Axel Vicious and The Beastly Boys at the UK Masters 2021 - Game 6

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  • Hello, welcome back to my journey at the UK Masters 2021. This is Game 6 and this is the last game of the event! It’s been an epic tournie so far with giddying highs and soul crushing lows. I’ve had 2 wins, a draw and 2 losses, I’m currently sat on 40 points after 5 games so less than half points sadly. My losses have just been too big and my wins too small.

    So for Game 6 I was drawn against Alistair Parren @Gingersmali and his Orcs & Goblins. After playing against Orcs already in this tournament and losing quite badly I am not looking forward to this game. Lets look at his list:

    580 - Goblin King, Forest Goblin King, Gargantula, Great Weapon, Light Armour
    470 - Orc Shaman, General, Feral Orc Shaman, Wizard Master, Thaumaturgy, Crown of
    355 - Goblin King, Forest Goblin King, Huntsmen Spider, Shield (Dusk Forged), Heavy
    Armour (Basalt Infusion), Hand Weapon (Hero's Heart)
    220 - Orc Shaman, Common Orc Shaman, Boar Chariot, Wizard Apprentice, Shamanism,
    Paired Weapons, Dragonfire Gem
    305 - 30 Goblins, Cave Goblins, Shield, 2x Mad Gits, Musician
    280 - 20 Orcs, Feral Orcs, Spear
    270 - 20 Orcs, Feral Orcs, Paired Weapons, Champion
    270 - 20 Orcs, Feral Orcs, Paired Weapons, Champion
    569 - 8 Trolls, Cave Troll
    145 - Orc Boar Chariot
    125 - 5 Goblin Raiders, Common Goblin
    90 - 3 Grotlings
    450 - Great Green Idol, Battle Standard Bearer
    370 - Great Green Idol

    Here is my list, if you haven’t already seen it enough with all these write ups:
    705 - Minotaur Warlord, General, Light Armour (Destiny's Call), Paired Weapons (Blessed
    Inscriptions), Obsidian Rock, Crown of Horns
    570 - Soothsayer, Wizard Master, Shamanism, Light Armour (Trickster's Cunning), Hand
    Weapon (Ancestral Carvings), Seed of the Dark Forest
    475 - Minotaur Chieftain, Greater Totem Bearer, Battle Standard Bearer, Light Armour
    (Aaghor's Affliction), Great Weapon
    325 - 3 Raiding Chariots
    303 - 29 Wildhorn Herd, Shield, Standard Bearer (Legion Standard), Musician, Champion
    (Totem Bearer (Gnarled Hide))
    273 - 18 Wildhorn Herd, Paired Weapons and Throwing Weapons , Ambush, Musician
    642 - 6 Minotaurs, Shield, Standard Bearer (Banner of Speed), Musician, Champion (Totem
    Bearer (Black Wing))
    240 - Razortusk Chariot
    170 - 10 Longhorn Herd, Ambush, Halberd, Musician
    160 - 10 Longhorn Herd, Ambush, Halberd
    150 - 5 Gargoyles, Scout
    140 - 5 Gargoyles
    115 - Raiding Chariots
    115 - Raiding Chariots
    115 - Raiding Chariots

    So there’s 3 big monsters and a unit of trolls to contend with, I worry that that is too much for the Minotaurs and the characters to fight through. It should be an interesting fight between the Trolls and the Minotaurs, the Minos should win that fight but you never know when it comes to special saves. The Goblin King on the Gargantula could prove problematic, the Minotaur unit on its own should be able to kill it pretty quickly but if the Mino Lord is in the unit I would most likely have to decline a duel to allow them all to attack, it outs the Mino Lord at risk but I think he can take one round of attacks from the Gargantula, providing the Venomous Fangs attack doesn’t go through. In my Game 2 against Ed I had to fight a Great Green Idol and that proved a tough nut to crack, having to fight two might be a little too much for the Mino Lord on his own. I’m thinking I need to keep the Minotaur characters in the unit for this game, there’s too much nasty stuff out there that they can’t risk getting into a fight with.

    The real thing that concerns me in the list is that Goblin King on Huntsman Spider, he’s packing a 1+ Rerollable Armour Save! He has the Heroes Heart so he has 5 attacks at S5 AP3 with Poison attacks too! That King is super quick and mobile and if he gets around the back of my army then I’m in trouble as he could easily kill my chariots one by one. I don’t think he can stand up to any of my characters though, the Minos will make short work of him and the Soothsayer should be able to handle him so I’ll win from static combat res and break him.

    The Feral Orcs units are too small to really concern me, they are the only real target for my chariots as the I can’t see the chariots doing any real damage to the monsters or trolls. The Minotaurs will go right through small units of 20 and the Wildhorn should be able to beat them in a one on one combat. The Shaman general is a real weakness in the Orc list I think, he is very susceptible to the being frenzy baited and he has no real defence besides his 5++ Aegis, I think a cheeky Totemic Summon could do a number on him if I’m lucky. With the Crown of Autocracy he’s a big point sink and is also the main caster, so killing him quickly would be a real plus.

    The Scenario for this game is King of the Hill and the deployment is Encircle. With 4 scoring units in the Orc army it may prove difficult to stop all them from getting on their objective. I plan on just launching the Minotaurs straight at my objective as well as an ambusher or two.


