariot do absolutely nothing (they probably failed their fear test or something). I win combat by 2 but the Kadim pass their discipline check as they are steadfast because they are light troops in a forest. Completely forgot about that. They do fail their reform check though.

    On the left hand combat against the Taurkh Anointed the I fail to do any wounds with Chariot, nothing from Impact Hits or the crew attacks (this is what I was on about in the last game when the Vampire Knights got flanked by a Raiding Chariot!). I’m lucky though and the Taurukh only do one wound in return. I win combat but they stick as they’re steadfast, they turn around and it is pretty safe to say that Chariot is dead!

    Just one combat left and it’s the best one! The Mino Lord fails to do any wounds with his Impact Hits so it’s straight to close combat attacks where he manages to do 5 wounds! The Infernal Engine does manage to sneak a wound through on the Minotaur Warlord though! How dare it, it will pay for that!

    Display Spoiler

    Tough decisions have to be made by Jake right now. The Infernal Engine is about to be smashed to smithereens and that will allow me to pivot in his turn and charge whatever I want in my turn. I could charge the Taurukh Anointed and nab myself another scoring unit, or I could charge the Immortals and slowly murder my way through them. Jake decides that he cannot allow that to happen and charges the Mino Lord in the flank with the Prophet on the Great Bull! A ballsy move if you ask me as my Mino Warlord is striking first and with that Great Bull on 5 wounds I could easily kill it before it even strikes, I just did 5 wounds to the Engine and that’s Res 7! The Bull can’t fil the charge and it comes in for what is sure to be an epic showdown! Most characters would balk at the thought of having to fight an Infernal Engine and a Great Bull of Shamut but this is might finally be a worthy match for the Minotaur Lord!

    In other charges the Immortals charge the Gargoyles to clear them out of the way. The Slaves charge the flank of the Wildhorn and thankfully they fail. It’s a good job because that would have finished off the Wildhorn before I could get that unit of Vassal Levy.

    The Infernal Warriors charge the Raiding Chariots and I have to flee that charge as I can’t let the Infernal Warriors get on my right flank. The Infernal Warriors then pass their redirect charge test and declare a charge into the Razortusk Chariot, They are 14” away and would need an 11 on the dice. I decide I can’t risk it and flee, the Infernal Warriors move about 3 inches or so anyway. . I also have another cunning plan which is why I don’t want them to get too far away. I’m going to charge them with the Wildhorn next turn and they should absolutely smash them off, well I should win combat at least and break them.

    Everything else bar a unit of Slaves is in combat so we go straight to magic and it’s 7 for the ID this turn. I can’t let Pentagram of Pain off this turn, I need that Bull to stay on 5 wounds, I stand a good chance of killing it on 5 wounds! The Occultism Prophet starts off by casting the boosted version of Curse of Nezibkesh on the Mino Lord and fails to cast it, and even worse doesn’t roll a 1 so we are down to 6 v 6 on the dice. That failure is huge! Next the Prophet of Ashuruk casts Flaming Swords on the Great Bull, I would love to stop it but he rolls 15 on 3 dice and it’s just too high without using all my dice, besides I’m going to kill it before it even gets to attack. The Alchemical Fire attribute goes on the Mino Lord too. Lastly the Prophet of Shamut casts Pentagram of Pain and I dispel it.

    Onto combat and we start with the Kadim Incarnates who kill the Chariot before I can even attack back. They then just turn to face the Raiding Chariots.

    The Wildhorn fighting the Vassal Levy go absolutely bananas and wipe out the Vassal Levy. The Vassals still get to attack back but do nothing in return. Go Wildhorn! I’m now 2 up for the objective so things are looking good on that front, I just have to keep my scoring units alive. I pivot the Wildhorn to face the Slaves that tried to charge me.

