What relations has T9A with other tournaments or games or companies?

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  • Oh, I know that many people will read this with avid curiosity. There has been some speculation and interrogation about this issue!

    I will first tell about the relations with ETC, the largest and most famous tournament using T9A rules.
    tl;dr = excellent informal, nothing formal.

    Next, I will make clear the relations - or rather, the lack of - with the late Warhammer game, to which T9A is quite often compared.
    tl;dr = nothing, neither formal nor informal.

    I am not aware of questions about T9A relations with other games or organizations. I will address our relations with some model companies; please ask if you see more need.
    tl;dr: see our website: only link provided = no relation; more than a link provided = informal relations, no contract.

    -=-=- T9A and ETC -=-=-

    Some persons wonder about the relations between T9A and the tournament European Team Championship (ETC).
    Indeed, ETC, the largest event in the world for Fantasy Battles, has adopted T9A as its main game for 2016.

    Actually, ETC and T9A are two associations completely independent from each other.
    This said, some strong and long lasting informal relations were established since the very start of T9A project.

    Many of T9A early members have been avid ETC participants for many years. Actually, a big reason for them to start T9A was to address the needs of the next ETC and preserve as much continuity as possible, despite the sudden loss of their main game, at a time when all alternatives implied a steady change to the competition. This is why on the very day of the foundation of T9A, ETC was already mentioned as a goal.

    Reversely, as early as at the end of 2015's ETC edition, contact was made with ETC stakeholders, to promote T9A as the next main game.
    ETC showed an impressive act of faith when the national team captains voted to adopt T9A as the official rules for the bulk of the event, at a moment when T9A was still in its very early development. Fair to say, T9A matched perfectly most of the teams' secret dream, to have a game designed by the community with their needs in mind.

    As the T9A staff grew, a large part of the new members proved to be highly interested in ETC, either willing to participate or wishing they did. A good spirit to foster the reciprocal interest!
    The development of the rules has been made in a time frame specially adapted to the needs of ETC 2016. This concern remains valid for future developments, where provisions are taken for T9A official rules to be voluntarily frozen every year during four months, only to address the needs of the ETC.

    After adopting T9A, the ETC organizers never interfered with the development of T9A, except to confirm the required calendar of release of the stabilized version (V0.99), and, of course, to confirm after the release that T9A fitted the needs of the Championship. Which it did! The adequacy of T9A for the needs of the ETC was satisfactory.

    This sentence highlights well the main relation between ETC and T9A:
    ETC acts as a de facto external quality inspector for the rules of the game T9A (not the background).

    Today, the future of T9A and the future of ETC are closely associated.
    T9A will obviously benefit in the long run of having the most important Fantasy Battles tournament use its rules. This sets a high goal of progress for competitive players around the whole world.
    Likewise, this informal close association is the best guarantee that the rules of the game are and will remain balanced.
    From ETC's perspective, it is very beneficial to have a game which developers fully understand and naturally which supports all their needs.
    It is a symbiosis, i.e. a mutually beneficial association, with clear benefits for both parties in terms of sustainability in the long term.

    All of these reasons explain why T9A is particularly positive about ETC.
    Note, this relation is not exclusive. Other games may be played at the ETC, and T9A is keen to support as much as possible the needs of all kind of tournaments around the world.

    -=-=- T9A and WH -=-=-

    Many people wonder what is the relation between the game Fantasy Battles: The Ninth Age, and the late game Warhammer Fantasy Battles, which was previously the dominant Fantasy miniature wargame.

    The answer is simple: there is no formal relation at all. There is no continuity.
    If the game T9A was to be a successor, that would be only spiritual.

    T9A appeared when the community was wondering how best to keep playing rank-and-file fantasy war game.
    It was not possible to carry on with a game which had just been discontinued. So we just designed everything, rules and background, with a vision to making the best possible game. Every single game mechanic has been analyzed and tested so as to make the gaming experience as smooth and entertaining as it deserves to be.
    A whole universe has been imagined from a blank page to describe the models to be played (nearly all of them pre-existing).
    Everything is newly written, and designed to make large rank-and-file armies more playable than ever.

    -=-=- T9A and supporting companies -=-=-

    We receive visible support from commercial companies, in particular model-making companies, which proudly show on their website "Compatible with T9A".
    Reversely, we advertise voluntarily for these same companies, with a weekly news and a sub-forum on which they can display their production.

    There is no contract, no formal relation between them and us. It is just a voluntary gesture of mutual goodwill, for the benefit of the community of Hobbyists.

    If there are more questions, please ask, Rather than letting gossip spread false beliefs, I would rather spend some time investigating and reporting.

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