    We roll for sides and Ali wins the roll off and gets to pick sides, he picks the bottom of the board and chooses to be the attacker (big flanks), leaving me in the top with a big middle. I didn’t particularly mind what side I got, I had no real preference but I would have picked the bottom too. For the scenario I pick the ruins and Ali picks the Hill, so I have to get a scoring unit on the Hill and the Orcs have to get in the ruins.

    Spellwise the Thaumaturgy Shaman goes for Hand of Heaven, Smite the Unbeliever, Wrath of God and the Hereditary spell, Bring the Pain. The Shamanism Apprentice takes Awaken the Beast. I take the usual spells; Awaken the Beast, Swarm of Insects, Totemic Summon and Break the Spirit.

    The tough decision I have to make is whether to drop for first or to alternate drops. I would have preferred it if Ali dropped everything to go first so I could counter deploy but as he has so many drops I would run out of chaff drops before he does, so I decide to drop everything and go first, then Ali counters. We ended up like this:

    (Ignore all the tape measures)

    I put the Minotaurs directly opposite the Hill with the intention of just running straight at it and taking on anything in my path. As I figure that Ali will be sending his scoring units towards the ruins I have 2 chariots watching over it, and the WIldhorn nearby to try and keep them at bay. The 3 Raiding Chariots are in between the Wildhorn and the Minotaurs to protect the flank of the Minotaurs on their advance, I figure he doesn’t want to risk giving the chariots a charge into Gargantula or GGIs, they may not kill either of them but they will certainly hurt them. I put the chariot on the right to stop the Grotlings from scouting on behind my lines, in hindsight I shouldn’t have worried, those scouting Grotlings are only going to go and stand in front of the Minos, they’re chaff, not an offensive unit.

    Ali has 2 of his Feral Orc units ready to run at the ruins so it should be interesting to see if I can stop them. Next them are the three big guys, Ali has been burnt by Swarm of Insects before so he’s really trying to hide his GGI BSB from my Soothsayer so I can’t cast Swarm on him. The Feral Orcs with the General are to the right of the GGIs and the Goblin cowboy is on the back line to the right. With the Cowboy facing right and the GGI facing left Ali has completely shut down any chance I had of getting my ambushers on to fight the Generals unit, I can’t even squeeze in a Totemic Summon behind the Shamans unit as there isn’t enough space to fit it in whilst having an inch between all units. I’m glad the cowboy is all the way back there though, one less thing to worry about.

    It’s then the Trolls and the Goblins on the hill facing opposite the Minotaurs, I’m hoping the Minos don’t have to charge through 2 Mad Gits, I’d rather throw the chariots into the Goblins and let them get destroyed by Mad Gits. Lastly the Orc Chariot and the Shaman on the Chariot are on the right of the hill.

    It is pretty safe to say that not much will be happening on the right hand side of the table this game. After deployment it is time for scouts, I put my Gargoyles in the forest so that it stops the Grotlings from getting too close to the Minotaurs, they can still get close to the Minotaurs but I’ll have options to stop them rather than just the Minos charging. The Grotlings go as close to the Minotaurs as they can, they then vanguard 12” towards the Minotaurs but the Raiding Chariots can easily see them to charge them. I then slap the Dark Forest in the middle of the table as that’s where I’m hoping to be fighting with the Minos.

    Beast Herds 1
    Display Spoiler

    With the Grotlings in front of the Minos I have to take a frenzy check and pass it thankfully. I then have a decision to make; either charge them with the Minos, charge out one of my characters solo into them or charge the Raiding Chariots into them. If I charge the Minos in then I’m concerned about being counter charged by the Trolls, chariots and the Gargantula, that will prove too much for the Minos so I can’t do it. After thinking about it for too long I charge the Raiding Chariots into their flank and place them as far towards my lines as I can to give me more distance between the chariots and any counter charges.

    I move the Minos forward and turn them to face the left hand side so the Gargantuals can’t risk advancing. The WIldhorn take a couple of steps to the right whilst the scouting Gargoyles move fly into the ruins to keep themselves safe. The Chariot on the right moves forwards and the two on the left move forwards to zone the Feral Orcs.

    I get the 3 Flux Card for this first magic phase. I start off with a Swarm of Insects on the Gargantula, I need to chip off some wounds before my Mino Lord can fight him really. To my surprise Ali dispels it. I then cast Totemic Summon to bringing it on the right hand side of the Orc army and it goes off. The Totemic Beast is place 6” away from the Goblins and it is about 14” away from the Goblin Cowboy. I figure if the cowboy charges the Totemic Beast then it is at least taking him away from the action for a turn and it frees up the back line for my ambushers to come on and threaten the Shaman. Lastly I cast Awaken the Beast on the chariots to increase their resilience but it is dispelled.

    I use the Breath Weapon of the Totemic Beast on the Goblins and only kill 2. That was probably wasted but nevermind, this is a sacrificial Totemic Summon.

    The Chariots do 6 wounds with impact hits and do 5 more with attacks from the crew, the Grotlings do nothing in return and they pop because of all the damage I’ve caused. There's no point overrunning with the Chariots as it will just take me closer to the Orcs with no real benefit. Instead I just pivot so that most of the Orc army is in the front, just the Orc Chariots are in their flank. If anything charges me I'm just going to flee back through my own lines.

