Guided tour of T9A Factory and Offices (part 2)

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  • <crowd gathering from the break after the visit of the Factory (see previous blog article) - kids slurping their drinks and licking their ice creams>

    Is everybody back with me? Don't get lost. The second part of the visit is our Front Office.
    <opening a door - a silly jingle loops endlessly - everywhere can be seen attractive posters on the flashy colored walls - crowd says "ahhh!">

    This is in that big hall that we deal with customers and suppliers.

    On the left, you can see our division in charge of taking our production to the customer, and providing the after-sales service.
    The public loves to discuss with the creators, did you know?
    This is where our commercial engineers (RTS, ACS) bring the product and provide patiently all the desired explanations.
    They are complemented by helpful hostesses providing various useful accessories (TS) and instruction booklets for the dumb (LXT). Of course, you need ALL of them, why not?
    Ah, and yes, we have our own security service (MT), please behave. If they walk their dogs, better talk to the dogs first. Politely.

    In the center, you find our Market Developers.
    Our very helpful employees with the strange head cover (HAT) guide the users to discover the subtle multiple usages of our product - we call that: The Hobby.
    They have special learning courses for beginners (see more in Information for Beginners!). The do perfection course for the more experienced. They animate customization workshops. A whole, comprehensive Hobby, as mentioned - better have a large garage!
    Next to them, you can see our international team in charge of our exports worldwide (TT, UN).
    Did you know that we export nearly everything we create? Ah, of course, our production is scattered across five continents anyway...

    The small department here, from where you can hear coming a lot of din... strange sounds, is always trying to make the buzz (CT, SoMe).
    Quite noisy for those who work nearby, but they get to be used to it. You should see their creations! Well, actually, you can, just follow us on FB or Twt.
    You could also simply discover our blog - nah, I'm kidding, if you read this then you are already in our blog.

    We are very proud of our competition division, to be seen out there on the right.
    They adapt our product for tournaments (9TO). They love to race (TST)! They run really competitive engines!
    You could not believe the amount of data they collect in their daily measurements (DA), to get the best of the best.

    Unfortunately, our company lounge in that corner is off-limits (PST, LGSCS). This is only for selected professionals.
    I heard that it is rather active, with all the salesmen coming back regularly. Sometimes, they leave some goodies!

    We will not be able to visit today the Back Office.
    Too bad, we have a luxurious Executive Board meeting room (we call them Execution Board, but please do not disclose...). <wink>
    Next to them is our HR department, then further down the corridor is the Legal office and finally the IT Administration.
    Nothing too original. Please do not make noise as we move in vicinity.

    This is the end of our visit. Please take your time while you stroll in our forum before leaving for home!
    And don't forget the guide...

    If you are interested to know more, you will find some more exhaustive information in our leaflets:
    New Process for Army Design and Balancing!
    T9A internal organization for The Hobby Hub (TM)

    EDIT, 2019: a new LAB process has been implemented, starting with ID AB: see Start of the next Full Army Book: The Infernal Dwarves

    Would you be interested in joining us? Of course, who would not?
    Instead of joining the Army, join the Rule team! Epic battles everyday!
    Instead of joining the Navy, join the Background team! Explore the world, and reshape it!
    Instead of joining the Air Force, join The Hobby Hub! A never ending show!

    T9A Human Resources will be gladly receive your application @Pixie, @Mr.Gobbo, @ForsetisMuse ... and maybe process it, if you feel lucky!
    :girlcry: :handshake: :orcohmy: :girlout:

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