Guided tour of T9A Factory and Offices (part 1)

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  • We have seen the philosophies behind the creation of the rules and the background.
    Would you be now interested to pay a visit to the factory where these principles are applied?
    Let's go!

    <transportation to the (web)site of the factory - lucky you are, a tour is about to start>

    Attention, Miladies, Milords, Lordlings, all those who registered for the guided tour, please come here, we are about to start in a minute.
    I am Beatrix von Ueblingen and I will be your guide today.

    Thank you for visiting this virtual place where everything concerning The Ninth Age is elaborated.
    The company is populated by an army of real persons that you will not see but who spend real time on their computers.

    Our workforce is divided in three groups:
    The Blue Collars work in the Factory.
    The Receptionists in the Front Office take care of the customers and the suppliers.
    We also have White Collars working in the Back Office on internal processes.

    At first, we will visit the Factory.

    In the earliest days, when we were creating our new product, everything had to be invented.
    Structures were found insufficiently adequate as the product took shape, and patches and fixes were added as needs arose.
    Progressively, the Factory had become a bit.. complex, as you can see in this archive graph.

    <visitors say "oooooh", smartphones take pictures>
    At the time, we had to work with existing collections of (top) models and usual standards of gaming.
    The most prestigious customer, ETC, had a single overarching criteria: balance. So we created a product which was balanced.
    But the product would not fit all other customer's needs: they wanted us to fluff it more.

    So we had to refine the product.
    We took the opportunity to change completely the Factory, improving from our first experience.

    Today you can see the brand new Factory, with lots of space and a greater rationalization.

    <opening a door - visitors stay stunned and note the smell of fresh paint and bleach>

    Nowadays, we undertake a continuous loop of refinement of the antepenultimate release. <some visitors express a desperate lack of understanding>
    I mean, we just take our existing product, in its previous edition, and we improve it. <sight of relief>

    You will be certainly pleased to learn that now, we can put most of the emphasis on the storyboard.
    In a sense, we ask Pininfarina to improve the attractiveness of a powerful product designed by Diesel. <"wow" heard in the crowd>
    Balance is still a concern, but it is already there, so we just need not to fall... off balance, if I may. <few laughs at the pun>

    Several specialists work around the design. Some create the background (BGT). Our fabulous Jacks-of-all-trades (STT) are able to take on any task deemed useful. They make coffee, too.

    Now for the mechanics. The engine of the game, the rules, is in the hands of our best specialists. Our engineers (RT) supervise the whole division, with specialists (ADT) taking care of each specific part. Our crash testers (PT) make sure that the balance is held under the most icy conditions. The delicate tuning is made in a secret lab by a team of mad scientists, fed exclusively with Bacon-Lettuce-Tomato sandwiches (BLT).

    The product goes back and forth between these two divisions until it reaches the desired standards. This could take months, you know!
    A few more checks are required in the quality control and expedition division, where the product gets its final shape. Our conformity managers (RRT and LCT) make sure nothing can hurt the final user before the packaging specialists (LT) shape the final aspect.

    When the product is ready to be delivered, it is given to our commercial engineers. They could be generalists (RTS) or specialised in various parts (ACS). All of them are considered as part of the Factory team: we want them to know the product as if they had made it themselves!

    We are now about to leave the Factory and head towards our degustation break.
    The company T9A is utterly pleased to offer you a free sample!

    We will convey back after the break.

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