    Orcs & Goblins 1
    Display Spoiler

    Ali declares a charge with the Goblin King on the Huntsmen Spider into the Totemic Beast, which was expected. Next he declares a charge with the Shamanism Shaman on the Chariot into the flank of the Raiding Chariots, I hold the charge as the flee path from that isn't great for me and they could end up in the corner of the battlefield. I’m expecting another charge into the Raiding Chariots, which I would flee, but it never comes. Both charges just need a 7 on swiftstride dice to complete but they both fail! The Spider King rolled 1,2,3 and the Shaman rolled 1,1,2. That is some incredible bad luck from Ali there and I feel like I have just dodged a bullet! I wasn’t overly bothered about the Spider King charge but with him failing it it just takes him out of the game for an extra turn. As the Shaman failed his charge and didn't roll high enough to get away from the Orc Chariot he cannot leave the “unit” and so it just stays where it is and the Orc Chariot counts as shaken too. (I believe that is the correct way to play it if a character cannot get more than an inch away from a unit it charges out of)

    In other moves Ali cautiously moves up the Feral Orcs on the left leaving me a long charge with a chariot. The Cave Goblins move off the hill so they can throw out the Mad Gits into the Chariots and have them end up in front of the Minotaurs. He then puts his Goblin Raider chaff in front of the Chariots to protect the flank of the Goblins. The Trolls inch forward and the GGI turns slightly.

    Onto magic and it’s the 3 Flux card again. Ali starts off with Hand of Heaven on the Raiding Chariots and I let it go, it does 2 S6 hits and only does a wound. He then goes for Wrath of God on 4 dice and fails to cast it! His dice are utterly betraying him at this point.

    There’s some shooting this round as the Mad Gits come hurtling out from their Cave Goblin brethren. both Mad Gits go through the Chariots and end up in front of the Minotaurs (please don’t fail a frenzy check now!). With 2D6 S5 hits I only take 2 wounds on the Chariots! The bows from atop the Gargantula shoot the Chariots and do 2 more wounds, killing a Chariot but I pass my panic test.

    Display Spoiler

    I charge with the Chariots into the Goblin Raiders, might as well clear out the chaff whilst they’re there. I also charge the Totemic Beast into the rear of the Orc Chariots, feels like a long shot but if it doesn’t die there’s a good chance I break them.

    This turn the Wildhorn and one unit of Longhorn come on from ambushing. I decided to put the Wildhorn in front of the Feral Orcs on the left to draw them closer to me and hopefully take some of them down with me. I put the Longhorn at the back behind the two Raiding Chariots with the aim being that after the Feral Orcs have to fight a unit of Wildhorn and 2 Raiding Chariots the Longhorn should easily mop up what's left. I move the 2 Raiding Chariots just over 12 “ from the front of the Wildhorn so he can;t overrun into them. I then turn the Soothsayer’s unit of Wildhorn to face the Feral Orcs hoping that they’ll fail their frenzy check and overrun too far so I can flank them and take them both out. After i did this i realised i should have just put the Longhorn next to the Feral Orcs with the General in, that would have been much better, i have enough stuff to fight off the Feral Orcs going for the Objective.

    I fly the Gargoyles behind the Minotaurs into the Mad Gits and take them both out (i should have taken a picture of the position of the Mad Gits but forgot), the gargoyles die but it’s worth it. With the Raiding Chariots in front of the Minotaurs I’m somewhat stuck for their movement. I don't move up too aggressively as I don’t want to get flanked by Goblins and charged by a Gargantula, that would be bad. So instead they’re zoning the Gargantula and the Goblins are in their front.

    I was torn with indecision about the lone Raiding Chariot on the right, whether to move around the Impassable so I can threaten the flank of the Orcs or move him towards the Minos. I settle for the latter figuring if it is out on its own it will be easy pickings for the Spider King.

    Magic is the 1 card this turn, i start off with another Swarm of Insects on the Gargantula and it is dispelled with all of Ali’s dice, I’ve never seen anyone so determined to stop Swarm of Insects before! I then put Black Wing Totem on the Minos and try for a 1 dice Awaken the BEast on the Chariots but I fail to cast it.
    The Wildhorn shoot at the Feral Orcs with spears and kill 1 of them, better than nothing.

    In combat the Chariots easily flatten the Goblin Raiders with Impact Hits alone. This causes the Goblins to take a panic test and they are just out of BSB and General bubble, they then fail their discipline check and run, fleeing past the Orc Chariots but still on the table. I oVerrun with the Chariots into the Trolls. I know they will die but hopefully I can take some Trolls down with me!

    The only other combat is the Totemic Beast and I am regretting wasting my Breath Weapon on Goblins the previous turn. The Totemic Beast strikes first and I put all his attacks on the Shaman as any wounds on him will help in the long run, I manage to do 2 wounds to the Shaman. The Orc Chariots hit back and the crew are Strength 5 so I'm prepared for the Totemic Beast to die here but he only takes 2 wounds and is alive! I win combat by 3 and the Chariots fail their discipline check and flee a mighty 12”. I pursue with the Totemic Beast and catch him with my 3D6 random move!

    That was a surprising and unexpected turn 2! The death of the Shaman and the Chariot is very nice and with the Goblins fleeing I'm in a nice position now.