    The Immortals wipe out the Gargoyles so then after that we go to the main event! The Mino Lord issues a challenge, even he isn’t dumb enough to fight both the Bull and the Engine at the same time! I get to strike first and have an absolute nightmare and only inflict 5 wounds! The Great Bull has a 5++ Aegis save and I have Divine Attacks so this is going to be close, I think on average he would probably take 4 wounds, but this is UB and there is no such thing as averages! From the first saving throws Jake saves 3 wounds, so it is all down to the second roll, he’s lucky and save 2 more. Nooooooo! I’m absolutely devastated, it would have been glorious if I killed the Bull in one round. So now I just have to survive, it is going to be difficult.

    The Bull does no wounds with his Impact Hits, then it’s the Bulls attacks itself and it does 1 wound, I pass my Aegis save though. With the Bull fluffing I think I’m relatively safe now. The Bull uses its Breath Weapon and does 7 hits and is able to do 2 wounds to the Mino Lord, as the breath weapon has Divine Attacks and I don’t pass any of my Armour saves. Then the Prophet even manages to sneak a wound through! He only has 2 attacks, the cheeky bastard! I have lost combat by 2 due to the flank charge and I have to take a Break test at Discipline 7. Luckily I pass the Break test but that was an incredibly nervous roll for me.

    The last combat is the Taurukh Anointed, the Chariot crew do no wounds and so the Taurukh Anointed strike back and smash the Chariot to splinters! They pivot so they can see the flank of Mino Lord.

    Display Spoiler

    I start the turn off by charging the WIldhorn at the top most Slave unit but they flee the charge, I then redirect them into the other Slave unit and pass the redirect test. The slaves fleeing means that they are now in front of the Infernal Warriors, which has hampered my plans to charge the Wildhorn into the Infernal Warriors, I now have to charge the Slaves, get them to flee through the Infernal Warriors and then redirect into the Infernal Warriors. So I do just that but as I declare my charge into the Infernal Warriors Jake flees with them! I wasn’t expecting that at all but guess it makes sense.

    The ambushing Wildhorn make their charge into the Slaves. I direct the failed charge for the Wildhorn towards the Infernal Warriors and fortunately the Raiding Chariot is blocking their pivot so they don’t have to turn fully towards the Infernal Warriors. It means that the Immortals are in the front of the Wildhorn which is a relief.
    The ambushing Longhorn finally come on the board this time, I put them behind the building at the bottom to keep them safe, nothing can get them there. I fail to rally the Razortusk Chariot and it flees off the board, shame. The Raiding Chariots do rally though, so that’s something at least. The Minotaur champion moves behind the hill, hopefully that should make him safe. The Longhorn just move behind the Wildhorn and the Raiding Chariot moves along the back line.

    In magic I get the 2 card. I really want to buff up the Mino Lord but I’m going to have to buff up the Wildhorn so they can take the charge from the Immortals. I start off with the Gnarled Hide Totem on the Wildhorn but it is dispelled. I then go for the Black Wing Totem on the Mino Lord, hoping it will be dispelled and it is. I then go for Awaken the Beast on the Wildhorn to increase their resistance, it also means I get the attribute on the Soothsayer, which is what I really needed.

    In combat the Minotaur Lord makes super quick work of finishing off the Great Bull, he does 6 wounds to it this time, where was that last round?! That at least means my Minotaur Lord gets to live for one more round, with the Taurukh Anointed staring at his flank I’m not sure how much longer he will last on just one wound.

    The Wildhorn fighting the Slaves I thought would be a foregone conclusion, because they are called slaves so how good can they be at fighting? Turns out they are pretty good at fighting, I only kill 5 slaves and they kill 6 Wildhorn! I lose combat by 1 but I pass my discipline check, these guys haven’t failed one yet! The Slaves reform wide and it’s not looking good for the Wildhorn now. I completely underestimated the Slaves, I know they had paired weapons, but 15 attacks hitting on 4s wounding on 5s, doing 6 wounds from that is crazy good.

    Display Spoiler

    The Immortals charge the Wildhorn, which I’m absolutely fine with, they’re so close they can’t fail. The Taurukh Anointed charge into the flank of the Minotaur Lord, due to the positioning of the Infernal Engine (which must have failed its reform check last turn) only one Taurukh Anointed can get into base contact with the Minotaur Lord.

