T9A engagement for tolerance and inclusiveness

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  • In this post, I would like to highlight our value of tolerance and our wish to be equally welcoming to women and men, majority and minorities.

    It is not that we have any particular political agenda: we only create games and serve a community.
    But we want our creations and our community to be adopted by all potential Hobbyists, no matter who they are or how "different" they may be perceived.

    It is not necessarily so easy. When you think about it, games of Fantasy Battles are about war.
    The setting is a world inspired by our collective past, from the Dawn of Civilisation to the Age of Exploration.
    An epic past if any, often violent and reckless, very far from our present days and modern values.
    Many authors in the Fantasy genre have accentuated in their descriptions the excesses of History and legends to a caricatural point. We are no exception.

    But the worst values displayed in battles, in fantasy or in history must not result into some unwelcome demeanor in our website.
    We must be clear that we make the distinction with real life.
    This is what the post is about.

    In the T9A team, we want everyone to feel welcome.
    We do not want intolerant people to spoil the rest of the community. We will never accept any offense towards anyone because of what she or he is,

    No matter who you are, enjoy The Ninth Age, and the community which makes it live!

    You are welcome here.

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    - druchii.net contribution: The 9th Age - Dread Elves

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