    Display Spoiler

    We start off with Frenzy checks on the Feral Orcs on the left and the ones with the Spears fail so they are charging in, I'm an idiot and put my Wildhorn too close to the unit so I can't stand and shoot. It’s OK though because the other unit of Feral Orcs charge in too and I can stand and shoot at them, the Wildhorn kill 2 of them. The only other charge is the Great Green Idol charges the flank of the Chariots.

    In other movement the Goblins fail to rally and flee some more, they are right on the edge of the board but are just on, damn! The Spider King moves atop the Hill whilst the BSB GGI moves to where the other GGI was before it charged.

    Onto magic it is the 6 Flux card, Ali carries 3 tokens over this turn though so it is only 7 v 6. He starts off Smite the Unbeliever on the Minotaurs but fails to cast it thanks to the Magic res from the Mino Lord. He then tries for a 5 dice Wrath of God but I dispel it with my 6 dice.

    The Goblins on the Gargantula shoot at the Minos and do a wound, despite hitting on 7s!

    In combat the Wildhorn combat is first and i do 4 wounds to the Feral Spears, not bad but would have liked more. I take 5 wounds in return and lose combat by 3. I fail my Discipline check and run. Ali attempts to restrain with the Feral Orcs on the right and passes on his maximised discipline check, damn! The Feral Spears give chase though and run down the Wildhorn, they do go quite far though so the Wildhorn bunker unit isn;t too far away now. I should have put the Wildhorn 9 wide rather than 6 wide as their ranks made no difference and I was going to lose combat anyway, more attacks might have helped thin out the Orc ranks a little at least. I’m also lucky that I didn't flee that far so i didn't have to take panic checks on the Chariots otherwise I could have lost that whole flank. I didn’t think any of that through at all really.

    In the Other combat the Chariots kill 1 Troll through Impact hits and do 1 more from Crew attacks. The GGI does 2 wounds with it’s Impact Hits and then the Trolls absolutely destroy the Chariots. The GGI just pivots so that if I charge it then the Goblin Spider King cowboy is going to be in my flank if I don't kill the GGI in a round.

    Display Spoiler

    I decide to go big this round and put the Orcs out of their misery! I charge both Raiding Chariots into the front of the Feral Spears and then declare the Wildhorn into their flank, they’re 15” away but I get Swiftstride and +1 to my charge roll from the Razortusk Chariot, so they need a 9 on the dice. With the Minotaurs I pass my frenzy check but I still declare a charge anyway. There's no way I’m charging into the GGI, that is such an obvious trap, there’s no way I was falling for that. Instead I declare a longish charge into the Gargantula, it is 19” away but I have Black Wing Totem on them, so with the Banner of Speed and the Razortusk chariot I need a 10 on 2D6 + D3.

    The Wildhorn fail their charge and move 5” and the Minotaurs fail too and move 3” or so. Oh well, i think it was worth it because if I pulled them off it would have been game over by that point.

    The Longhorn come on from ambushing and I put them behind the Trolls, facing the flank of the Feral Orcs. It’s time to do some damage limitation now. Sadly the Gargoyles were too far away from the Gargantula to chaff him this turn so I just move them behind the Minos for now. I move the Totemic Beast past the front of the Trolls and roll enough so that it is now chafing the Trolls. I was concerned about a triple charge from the GGI and Trolls in the front and the Spider King in the flank, that would have been disastrous.

    I get the 4 Flux card this round and start off with Black Wing Totem on the Minos, Ali tries to stop with 2 dice but fails to roll a 5 or higher. I cast it more for the Agility boost rather than the charge range, so anything that charges me will hopefully die before it can swing. I then go for a boosted Totemic Summon and put it in front of the Shamans Feral Orc unit, just to stop them from escaping from the Longhorn. I roll high enough for it and Ali let’s it go. Lastly I try to cast Break the Spirit on the Feral Orcs on the left that aren’t engaged but it is dispelled.

    I use the Breath Weapon from the Totemic Beast and kill 2 Orcs.

    In combat the Raiding Chariots kill 5 Orcs with Impact Hits and 2 more with the crew. The Spears strike at the same time as the Wilfhorn crew though and kill one chariot and do 2 wounds to the other, ouch! I win combat but the Feral Orcs are steadfast (only on a 7 though, with no reroll) and they pass their break test.


    Display Spoiler

    The War Cry is let loose this turn and there are a lot of charges from the Orcs this turn. The Feral Orcs on the left declare a charge into the WIldhorn bunker needing a 9 on the dice. I hold the charge. The Gargantula then declares a charge into the flank of the Wildhorn and it also needs a 9 on the dice. I pass my Terror check and also hold that charge. My thinking was that it is unlikely that both make it in, if one of them gets in it should be ok but if both get in it will probably be the end of them. If I flee though there’s a good chance I don't rally net turn and the unit is gone. It's a risk taking both charges but I think it’s worth it.

    The Spider King Cowboy declares a charge into the flank of the Minotaurs with the aim of holding them up for a couple of rounds of combat. The Trolls charge the Totemic Beast in front of them and the Feral Orcs with the Shaman charge the other Totemic Beast.

    Every charge makes it in and I'm in deep trouble now! It would take a miracle for the Wildhorn to survive this charge!

