One year of The 9th Age project

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  • One year!
    It has been one year since the first post on “The 9th Age”, right here:

    Let’s review that year.

    T9A team

    Back then when it started, the “team” was not more than @lagge @fjugin and some other players involved in the Swedish comp. @arthain @el rey @Sir_Joker and @tiny joined shortly after, and the project had been started, with its 6 founding members, from 5 nationalities.
    As @Dan says: "So two Swedes, a Spaniard, an Austrian, a Dane, and a German all walk into a bar..." :D

    As @tiny recalls, recruiting started around mid-September with the 0.5 release. The 5 RT members had been working day and night to get this done in time and when the documents were released, they were burned out, while now over 300 active forum members commented on their work like there is no tomorrow. :sweat:
    It was clear we needed help to have structured discussions with the community and within a few days we recruited the first around 20 Army Support members. (reference: -…ject-staff-member-wanted/)
    Shortly after, we started to recruit for the Armybook Committees (reference -…anted-army-book-creation/and the result:…-the-armybook-committees/). :ohmm:
    By end of September, we had reached about 120 staff members out of the original 6 founding members and the number of required job position kept on growing. It very much felt like building a startup with all the good and bad which come with it. We barely had the time to tell people what their new position was all about. :handshake: By the end of 2015, we had about 200 staff members and speed started to slow down a little, so we had a bit more time to focus on internal processes and the different roles within the project.

    One year after the project started, we have currently 270 staff members from 29 nationalities :thumbup: on different positions within the team, plus 50 additional members who have participated as members at some stage in the past.
    Their origins? 29 countries over the world: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, and USA.

    That’s a pretty neat multinational startup! :cheers:

    T9A community
    This team comes from the community: you!
    Who are you?
    You are 7,793 members.

    Note that in merely 24h following The 9th Age - Full Beta release v0.9 early November, more than 500 new members joined in!

    The connexions are mostly made by males: 93.16%, which leaves some 6.84% for the female population. :girlblush:
    Mostly a boy's hobby, but not exclusively. Guys, behave!
    The median age turns around 30. You youngsters! :oldmen:

    The nationalities are very diverse!
    2,835 of you have entered your location on the map.
    In order to take into account those of you who did not, the data below is taken from where the web sessions come from.

    You come from (in decreasing order):
    Spain, USA, France, UK, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Australia, Canada,
    Russia, NL, Finland, Austria, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland, Croatia, Czech, NZ, Ukraine,
    Greece, Slovenia, Chile, Serbia, Turkey, Ireland, Singapore, Bulgaria, Japan, Slovakia, HK,
    Iceland, Hungary, Colombia, Portugal, Belarus, Mexico, Brazil, Israel, Malaysia, RSA, India,
    Kenya, Argentina, Macedonia, China, Malta... actually pretty much every country in the world!
    Here are the main nationalities who express themselves (more than 1% of the web sessions)

    T9A achievements

    Already very early during the project the ETC's voted with 38 participating countries for T9A as official system. This was a very clear sign of trust of the gaming communty to support the project.

    The most important achieved by the project team is therefore, of course, to have delivered the rules as promissed on time.
    The rules in their V1.0 spread over no less than… 733 pages! :write:
    This includes the cards, the FAQ and the two versions of UD and SE army books.
    It makes a pretty decent book!
    And all of this is currently being fully translated in French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish (the previous version was all translated, the current version is imminent - you understand that having these 733 pages flawlessly translated in 6 languages requires some time).
    And this does not include all the previous versions, found in 4,805 M of archives (in English, plus more in the other 5 languages).

    These rulebooks have proven to be a popular download.
    The v1.0 rulebook in English has been downloaded no less than 60.282 times! :happy:
    The army books have been downloaded 214,338 times in total, which averages to 3.56 AB per BRB. :thumbup:
    Magic rules, strangely, have been downloaded only 26.356 times, which means that only 44% of the BRB downloads are complemented by the magic lores, for some reason :/ . 6,762 cards of magic have been downloaded, roughly ¼ of magic lore downloads.

    Here is the graphic showing, on the left, which armies are the most popular :P – and on the right, which are the most original :saint: .

    But the rules are not the only production to be found on T9A website!

    In one year, you (team and community together) have started 13,423 threads (36 per day) with 316,529 posts, 867 posts per day! :charge:
    Praise the moderators... :judge:
    That makes an average of only 40 posts per person, I guess that most of you remain silent... which compensates for the prolixity of a few. :D

    With that activity, you have entered
    2,929 images, :girllookout:
    1821 wiki articles, including 268 miniatures descriptions,
    326 news,
    44 blogs,
    581 articles in the following categories:
    - The 9th Age 460;
    - Battle Reports 288; :boxing:
    - Media 226;
    - Alternative Models 135;
    - Army Project 160;
    - Rules Team 28.

    There is also some useful information about professional and semi-professional organisations/companies which can provide a welcome help:
    118 model companies are recorded, 8o with a special mention for 8 of them which publicly support us. :love:
    96 events have been mentioned.

    On the map can be found the location of 177 shops. This should help you to find the nearest one of which we are aware.

    This concludes the summary of the first year of T9A operations.
    And with this, we can start the second year! :number1:

    Let's bring the whole T9A team together, to thank all of you for your incredible support,
    without which all of the above would never have been possible.
    :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat:

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