What is T9A, exactly?

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  • Let's start with the beginning.
    What is The 9th Age?

    Who are we?
    The 9th Age (acronym: T9A) is at the same time:
    - the short name for a game (*), the fantasy epoch where it takes place,
    - a hobby community, a project and a non-profit association.

    Sometimes it may seem a little ambiguous to have the same name for all of this together, but at least it is easy to remember!

    In this post, I will develop the status of the project and the non-profit association.

    The project T9A.
    The 9th Age (project) was founded on June 30th, 2015 by six fantasy battle players at competitive level, coming from five different countries:
    Austria, Denmark, Germany, Spain, and 2 from Sweden.
    All but one had routinely participated to ETC tournaments, including one who had been also one of the main authors of the Swedish Comp System.

    The six founders have progressively given their powers to an Executive Board, which runs the project and takes all major decisions.
    The membership in this ExB is based on cooptation. Neither the founders nor the ExB receive any compensation for their work.

    The team has grown in a single year at the pace of a highly successful start-up!
    One year after the project started, we were 270 staff members from 29 nationalities, working on various specialized positions.
    Some team members display very high professional skills:
    - in games development of course, with the help of strong statistical analytics;
    - to provide a very believable background, based on highly specialized scientific knowledge;
    - to translate the production in several languages;
    - or to support the project with real company management experience and business professional skills.

    Running such a project faces some unique challenges: this is a 100% telework company; we are scattered on five continents and so many time zones, and most of us have English as a second language.
    We receive no reward, not even fame: most of us are known only by our user name, and our work is given to T9A so that the appreciation can be only collective.
    The commitment of some members may vary in time, or cease with little notice, as there is no contractual obligation between T9A project and T9A team members.
    And everyone works for free!
    But despite these difficulties, it has been a perpetual amazement to see so much dedication from this superb team!

    Current direction of the project (as of Summer 2019)
    Four years after the project started, as we have published the rules of the 2nd Edition, the Executive board provides a clarification about the direction of the Project, which specifies the reasons - including legal ones - for the evolution of the project. You can find this clarification here: Executive Board Mission statement
    (the previous direction was provided in 2017 in An explanation about the Project Direction).

    T9A association legal structure
    The Association is a non for profit unincorporated association and in no circumstances will the Association engage in commercial activity for profit.
    The Association may engage in commercial activity to the extent necessary to advance the goals of the Association,
    however, no member or other individual associated with the Association may draw a salary or any other type of compensation,
    nor may the Association engage in any activity that would render the Association liable to pay taxes to any government or agency.
    The work placed on the website is covered by the CC license.

    If you're really, really motivated to know the details, you may read also: Terms of use: Legal terms for 9th Age Licensing (the second half of the post - actually the longest half, by far...).

    This should clarify our status. If you have more questions, please ask!

    (*) EDIT: The distinction between project and game was not really important in the first year of their existence, as the project delivered only one game: "Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age".
    In 2017, the project T9A will deliver another game related to the same universe. At that time, the first game will be more accurately designated by the acronym "FBT9A".
    EDIT: A New version numbering for T9A documents was adopted on January 2020. The name of the main game becomes The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles, acronym: T9A:FB.

    Advisory Board

    Background Team

    Social Media Team

    - druchii.net contribution: The 9th Age - Dread Elves

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  • Calisson -

    What would be your suggestion?

  • Pellegrim -

    It's ironic that there is no good description of what The 9th age is on this page. And as such, supporting companies make it up by themselves.

  • tiny_vacation -

    T9A "a game" is accually not correct. The game is called "Fantasy Battles" the second part "The 9th Age" is the name of the project not the game. This will be particular obvious when we start to release other games such as "Quick Starter: The 9th Age". Can you please fix it?