    In other movement the Goblins rally (Noooo!). The GGI move in front of the Minotaurs so that if I do manage to beat the Goblin Cowboy there’s not much else that they can do. The BSB GGI moves just over 12” behind the GGI so everyone can get to use the Rally round the Flag from him.

    The magic is the 4 Flux Card and with Ali’s 3 veil tokens from last turn it is 8 v 5. He starts off with Bring the Pain on the Minotaurs and casts it despite the Magic Resistance. I dispel this spell as I really don’t want the Goblin King to get rerolls to hit, he has poison attacks and that could be very dangerous for my Mino Lord (who will obviously issue a challenge). Next Ali throws 4 dice at Smite the Unbeliever on the Minotaurs to lower their Strength and it goes off. Maybe I should have waited for this one as it decreases my damage output, the Mino Lord is now Strength 5 AP2 and that isn't really good enough against the 1+ rerollable armour save of the Cowboy.

    In combat the Trolls kill the Beast and continue to face forward. The Feral Orcs kill their Totemic Beast but not before the Totemic Beast kills the unit Champion and another Feral Orc so not a bad exchange i think. The Orcs turn to face the Longhorn.

    Over on the left with the Feral Spears the Raiding Chariot kills 2 more Feral Orcs but is then killed by the Feral Orcs. At least they are weakened enough for the Longhorn to take them on.

    We do the Minotaur combat next and I issue a challenge with the Minotaur Lord (I was tempted to do it with the Minotaur Chieftain but I thought the extra attacks from the Minotaur Lord plus striking first would be more useful). The Minotaur Lord inflicts 2 wounds on the Goblin King which is great given he was on a 3+ rerollable armour save. The Goblin King does no wounds in return so i win combat by 3 and the Goblin King is out of General range so is testing on a 5, which he fails. and flees. I test to restrain with the Minos and pass. There is just more than an inch gap between the GGI and the Minotaurs so I pivot so that the Minotaur Lord could charge out of the unit next turn, into the Gargantula, if it is still there that is.

    It is the Wildhorn combat next and I issue a challenge with my unit champ, unsurprisingly the Feral Orc unit champion steps forward (The Gargantula was never going to accept that challenge). It’s a brutal combat, I kill 3 Feral Orcs taking them down to 2 ranks. I just have to lose less than 16 Wildhorn and I will still be steadfast, there is a chance! Ali’s dice finally show up though and he kills 17 Wildhorn! All I remember about this fight is that the Feral Orcs rolled 8 6’s to hit from their 14 attacks and took a big chunk out the Wildhorn with that. I am autobreaking after that combat and Ali pursues with both units, he pushes me away from the Gargantula and I am easily caught. The Orcs do have to take some dangerous Terrain checks for going through the ruin and 1 more dies.

    That was a bad turn for me, I have lost my Soothsayer and Ali is already sitting on the objective! Maybe I should have fled the Gargantula charge rather than take the chance with the dice but I figured that I failed a 9 swiftstride charge, so maybe he would too. I guess that makes up for those failed charges in the first turn.


    Display Spoiler

    With the Gargantula now safely out of my arc of sight of the Mino Lord I decide I might as well charge the GGI standing in front of them. With all my attacks in that unit I should have enough to kill it in a single round. I charge the Razortusk Chariot in too for good measure, that should do the job!

    I charge the Longhorn on the left into the Feral Orc with Spears. The Longhorn at the bottom charge Feral Orcs with the General in and I'm going to put every attack I can into his wizard, see how he likes it!

    I charge my one remaining Raiding Chariot at the fleeing Goblin King to make sure he gets even further away from the action. The Goblin King only flees 4”, he is now 16” away so I need a 9 on Swiftstride (where have I written that before?).

    I make all my charges except for one… The Raiding Chariot fails to catch the fleeing Goblin King, shame.

    In other movements I have my Gargoyles and in a rare moment of foresight I come up with a very cunning plan for these guys. I basically want to keep them alive until turn 6 and then lob them in front of the Feral Orcs in the ruins and try to frenzy bait them off of the objective!

    Magic is all about the Totems now. I get the 7 card and start off with Black Wing Totem on the Minotaurs, i figure i want the extra charge range for next turn but i’m secretly hoping he dispels it but Ali doesn’t. I try for the Blooded Horn Totem and the Gnarled Hide Totem on the Longhorn but they are both dispelled.

    I start with the Longhorn vs Feral Spear combat first and they kill 5 Feral Spears, leaving one guy left alive. I take no wounds in return and the last Feral Spear flees. I pursue as I want to catch the Feral Spear but also so I'm off the table next turn, I then come back on Turn 5 and Turn 6. I go for a Hail Mary charge into the Feral Orcs in the ruins. The Feral Spear doesn’t flee off the board and is just on and I fail to catch him and I'm still on the board too, the worst of both worlds! That Feral Spear better not rally next turn!

    (taken just before i did my pursuit roll with the Longhorn)

    I do the Minotaur combat next and with all my impact hits I do a wound to the GGI. The Mino Lord is first up to bat and despite wounding it on 6s he does 4 wounds to the GGI, thanks to the rerolls to wound from Blessed Inscriptions! The Minotaurs do the last wound and kill it but I'm chalking that up as a kill for the Mino Lord and his second GGI of the tournament. I just turn to face the Trolls as I need to start thinking about getting the objective. I have 2 turns left to get the Minotaurs onto the Objective and there’s a unit of Trolls stopping me.