    In other moves both the Slaves and the Infernal Warriors rally, the Infernal Warriors just face south to threaten the Wildhorn. The Kadim Incarnates move forwards towards the wall so that if the Raiding Chariots charge I will have to take Dangerous Terrain checks.

    It’s a big magic Phase for the Infernal Dwarves as they get the 8 card, however they only have one Prophet left and he only knows one spell. He casts Flaming Sword on 5 dice but I’m able to stop it with my 7 dispel dice.

    In combat the ambushing Wildhorn fighting the Slaves fail to do any wounds at all, the slaves kill a couple and the remaining Wildhorn break and are run down by the slaves. Last time I underestimate them. The score for the objective is now 2-1 to me, now the Wildhorn fight vs the Immortals is looking crucial.

    We do the Minotaur Lord combat next and I get to strike first, my top priority is to make sure the Infernal Engine dies, I can’t risk leaving it alive if my Lord dies. I issue a challenge first, hoping he Taurukh champion accepts but Jake easily sees through that. I put all my Mino Lord attacks into the Infernal Engine and kill it. The Taurukh Anointed manage to do 2 wounds to the Minotaur Warlord and I only pass one Aegis save so the Minotaur Warlord dies. The Minotaur Lord killed both the Prophet on the Great Bull and the Infernal Engine, amassing me 1320 points which is a pretty good haul for one guy. I don’t think I could have asked much more from him really. We can probably make a pretty good mausoleum for him from the remnants of the Infernal Engine to celebrate his achievements.

    Onto what is now the important combat, the Wildhorn vs the Immortals. I issue a challenge with my Soothsayer because he can take anyone of those Characters in a fight, it might take him a while to kill the Vizier but he can do it! I’m expecting the Champion to step up and take the challenge but the Prophet grows a pair and takes the challenge. The Soothsayer deals 2 wounds to the Prophet and takes no wounds in return, I bet the Prophet is regretting accepting the challenge now. The Vizier does no wounds to the Wildhorn and doesn’t use his Breath Weapon yet as it would be wounding on 6s at the moment. The Immortals kill 3 Wildhorn (pfft, slaves have killed more than that!) and then it’s all over to me. I put the attacks from the Wildhorn Champion onto the Immortal Champion and manage to kill him, so now the plan is once the Soothsayer finishes off the Prophet then the Minotaur Chieftain will challenge the BSB and flatten him. The Wildhorn do no wounds to the Immortals and the Minotaur Chieftain only kills 1 Immortal! Even with the Immortals charging me I still win combat, yes! I forget momentarily that the Immortals have bodyguard and woop with joy as Jake rolled a 9, but it means they just stick. Jake then reforms so that the Prophet is touching the Minotaur Chieftain and the Chieftain isn’t touching any other models, meaning if the Soothsayer doesn’t kill the Prophet next turn then the Minotaur Chieftain can’t attack. It’s my own fault for not reforming when I was given the option. I’m still happy with how that combat went, things are looking good at the moment!

    Display Spoiler

    There’s only one charge for me, I charge the Raiding Chariots into the Kadim Incarnates, it does mean 2 chariots have to go over the wall and I lose 2 wounds from Dangerous Terrain checks going over the wall. In other moves I have to worry about the Taurukh Anointed charging the flank of the Wildhorn, that charge could be really painful. I have no more chaff to stop this so I will have to rely on magic to do the job. I move the Raiding Chariot forward to at least stop the Taurukh Anointed from charging the Longhorn.

