Knigget-bashing with Rump da Lucky (O&G vs. KoE 2000 pts).

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  • Another battle against @Berghofer, but this time against a different faction!

    The Feral Orc Warlord, Rump da Lucky feels like bashing kniggets, and journeys out to find good fights. He is somewhat successful - as a small army greets him at the Equitainian border. TIME TA BASH SOME 'EADZ - GUD FING I GOT DA ROCKY HORROR!


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  • bbbbb -

    Great report! I just have one question on a rulebook related matter; around 13" you say the pegasus knights flee from the gnasha's, then the gobbos declare a charge against them so as the rules mention they automatically have to declare a flee! , and then they move AGAIN? How do you feel about this?

    I noticed this my last game, but it didn't feel right that units continue to flee and move more than they normally can. Perhaps this is due to the sequence of the charges (in 8th fleeing units moved once, but then again, no other enemies could charge them afterwards provided they didn't already declared the charge against them before the charge reaction was decided)

    • Mr.Gobbo -

      Thank you for your comment - a very good question!

      To be honest, it certainly feels gimmicky with the extra flee move. But on the other hand, it really helps getting rid of silly chaff units/deal with avoidance armies, as the defender has to think twice about a flee move.

      I don't know if I like the concept or not - sometimes it looks silly, and sometimes it is rather nice.

    • bbbbb -

      hmmm... it indeed adds some new tactical thinking of how to position your units and when to declare each charge/redirect, but as you said it feels quite silly to see them moving so much... Especially if the fleeing unit moves into charge range of a unit that was previously on the other side of the board for example :)

    • Mr.Gobbo -

      Yes... That certainly looked a bit odd! However, I'll take it!