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  • Dear players,

    as part of building our community on this forum we have been working over the past months to come up with a clear set of rules for our moderating team. Though you might have noticed some of these rules already in action now it is finally time to make them public so all of us can actively strive to avoid breaking them.


    Trolling is classified as a post intended to offend and/or annoy another poster. Obviously, this is a fairly wide range, so it will be the Moderator dealing with the problem who makes the decision on whether or not a post can be classified as trolling.

    Flaming is classified as insults of other members of the forum. You may critique an argument, naturally (after all, debates are one of the reasons that this forum exists), but restrain yourself from attacking the person behind that argument. Debates are fine, but they should not degenerate into personal attacks.

    Small Reminder (poits 0) - these are actions performed by the Moderating team to give users a friendly nudge to stay on the right side of the "law"

    Mild Infractions (points 1,2,3) - points accumulated from these infractions will be maintained in the system for a year before they are removed

    Openly questioning moderator's decision on the forum - 1 (if the users have a problem with the way a Mod acts they should file a report to the Global Mods/Admin. They are, however, allowed to ask for what reason they received a point)
    Use of swear words - 1
    On topic spam - 1
    Off topic spam - 2
    Trolling - 2
    Use of derogatory terms without the intention to insult - 2
    Flaming - 3

    Official Sanctions (points 4,5,6) - points accumulated from these infractions will be maintained in the system for half a year before they are removed
    Being disrespectful to another member and personal attacks - 4
    Serial Trolling - 5
    Serial Flaming - 6

    Permanent Sanctions (points 1,2,3) - these are given in addition to any category above they fall under and are given only by the Admin and Global Mods following a discussion, the amount of points given is agreed, on case by case basis. These points permanently remain in the system.
    Insulting another member

    Temporary Ban - given to individuals that have accumulated 7 points (a day), 8 points (a week), 9 points (a month) or have:
    Created a socket puppet account

    Permanent Ban - given to individuals that have accumulated 10 points or have performed a serious infraction of the code of conduct such as:
    Threatening to injure or kill another member
    Advertisement Spam
    Creating a sock puppet account while on temporary ban
    Individuals who have intentionally worked to undermine the 9th Age project.
    A ban still allow you to view content on the forum, such as the rules

    The Yellow Card - whenever a user accumulates 6 points a card will show on the profile indicating that the next infraction will result in some kind of a Ban

    And here it is how this looks visually for the moderating team

    Link to the Pillory:…Field=time&sortOrder=DESC

    May you all have a long, civil and prosperous stay on The 9th Age forum

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Comments 21

  • sixfthoneybadger -

    I've been pretty happy with the mods here. I toe the line. Sometimes ppl get passionate about their tiny plastic men... err Ogres.

  • simonbromley -

    Sadly necessary

  • msu117 -

    No offense but I find it ironic that the board member named Pinktaco posts about derogatory terms. While it certainly makes me chuckle others might not, perhaps suchs posts should be left for Tiny. Cheers.

    • tiny -

      Thank you that you value me so high, but Pinktaco is an ExB as I am ... and after all I can not and shoud not do everything by myself.

    • Setomidor -

      His point was that Pinktaco is slang for c*nt, which is by itself probably a violation of the above rules.

    • Pinktaco -

      Tiny can't do everything himself. If someone have a problem with my name they're very welcome to write to me :)

  • Warboss_R'ok -

    I heard that flaming is actually a good counter to trolls, no?

  • Drakkar -


  • Omarcomin -

    yo get rid of this card I am reformed.

  • Taki -

    Questioning a decision results in points? Really? Can't say I approve or endorse that policy.

    Not a Fan, to put it as strongly as the rules seem to imply I'm allowed.

    • Jonnyman -

      I think they mean openly on the forum. You should PM the moderator if you have a question about the warning.

    • Taki -

      I know exactly that that is their meaning, and yet it promotes an air of authoritarianism that I'm both uncomfortable with and disapproving of.

    • Pellegrim -

      I know how this may feel, but remember what is really happening then. Someone trolls or starts flaming, he gets reported, mods discuss it, take action, and execute a penalty (or not). If you disagree you can contact global mod. I'm fine with that. Too bad it's needed though. But I rather keep this forum clean then turn it into a snake pit.

    • Taki -

      I have no problem with any of that Pelle, but let's say you say a thing that you don't consider insulting but a mod does. He then issues some points, and you say "lol what? why did I get points?" you instantly get another point, without the mod needing to clarify why he gave you the initial one. So your recourse is simply to sit down and shut up until someone of greater authority can review your case. That's not something I like at all. What if I'm joking with a friend and say something that's reasonable to both of us and get issued points because they don't like how I'm chatting, what then? Again I need to just shut up and go to someone with more authority with your complaint. No open discussion, no pleading your case, just the hope that moderators do the right thing without you talking back about it.

      I stand by my words, I don't like it, and it's not a good policy.

    • Jonnyman -

      What is keeping you from sending a PM to the mod and asking? It keeps more drama from happening on the forum.