Episode 55 - SmithF Invitational (The Road Less Traveled)

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  • A year ago they were just two Ninth Age Enthusiasts minding their own business. Then stuff got real. Very, very real. Now they find themselves in up to their necks.... How will it end? Only one way to find out! But this is for sure, the lads aren't in Kansas anymore...

    Paired Weapon Podcast Co-Presenter
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    Best Painted TEC 2018
    Team Scotland Player ETC 2022

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  • IndianaBradley -

    Man nobody does a podcast like you guys another great episode! Congrats to Team Scotland for picking you guys up you guys will do awesome!

    • Mattyp -

      Thanks mate, glad you liked it. How’s the painting coming on?

    • IndianaBradley -

      Handgunners, Halberdiers, wizard done. I am currently experimenting with oils for doing the 20 horses on my desk. Too early to tell but I am trying to do it like they say Peter Gilder used to do. Next up Imperial guard, and a support unit of sword and board. Slowly but surely. I will be playing in no time.