The United Nations of T9A

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  • There has been from the start a fundamental aspect in T9A: that it is a truly international game.

    International by the community which plays it: we had some connections from virtually every country in the world!
    International by the team which creates it, coming from ~30 different countries now; by the most important tournament it targets: ETC, which not only covers Europe but also nations from other continents; by all the clubs where it is played; by the many companies which support it.

    And international by the languages used.
    Here, I would like to develop some explanations about which languages are used, why and under which conditions?

    English is the language of the orginal work. The only reason for that preference is practical: English is the language most widely shared internationally, so it turns out to be the easiest language for working in a multinational ambient like ours. English therefore defines the original version of rules and background, even if the large majority of T9A players and team members speak this language only as a second language.

    Since the very early stages of the project, rules have been translated in other languages, as early as the alfa version!
    So far, the full ruleset has been provided (or will be provided soon) in French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish.
    This list is not definitive! Korean translation has started, Portuguese and Russian have been investigated, more languages has been suggested.
    Actually, any language could be considered, as there is no limitation for hypothetic cost/effectiveness or size of the linguistic community.

    Why do we pick up one language rather than another?
    There is only one criteria: the translation is purely based on the availability of volunteer translators, who only have to convince T9A about their excellent writing skills in their mother tongue.
    So the choice of translation languages does not reflect any particular policy; the selected languages are only the sign of a thriving enough gaming community in this linguistic area.

    As a result, if your language is not served yet, you can already be assured that it is possible to have it done! It will just require you to find a team of motivated volunteers for the translation. Once they are found, T9A will facilitate the translation process with the creation of a specific forum.

    In each language, we ask the translators to provide the same content, with the same quality as in the English original. The linguistic community itself provides a scrupulous double-check. Thanks to the quality obtained, every translation provided on our website is considered fully "official"! Naturally, despite the care and dedication provided by translators and their linguistic communities, it happens that some difference is found between the English original and a translation. In that case, the English original prevails and the translation has to be adjusted at earliest.

    The translation policy is normally to translate every word in the desired language: most users do not like sentences where several languages are messed up mixted together. Only the name of the game "The Ninth Age" is kept, for the sake of international coherence, save for rare cases where that is culturally not acceptable. In any case, the acronym T9A is to be kept in all languages, and preferably all alphabets.

    We wish all rules to be released in all languages simultaneously; but as it depends on the work of volunteers, this is usually not possible. Praise to the teams who manage to achieve this feat!

    Besides the translation of rules, we are proud to offer a large number of linguistic-specific forums.
    As soon as the need is demonstrated, any linguistic community may submit a request for their own linguistic forum.
    These forums are self-moderated. On request, a moderator may be appointed and given mod's powers.
    On request if the need arises, sub-forums may be created.
    Usually, English forums are not translated to the UN forums or reversely. We do not have the resource. Of course, if some exceptional contribution was rated worth an extra effort, that would be investigated.
    It falls upon the members of each linguistic community to translate various requests for communication with the rest of T9A team, unless they are able to provide the replies by themselves.

    Social Media dedicated to T9A are welcome! Each linguistic community has the freedom to establish its own T9A social media (FB...), with the clear understanding that it is under its own responsibility. This media may serve as an ambassador of T9A to that linguistic community.

    T9A linguistic communities serve also as the primary link - in both directions - with the main website covering Fantasy Battles in their language. A direct hyperlink to that website is normally provided, under the condition that this website has a dedicated T9A forum.

    We wish sincerely to grow a truly international community, where speakers of all languages feel to benefit from a fair treatment.
    Most importantly, we are deeply thankful for all the work done by the many translators.

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    - contribution: The 9th Age - Dread Elves

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