    The Longhorn combat last, that Feral Orc block is too big for the Longhorn to have a good fight against so I'm just here to try and poke out the General. I put 6 attacks into the Shaman, he only has a 5++ Aegis as his only defence, I pass my Primal Instinct check so I stand a good chance and I succeed in killing him with exactly 3 wounds! (I was surprised that the Orc Shaman is only Res 4, I'm so used to the Soothsayer getting an increase in Res I thought everyone did). The rest of the Longhorn kill 1 more Feral Orc. The Feral Orcs strike back and I'm expecting the worst after what the Feral Orcs did to my Wildhorn. I’m lucky though and the Feral Orcs only kill 1 Longhorn. I win combat but the Feral Orcs stick.

    Killing the General is a huge boon to me, not just for the points but now there is no Orc Magic and the Trolls will be taking Stupidity tests on Discipline 4!


    Display Spoiler

    There are no charges from the Orcs this turn. I was expecting the BSB to charge the Razortusk Chariot but I was just going to flee that so that the Minotaurs or maybe just the Mino Lord could charge it. Instead the GGI BSB moves to the left of the table, away from the Minos and threatens the Longhorn. (Fair enough, i think it can win that fight!)
    The lone Feral Orc fails to rally at least and flees off the table. The Goblin King rallies, which is annoying as even though he only has one wound left he could prove troublesome. Trying to get the Minotaurs onto the Hill will be impossible now as they will have to fight Trolls in Turn 5 and the Spider King can chaff them Turn 6. There’s also a very big spider lurking behind them. All my hopes for the objective are lying with the Longhorn.

    The Trolls pass their Discipline 4 Stupidity test (!?!) and march off the hill and end up in front of the Minos. The Gargantula turns around to threaten the rear of the Minotaurs.

    There’s no magic and only one combat so we go straight to that. I just need the Longhorn to hold for this combat as there’s a big ol’ Chariot coming to the rescue next turn! The Longhorn do a great job again and kill 5 more Feral Orcs. The Feral Orcs do 4 wounds in return which makes it a drawn combat.


    Display Spoiler

    I charge the Minotaurs into the Trolls as they are in the way of me getting to the objective and I'm interested in seeing how this fight goes. I should easily win but it only takes a load of successful Fortitude saves and it could all go wrong. I declare a charge with the Razortusk Chariot into the rear of the Feral Orcs. It's a 15” charge so I need a 7. I also declare a charge with the Raiding Chariot into the Goblin King. It may sound like madness but I have a plan to kill the Cowboy despite his 1+ Armour with a reroll, if I don't then I just want him to stay there for one turn so he can’t chaff the Minotaurs.

    I make all my charges thankfully, I was worried about the Razortusk Chariot failing, I needed it in there to save the Longhorn. Now that it has made it i’m fairly sure i will get the Objective, i just need to get the Feral Orcs out of the ruins!

    With that aim I turn the Longhorn around and advance towards the Feral orcs so they have to take a Frenzy check next round. The Gargoyles hang out at the side, biding their time to pounce (and die).

    In magic I get the 6 Flux Card making it 8 v 6 and there is one totem that I absolutely need to get off and i just hope that Ali hasn’t seen what I'm trying to do. I start off with Gnarled Hide on the Longhorn to try and keep them alive to score the objective but it is dispelled. I then cast Black Wing Totem on the Minos, there’s no real advantage to getting this off except it might help me attack the Gargantula first if it charges in, Ali dispels this one too leaving me with one free Totem to cast. I cast the Blooded Horn Totem on the Raiding Chariot, the extra 2 AP should help me kill the Goblin King now. Ali knows he made a mistake by letting me cast that one, let’s just hope it pays off.

    It’s straight to combat and I start with the Raiding Chariot which does 5 Impact Hits and causes 4 wounds. The Goblin King now has a 5+ Armour save with a reroll and he fails 3 of them and dies! Pretty happy with how that went, killing him now should definitely allow me to get on the objective. I then overrun to try and get closer to the Goblins.

    I do the Troll combat next and the Mino Lord and Minos all get to strike before the trolls, by the time they have finished attacking there is only one Troll remaining (Ali’s fortitude saves were atrocious). The Troll does no wounds in return and the Minotaur Chieftain finishes off the last Troll. I never expected to wipe out the Trolls in one round but I am delighted that it happened. I overrun with the Minotaurs for two reasons; to try and get further away from the Gargantula and to get within 12” of the Longhorn for the Crown of Horns and BSB in case things go badly. I only go 4” which is enough to get within 12” of the Longhorn but not really far enough away from the Gargantula.

    The Longhorn combat is last and the Impact Hits from the Chariot only kills Feral Orc as Ali made up for his poor Fortitude saves by rolling 3 out 4 6+ Aegis saves on them. His luck doesn't last though as the crew and the Longhorn kill 7 more. The remaining Feral Orcs do no wounds and break from combat. I restrain with the Longhorn and pursue with the Razortusk Chariot. I make the Feral Orcs flee away from the Longhorn and the chariot runs them down. The Longhorn just turn to face the hill.


