T9A Goals

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  • During discussions with the top management, I investigated for which ultimate purpose the team - our team - was spending so much energy.
    And it turned out not to be that simple.
    Indeed, there are multiple goals for this project!

    I would like to disseminate these findings and explain to a wider audience what are our goals in the project T9A.

    What are we trying to achieve?

    A New Impulse to the Hobby:
    In 2015, many Hobbyists were wondering how to maintain their Hobby alive.
    Some players decided to take action. And the goal is not to barely maintain, the goal is to expand!
    We firmly believe that the Hobby community has all reasons to thrive, and we wish to give all Hobbyists always more reasons to paint miniatures, organize campaigns and play tournaments.

    The do-it-yourself spirit:
    The Ninth Age was founded by six players, experienced in two of the most popular systems which provided patches to their favorite game in order to adapt it for balanced competitions: the ETC and the Swedish Comp System. The philosophy - of doing yourself what is not given to you - has just been extended... to a whole new game and to a wide community!

    The team of all Hobbyists:
    Beyond their interest for competition, these entrepreneurs knew from the start that they had to reconvene the whole Hobby in its full extension, if they wanted the result to be sustainable. And they did it! They have been progressively joined by a wide community of Hobbyists whose concerns embrace the whole Hobby. And so here we are, me who wrote this post, you who read it now, many already and more yet to join. Everyone is welcome, who has an interest in some part of the Hobby. It is not even necessary to play! We receive overwhelming support and feedback from enthusiasts of all parts of the world, who ensure with their feedback the quality of our work.

    The game:
    A new game has been designed completely, recognizing the strengths and standards established progressively in the past decades, already well known by the community, while at the same time ever seeking to improve them. Our goal is to create the rule system people deserve, a rule system that is designed to be played competitively or casually alike, without patch, a rule system build by the community for the community.
    Our design philosophy is to stay true to experience-proven principles on the one hand, and to streamline the rules, balance units and magic on the other hand. We strive to create a gaming system which is centered on tactical skill and risk management - rewarding players who deploy and maneuver strategically.

    The universe:
    Starting from a blank page gave us the rare opportunity to develop a universe as close as possible to the desires of fans.
    In the early steps of designing the new universe, we asked veteran players on various websites about their wishes.
    The resulting T9A universe, compared to the most familiar one used in fantasy battles, could be described as less fantasy and closer to historical/legendary folklore found in various European, Middle-East or Asian cultures; it is much more realistic as well; finally, each faction develops the traits which has been polled as the most desirable among their respective fans.

    The heritage:
    Our goal is to create a gaming experience which allows players to keep using their existing collections, and to be able to select as many of their models as possible. The rules could change, the background could change, but the models used for the game should be maintained as a legacy.

    The models:
    Since the beginning, decision was made not to produce any model, but to help players get in contact with the many talented model companies. Not only it removes one complex task from the project itself, but also it addresses one concern, which is that the need to foster sales should never compromise the quality of the rules or the background. See also: Existing and new models usable with The 9th Age

    The community:
    Our experience is that players from around the world have great ideas and are currently providing the massive amount of feedback we gladly receive. We want to deliver the best product possible and are certain that including the community, implementing their feedback and informing them about our reasoning regarding changes is the best way to secure this goal. In this context, we always wish to include more community members - if you, reader, know anybody with the will to contribute to this project and who would have useful knowledge, please point him out to us.

    EDIT: Note that we do not go as far as asking the community to give their opinion on everything before we release it. This has been tried for a community-designed home brew mercenary book. As the lead designer found, "we used dozens of polls and polls for polls in order to narrow down what people wanted to see in their book. The result was a Frankenbook that had to be scrapped; the foreseeable product of many people with different visions having an equal say on what should be included. That kind of compromise in its purest form leaves everybody disappointed."

    These are some of the many goals that I have been able to collect in the last months.
    But I am sure that you, reader, have in mind other goals that T9A is helping you to achieve.

    Please do not hesitate to post below what, in your opinion, is or should be the goal of the project T9A.
    Thank you!

    EDIT: See an updated communication about T9A goals:
    An explanation about the Project Direction

    Executive Board Mission statement

    Advisory Board

    Background Team

    Social Media Team

    - druchii.net contribution: The 9th Age - Dread Elves

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