Episode 76 Part 2 - ETC 2022 Games and Results

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  • Casimir the Swede and Henrypmiller give a full account of the ETC proper. Special guests include Kristoffer, Andy, Drunk Fras and multiple incoherent members of team Ireland.

    Who is the best home nation in 2022? Why should you not skinny dip in an area where there are jellyfish? What is the meaning of super gonhorrea? and much much more..

    If you would like to join either of our competitions, you can send your dwarf photos to @CasimirtheSwede and your drinking proficiency test to me, @Henrypmiller !

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  • Warboss Tooth -

    It was me, I was the one there when you were drinking off the floor with slatch.

    • Henrypmiller -

      I have a fairly hazy memory of this moment haha

    • Warboss Tooth -

      I tried recording it, but it happened too fast