    Display Spoiler

    Ali cannot decide whether to charge the Gargantula into the Minotaurs or not, he knows that the Gargantula will most likely die but if he can take the Mino Lord down with him then that’s a good exchange of points for him. Ali knows that he’s lost this game at this point but there is still the prize of best Orcs & Goblins player up for grabs at this point. Ed has already played his last game and it has left Ali needing at least 7 points from our game to claim the prize (there is no prize for best in race, just kudos). Ali takes the charge into the Minotaurs, I was really hoping he wouldn’t. The Gargantula makes the charge and is in the rear of the Minotaurs.

    The Feral Orcs in the ruins pass their frenzy check (damn) so instead he charges the Longhorn with the GGI BSB. I fail the resulting Terror check and flee off the board. Even if the Ferals failed their frenzy they would have just had a failed charge and would still be in the ruins anyway. The Goblins see that the tide has turned and turn around and walk away as far as they can, just trying to give me a long charge with the Raiding Chariot hoping I fail and they keep their points.

    No magic so it is straight to combat, I have a tough decision to make with this combat about whether to accept the challenge or not. If i refuse then i will have 12 attacks from the Minotaurs onto the Gargantula which will do some wounds and probably more than either character will do. However, if I decline then Ali chooses which character refuses and I then don’t get to use either the Lord discipline or the Rally round the Flag from the BSB. I decide it is too big a risk to take to decline the challenge and instead the Mino Lord steps up, time to add another notch on those Paired Weapons. So it is straight to challenge and i’m striking at the same time as the Gargantula. The Mino Lord has an absolute disaster of a round, despite having 6 attacks, hitting on 3s with a reroll and battle focus, and then wounding on 4s with a reroll, I only do 3 wounds! I’m fairly sure that 4 to 5 wounds is what he should do on average, I got 6 hits but all 6 of them failed to wound the first time and I only got 3 with the reroll. The Gargantula misses with it’s Venomous fangs thankfully the Gargantula does 2 wounds, the bloody Goblins on top do a wound and the King does another. I’ve lost combat but I'm steadfast and stick. I then reform so that the Spider is in my front and the Mino Lord is within 12” of the Gargoyles so they can use his discipline for their march test.


    Display Spoiler

    My last turn and there’s 2 charges from me. I declare a charge with the Raiding Chariot into the rear of the Goblins, it’s far, I need an 11 on the dice I think. I then declare a charge with the Razortusk Chariot into the flank of the Feral Orcs, it goes against my previous plan of trying to frenzy bait them out of the ruins but if the chariot makes it it should win combat easily and make him take a Discipline 7 break test. I fail the Razortusk Chariot charge but the Raiding Chariot makes it!
    The only other move I have is to fly the Gargoyles (who pass their march test) over the Feral Orcs. I have to have them close enough so that the Feral Orcs can make the charge but far enough away so that the Feral Orcs can’t just do a post combat pivot and then touch the ruins. Luckily i have just enough movement to do it.

    I forget to move the Longhorn onto the Hill but Ali very kindly let me do it in the magic phase once I remember.

    Magic is the 2 flux card and it’s 5v5, which is terrible for me. I try for Gnarled Hide and Blood horn on the Minotaurs but they are both dispelled.
    In combat the Raiding Chariot kills 5 Goblins with Impact Hits and crew attacks, i take no wounds in return. I win combat and more importantly for Ali i would have won combat even if i charged them in the front. (He couldn’t decide what the right move with these guys was, whether to take the frontal charge and try and win combat on static combat res or just to try and get as far away from the Raiding Chariots as possible). The goblins fail their discipline 5 stubborn test and flee off the board.

    Onto the main event and the Mino Warlord has a lot to prove to me right now. I am striking first this time and if i can kill the Gargantula then the Minotaur Warlord is safe and will survive the battle. The Mino Lord rolls slightly better than last turn but it’s not good enough, he only does 4 wounds leaving the Gargantula alive on 1 wound. The Gargantula and the King easily finish off the Minotaur Warlord (sad times!). However I have won combat thanks to the wounds the Minotaur Lord did. The Gargantula is out of BSB range so has to pass an stubborn discipline 8 check. It fails and flees, I give chase but fail to catch it!

    Although I was questioning Ali’s decision to keep dispelling Swarm of Insects at all costs in the first 2 rounds it paid off because if that had done even a single wound to the Gargantula then the Mino Warlord would have killed it and he would still be alive. That 1 wound remaining was so important.


    Display Spoiler

    It’s crunch time for the Feral Orcs as they have to take their frenzy check, they have a reroll from the BSB but they still fail it and so they have to charge the Gargoyles. Ali has a trick up his sleeve though and declares a charge with the GGI into the Gargoyles, making me have to pass a discipline check form terror. I am lucky though and I passed it! There’s one last hope for Ali though, the Feral Orcs could fail the charge and still be in the ruins. To complete the charge the Ferals need a 7 on the dice. I am fortunate again as the Ferals roll exactly a 7 and go charging out of the ruins like the maniacs they are. 2 die to Dangerouus Terrain from the ruins but it doesn’t matter now, Ali has lost the secondary and the Gargoyles will die anyway. The GGI BSB makes the charge so the Gargoyles will definitely die.

    The Gargantula King fails his rally check as he is now half discipline and keeps on fleeing, netting me his whole points in the process, so that is some reward at least.

    The Feral orcs wipe out the Gargoyles and can’t pivot into the objective so it is game over.