    In magic I get the 6 Flux card, so it’s 8v6. As I’m in the Dark Forest with my casters I get the bonuses for both. I start off with a 3 dice Gnarled Hide Totem on the Wildhorn, it’s cast on a 9, Jake uses 4 dice to dispel it. I then cast Break the Spirit on the Taurukh Anointed and Jake tries to dispel it as I barely rolled enough to cast it but he fails and does get 2 dice back. It’s 2 v 2, I wanted to cast Blooded Horn Totem on the Chariots but as he has 2 dice left it would just get dispelled, so instead I cast Awaken the Beast on the Wildhorn to increase their resistance and I roll a double 6 so it can’t be stopped. A good magic phase all in all.

    So I start with the Raiding Chariot combat and they get 13 hits from Impact Hits, BOOM! Sadly they only do 3 wounds. The crew do 2 wounds which makes a nice change for the chariot crew to actually deal some damage. The Kadim Incarnates do 4 wounds in return but it’s not enough for them to win combat. They lose combat by 2 and then fail their break test so suffer 2 more wounds.

    In the Immortal combat the Soothsayer goes first and does 2 more wounds to the Prophet, killing him and getting 1 bit of overkill. The Immortals and the Vizier kill 4 more Wildhorn, they are really struggling against these Res 5 Wildhorn. I hit back but the Wildhorn do no wounds at all so it’s over to the Minotaur Chieftain who makes up for last round and kills 5 Immortals. I win combat again but it doesn’t really matter, the Immortals are discipline 9 with a reroll…. They only go and fail the discipline check and the reroll too! The Immortals break and run away 9”, I’m not turning down this opportunity to destroy these guys and pursue but only go 3”, damn! If I caught them it would have been huge! 3 Immortals die to the dangerous terrain from the water terrain.


    Display Spoiler

    So we are into the last turn and things are looking pretty rosy right about now. Just got to keep focused and hope the dice don’t betray me now.

    The Taurukh Anointed have the option of charging the flank of the Wildhorn and potentially killing the Minotaur Chieftain. They would have to take 12 Dangerous Terrain checks though, which would potentially kill one of them. If they don’t kill the BSB then I’m most likely going to kill one in return and win combat. Jake decides against it though and instead charges the Raiding Chariot, as it is within 6” of the Longhorn so killing it will make the Longhorn have to take a panic check, that’s completely my mistake, I thought they were fast enough away. The Taurukh Anointed make the charge but still end up having to take 12 Dangerous terrains (6 from open, 4 from the field and 2 from the forest). He’s very lucky though and only takes 2 wounds.

    In other charges the Slaves charge the flank of the Raiding Chariots.

    The Immortals pass their discipline check and rally. The Infernal Warriors keep walking away, taking them out the game and denying me their points.

    There’s no magic or shooting so it’s straight to combat. The Slaves and the Kadim Incarnates combat is first, I fail my fear and Primal Instinct checks. The Kadim Incarnates do 4 wounds to the Raiding Chariot and the Slaves do 1 more. I fail to do any wounds to the Kadim Incarnates or the Slaves. I lose combat by a load and break automatically, both units pursue but the last remaining chariot, on one wound might I add, but the chariot escapes.

    The Taurukh Anointed easily slaughter the Raiding Chariot but not before the Longhorn does one more wound and kills a Taurukh Anointed! I have to take a panic check on the Longhorn, if I fail this we are drawing the objective, if I pass then I’ve won the objective. I pass the check and the Longhorn stick around getting me the secondary.

    Display Spoiler

    I could charge the Wildhorn into the Immortals but I decide against it, I don’t want to take the risk, I’ve been lucky so far with the Wildhorn and it could so easily go wrong for me. The Minotaur Chieftain being on 2 wounds make me particularly vulnerable I think. Plus, I have to either kill the BSB to break the unit or kill at least 6 Immortals to get half points for the unit. It just seems like to big of a chance to take, the Minotaur Chieftain could kill the Vizier but he has 4 wounds and with his Breath Weapon my Minotaur Chieftain could easily end up dying in return as the Vizier still has his unused Breath Weapon. So instead I turn the unit to face the Kadim Incarnates so I can cast Swarm on them to try and get half points for them.

    The remaining Raiding Chariot needs to roll 4 or less to rally, I roll snake eyes and save half points for the chariots.

