Steps in the project T9A

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  • Having the goals in mind is one thing. To achieve them is another story!
    With little manpower, no money and pressing time, the whole extent of the project could not be achieved immediately.

    The long journey had to start somehow, and it did. Step after step, progress was made.
    In this post, I will detail how the project was divided in major steps, all undertaken in slightly more than one year of project.

    The first target was tournament players.
    This is where the founders come from, and more importantly, having the most renowned tournament endorse T9A was the best guarantee that the game would be balanced, and that it would be sustained in the long run.
    This is how the game earned its first quality: balance.

    The second group to become interested was made from all players of Fantasy wargames.
    Those who were still participating to online forums were quick to understand that they could take their old armies off the shelves, and use them again! Furthermore, and contrary to their past experience where some units were must-have and others must-shelve, with T9A, care was taken so that all units would be playable. They loved that, and spread the word in local gaming shops.
    This is another quality of the project: legacy.

    Simultaneously, modelists were addressed by a very extensive research for various model companies.
    Together, they would provide an extremely diverse array of possibilities to select from. While not tying T9A with any company, some forms of cooperation were developed in the interest of both players and companies.
    Another quality of the project: impartiality versus model providers.

    The presently undergoing step is to recreate the whole Hobby atmosphere.
    T9A endeavors to create in its website a welcoming atmosphere for players in their whole diversity, with special attention for female hobbyists or those who belong to various minorities or beliefs.
    We want our members to discuss freely about their Hobby: T9A of course, but is it fine to discuss about other Fantasy games as well; or to develop their own rules.
    We want them to show their artistic realizations, or to get the help of professionals to improve their collection.
    We wish them to ask directly T9A authors about the universe; or to develop their own stories.
    We help them to find other players, in various tournaments, in local shops or at home.
    We offer them our website to discuss about all of this, and we facilitate access to other specialized websites they might prefer.
    That quality of the project is wide: a comprehensive Hobby support, taking care of all of the aspects of the Hobby, and facilitating contacts from hobbyists with other hobbyists and with Hobby-related professionals! We call that The Hobby Hub (TM).

    The next target will be to reach out storytelling players.
    This is for their sake that a whole universe, with an incredible care given to realism, has been created, to be released somewhere during Autumn 2016.
    A superb quality of the project is the realism in Fantasy.

    Step after step, we deliver! Thank you, the Community, which gives us our so dedicated team members!

    Our ultimate goal is to have a thriving Community of passionate people around the world, united by their Hobby: Fantasy Battles.
    This is our best quality: a passionate sense and care of the Community.

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