    We tote up the points and I have scored 4179, an impressive haul. Ali scored a mighty 3066 from me, which is much more than I hoped he would get. That makes the final result a 13 - 7 to me on points but as I won the objective with some excellent failed frenzy checks it is a 16 - 4 to me in the end.

    Well, what a game that was. It felt very swingy at points,I thought I was up big at the start when the Shaman on the Chariot died and the Goblins panicked off. Then thanks to some failed charges from me I let the Orcs back into it, the loss of the Soothsayer hurt and that was a big chunk of points to the Orcs and essentially gave him the objective. The end game was a lot tougher for me than it looked i think. I needed the Minotaurs to turn it on from round 4 on, having the Goblin King Cowboy bounce after charging my Minotaurs in the flank was nice and probably shouldn't have happened but him fleeing just freed the Minotaurs up to go on their rampage so they could kill the GGI and the Trolls.

    That Gargantula combat was a tough one, I am still very angry with the Minotaur Warlord for failing to kill that thing over two rounds of combat. For most characters doing 8 wounds to that would be impossible but the Mino Lord can easily do that. He did 4 wounds to a GGI in 1 round and that was being wounded on 6s! I suppose that the Gargantula also stood a not unreasonable chance of just killing my Minotaur Warlord in a single round though. Those Venomous Fangs make any combat with the Gargantula dicey and if that goes through the Mino Lord will most likely die. Maybe accepting the duel with the Mino Lord was a mistake, I perhaps should have declined the challenge and left it to the Minotaurs to do the damage, I just don’t think I could have risked failing a single discipline 9 break test on the Minotaurs. I say it’s a 9 but if the Gargantula killed 2 Minotaurs I am no longer steadfast so it would have been much lower depending how many wounds I did. So after talking it through, accepting was the right the call but it just didn't pan out how I expected.

    I was very lucky at the end there to get the Feral Orcs to run off the objective but that was at least my plan for that to happen from Turn 4 so for it to actually work makes me immensely happy, sometimes I do have strikes of genius amongst the bad decisions. Speaking of bad decisions I guess charging the Wildhorn into the flank of the Feral Orcs was not worth the risk at all, I should have continued to keep them back and maybe just zone the ruins with them. The Minotaur charge into the Gargantula in turn 3 was definitely the right call though, I was just not fortunate enough to pull it off.

    Ali’s general was such a vulnerability in his list and I am glad I was able to exploit that by just butchering him with Longhorn. I thought Ali deployed really well and he just left me no opening for my ambushers or even the Totemic Summon, taking the Spider Cowboy away though opened up the rear of the army for me and allowed me a way to kill the General. I thought a better play for him in Turn 3 would have been to not charge the flank of the Minotaurs with the Goblin Cowboy but instead to put him in front of the Longhorn to protect the General. The Longhorn would never kill him and he would have taken care of them easily. I understand why he charged the cowboy into the Minotaur flank though, he should have held them for a round or 2 at least.

    My MVP for this game is a tough call but I’m going to give it to the Longhorn at the bottom who killed the General and the Feral Orcs and then claimed the objective, I didn't think they would do in the Ferals at all but they held on and with the help of a Razortusk Chariot they did it. A close second is the lone raiding Chariot that played the long game and killed the Goblin Cowboy and the Goblins, all Goblins should fear that chariot now!

    LVP is easily the Wildhorn block. It’s not their fault really, they had to fight Feral Orcs and a Gargantula which is probably more than they take. Everything else did a pretty good job though and did what I expected them to do.

    So with round 6 over the UK Masters comes to a close and i have a pretty decent tally really. 3 wins, a draw and 2 losses. It is just a shame that my losses were bigger than my wins so I didn’t break even and ended up with 56 points in total. If you told me at the start that I would get 3 wins and 56 points I would not have believed you at all. It is much more than i was hoping for, i thought i would be battling for the wooden spoon but instead i finished 11th! Well happy with that. I will most likely to a full tournament wrap up on the Podcast (Paired Weapon Podcast, make sure you give it a listen) so stay tuned for that one.

    I was 8 points shy of getting best Beast Herds which is closer than I thought it would be as the other Beast Herd player is ranked number 1 in the UK so I at least made it a close competition.

    That's enough Battle Reports for now, I’ll probably take a very long break from writing anymore for a bit, writing 6 in a month has ruined me! I hope everyone enjoyed my exploits at the UK Masters, now i have to try and make sure I make it for 2022.

    So until next time guys!

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  • Remy77077 -

    Awesome report! I missed this one until now as it wasn't in that forum thread ... so it was only when you mentioned it on the podcast I realised, hang on, there's a batrep I've missed!

  • falanor -

    Hey! Good game, I think you played very well! That Minotaur lord is a very tough nut to crack... Overall I noticed (in this game but also on other ones) that you often do not use the dark forest for the casting bonus with your mage... ain't that a pity? :P
    Overall thanks for writing all these reports and sharing them, it has been a pleasure to read them! And congrats on the overall result!

  • Strahd -

    Great job bro! I recently had the pleasure of playing Ali in the New Years Revolution UB tournament and I have to say he was one of the nicest guys Ive ever played against. Super chill and a great sport as well as a good player! Love reading your Batreps so keep em coming!

  • Gingersmali -

    Gargoyles robbed me of BIR :(