Our values in the T9A team

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  • After a couple of months working inside the project, I came to realize that there were some strong values shared among team members.
    Some values were chosen deliberately and were widely known.
    Other values were hidden in working habits, nobody had clearly realized them despite these values being widely spread.

    I selected here the four values I find to be the strongest and the most representative of T9A team state of mind.
    The values that I find the most admirable. Those because of which I am so much committed to the project, like so many team members.

    The team is made of perfectionists, not limited by any need for profitability.

    As I can testify:
    The rules are scrutinized, reconsidered and fixed in a perpetual research for the best playability; units and armies are evaluated and constantly measured against each other to always get closer to the perfect balance.
    The background is made as believable as possible, its realism (in Fantasy!) and sustainability is scrutinized by several real world specialists in linguistics, economics, history, psychology...

    The resulting standards of quality are incredible, way above what a normal commercial company would set up for itself.

    Attention to the community.
    The driving factor for all the team's efforts is the interests of players. A lot of time is dedicated to listen to them, and to take as far as possible their needs into account.
    This is helped by the fact that every single team member is also a Hobbyist! And every Hobbyist is welcome to become a productive part of the team.
    Where the needs of the community exceed the scope of the project, it is the project which is adapted! No commercial company goes to that point!

    Furthermore, the community in all its diversity is considered.
    The team commits to respect the highest standards of humanity and to provide a welcoming space for everyone, regardless of any human group he/she may belong to.

    This is the kind of team we are so proud to belong to.

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    No ego, only collective work.
    Since the beginning, all authors donate their work and renounce even the associated fame - anyway, authors are only known by their user name.

    The production is truly a collective one, where texts and drawings cannot claim a single author.
    Many participants bring their expertise through advice, or only spend a couple of months with the project;
    as a result, nobody can claim any part of the production as his or her own.
    Even the earliest members claim no special recognition, they just pursue their continuous commitment.
    New members are constantly being added to positions of responsibility, based on merit and ability, not on seniority in the project.

    Nobody claims the project as his own. There is no author, only authors.
    If you want to join us, you will be welcome - and anonymous.

    No direct profit (although business-friendly).
    Nobody in the T9A team receives any payment for his or her contribution. There is no investor, no stakeholder to look for a profit.
    This value is paramount in order to guarantee that the search for money will never trump the interest of players.

    However, it well understood that some players needs can be best addressed by for-profit companies.
    The cooperation with such companies is facilitated by T9A, as long as it is in the interest of players: we wish Hobbyists to get the service worth what they are willing to pay for.
    But in order not to fall in the trap of placing money over players, the cooperation with companies is never to involve money.

    The project is truly a community project. And it complements business, providing Hobbyists the best of all worlds.

    Legal constraints:
    The Grand Summary of the legal explanations for T9A

    These are the qualities which I live daily as a member of T9A team.
    These are the qualities you will find if you wish to join us.

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