    In magic I get the 8 card, too late now really! I throw 4 dice at a boosted Totemic Summon which Jake lets off. I then use 5 dice for Swarm of Insects on them but it is dispelled.

    I use the breath weapon of the Totemic Beast on the Kadim Incarnates and roll 11 hits, I do 3 wounds and Jake fails all his armour and Aegis saves and I kill one more. That nets me half points for the unit!

    We tote up the points and I scored 2506 points and Jake scored 2537 from me. Which means it is a draw, 10 10, killing that Kadim incarnate in the last round earnt me a whole Tournament Point, without that I would have lost on points. I also won the Objective and so it is 13 – 7 to me at the end. A WIN!

    I honestly don’t think there is much post battle analysis for this game really, i had a plan, i stuck to the plan and Jake had some shocking dice at the right time which really helped me. I made a couple of mistakes that went unpunished and I got away with it. The positioning of the Gargoyles in my turn 2 was atrocious and achieved nothing but I suppose they stayed alive for another turn so I can't complain too much. The placement of my Raiding Chariot in turn 6 was poor, I could have easily placed it 6” away from the Longhorn with a very small pivot but I just didn’t check. Again though, the dice were kind and I passed my Panic check.

    One thing I thought I did that worked out really well was putting the Minotaur Chieftain into the Wildhorn. I originally was going to run her solo but attached her to the unit on a whim, it worked out nicely as she gave the Wildhorn a much needed damage boost.

    The only other mistake I possibly made was the order of my charges in turn 4, I might have been better charging the Wildhorn into the Infernal Warriors to start with and then redirecting them into the Immortals if they fled. The Wildhorn could have possibly charged the Infernal Warriors and made them flee even further away but i don’t think it mattered massively.

    I think Jake made a big mistake charging the Great Bull into the Minotaur Warlord, i know why he did it but i think he was unlikely to kill the Minotaur Warlord with just 6 attacks from the Bull and the Breath Weapon. He should have sent the bull hunting after my back line to try and get scoring. If he pushed hard on the right with the Bull and the Kadim Infernal I would have been hard pressed to stop him getting the Longhorn and Minotaur champion. This would have let the Minotaur Warlord charge whatever he wanted in my 4 but he only really had a choice of the Taurukh Anointed (which would have taken him out of the game as they were far away from the action) or charge the Immortals and sit there for a long time. Jake obviously thought differently but I was delighted with the Bull charging me, two of the big threats in the ID both fighting the Minotaur Warlord at the same time! It just saves me the massive job of trying to pin them down.

    As for MVP I am hard pressed to pick just one, It would be a toss up between the Minotaur Warlord and the Wildhorn/Soothsayer unit. The Minotaur Warlord killed an Engine and a Great Bull and didn’t die, you can’t ask much more from him. I expect that kind of output from him though. The Wildhorn went above and beyond in my estimation, I thought that I would be losing combat every round and I would just keep holding the Immortals in place till the end but the Wildhorn were always winning combat and the Immortals killed 7 Wildhorn over 2 rounds of combat! If only the Wildhorn had ran down the Immortals, that would have been amazing but you can’t have everything i guess. I may have to call my Wildhorn block “The Immortals” if they can do that kind of performance again. So WIldhorn with Shields and a Soothsayer, you’re my MVP.
    As for LVP, everything in my army did it’s job really, even the Chariots that died did their job of holding up what they charged for a turn, so i can’t ask much more from them. If i had to pick one it would probably be the Razortusk Chariot for running off and not rallying. Although the Wildhorn losing combat to Slaves was embarrassing but that was more to do with lucky dice from the Slaves than anything else.

    So that means I am on two wins, a draw and 2 loses after 5 games, sadly my losses have been bigger than my wins so I'm sitting on 40 points. There’s just one more game left to go now and that final game is going to be against Orcs & Goblins. I’m hoping to redeem myself after my poor performance against one O&G list.
    Until next time.

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